Friday, December 16, 2011

मिह्तिला जागरण यात्रा ११४ फारबिसगंज अवं पटना

Mithila Jagaran yatra 114_Forbesganj & as Appendix_ Patna

This Yatra was intended primarily for the Vidyapati parv, Biratnagar I described yesterday but going to Patna was for Sagar raati deep jaray(alredy mailed my comments) and for the executive committee of the AMP.

From Biratnagar,with LN Meht, ex-MLA, I had decided to return to Forbesganj . Shri Sukhdeo paswan ex-MP, Araria was also to return and Mehta preferred to return in Sukhdeoji’s car and in Mehta’s car I was with a Sikh Ranjit Singh. I talked about the wrong notion with ,Hindu Muslim Sikh Isaai,’ sab bhai-bhai when Sikhs are Hindus only.

At Subhash Chowk LN Mehta came in his car and went to drop me to my home opposite post office where I had been again 2 minutes just to meet caretaker widow Brahmani and could see the top of the late father’s room was dismantled and needed in fact reconstruction.

Mehtaji was with me and I suggested for the next Antarrashtriy maithili sammelan at my home where a school ran but he said that he would provide sarvajanik Pustakalaya building and campus which will be better. Sudhirnath Mishra also talked him on this issue when I went with him to his house and had bath and puja due since morning. After heavy dahi-rosugullah food was not required but from a Maihtil’s house a guest cannot come without food. Thankfully I had simple food. Mehtaji went in his car to see off me to Forbesganj station. I took a ticket to Patna junction and enquired from the TTE for a berth but chart would have been with the TTE from Jogbani and I preferred to enter the coach and could get upper space to even sleep though there was a rush of migrant labours to Punjab and many young to Patna for various work. After Araria many young persons came and two came to sit near my legs and somehow I could complete my journey. At the evening I had phoned some 5-6 persons for my Patna programme bit surprisingly none replied. Among them two(Shailendra singh and Nagendraji ) replied when at Patna junction I had already my bath and puja. I had just spread my towel and had a premonition that anyone might take that and lo just when I was about to start a Cooley took that. I went chided him for that and took back and then gave it to that with an internal pleasant mood that I would not require to take that wet cloath and somebody would use. However the attachment of a person is with such things that one wants to preserve each and every thing.

I came out and went to Mahavir Temple and had a pooja there.

I took auto and reached Novelty & Co. where Narendra Jha was waiting for me for my write up related to some maithili organization. He is a smoker and I cannot stand by that and when he started smoking I took leave to meet Dr. Narendra Prasad, surgeon and we had a long talk. I presented him a copy of my Gita in Maihtili and gave him a profile of Neha(Chitra’s friend) for forwarding that to his Chitragupt group(finding a groom for 5’8” is diffivcult inm any community).

I came back to narendra babu who left me near to Patliputraputra Club where Dr. samrendra Jha was waiting with Dr. Vishw rattan, 2 years senior to me, a cricket of my college at darbhanga and we had a long talk on general issues.

Samrendra took me to his clinic where I talked with him for long and listened to his memoire how a doctor is not paid for his work and he too has family to rear up. There also came a Maihtil from saharsa but he too did not give him fee.

Samrendra took me to his house where his daughter Smridhhi presented food to us. Samrendra left me to co-operative fFederation Hall, near Museum for story reading night ful session (Sagar Raati Deep Jaray) and was awoke whole night there.

I boycotted that in the last strory when a Jha started abusing Vedas through his hero and derogated the great Mandan Mishra.

I went to the room there meant for us and had my bath and sandhya puja and took rest whole day.

The executive committee of the AMP meeting at Patna was fixed assuming at least 5 such participants in that literary meet but only 2 were present there( President Kamalkantji and me which could not be held due to Sudhirnathji’s son’s sudden illness and Premkantji’s missing of the Patna train. Nor does the organizers at Patna had done ground work despite their assurances. An alternative venue fixed by a new person could be communicated only in the afternoon of 11th. For the AMP it was first such occasion but in a limited membership of the attendees if most of the persons are absent, a meeting could not be held even otherwise.

I was an invitee for evening reception of a Maithil IAS’s son and daughter-in law but because the invitation card was not in maithili I preferred not to go to there and came directly to station to find my berth in the night train to get up neat Ranchi despite whole day rest and some sleep (discontinued due to phone talks with many workers and friends).

I call this as an appendix to Mithila jagaran yatra not only because I was awoke whole night with Maithili story tellers, I feel patna is just like appendix of Mihtila’s body(the capital but of no use to Mithila) and that can be cut off like the useless appendix of the body, a vestigial organ (though some use of that has been recorded but once a panic pain abdomen, it is to be removed and which more than Nithilka can record pain for each thing, a continued story of neglect.

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