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MJY 114( Biratnagar

In brief-

Reached Bhagalpur on 9th morning(after 7-8th stopover at Ranchi was in a hanging over mood) –in the way a Barnwal of Jaina More’s .medical profession(a shop) divulged me as a doctor and was impressed by my sukhi roti and saag and invited me to come once Jaina more..

I got a bus for Purnea and reached there, on 6th a retired maithil teacher of Purnea had requested for a copy of my Maithiligita and I had asked him to be at bus stand – and he was there near starting bus for Forbesganj( he took a bundle of 50 to distribute/ sell and made me relieved of heavier luggage to a manageable one- at Ranchi the pressman could not reach to deliver 2000 Mihtila pamphlets needed for 21st December Delhi dharna and was probably to take my convenience).

The bus took 3 hours to cover 68 kilometer and I became angry at Araria on bus conductor and warned him of recommending cancellation of permit for undue waiting to overload bus.

I reached Forbesgan around 11 and in a trecker was for Jogbani.

Previous evening I had requested Putul Mishra for my speech at morning assembly of Mihtila Public school but seeing late had cancelled at 8 am from Purnea.

Reached Jognabi where I had been with Dr.jaikant Mishra for a Maihtili meeting though it was not held . 13.12.1994
Jaikantbabu sang

Jogbani is a border town and has much developed since visited there in 1994. The road and market was full of Nepali ladies in different costumes doing marketing.

In a Nepali bus I reached Biratnagar’s Bhumi Prashanshan Chowk and listened Vidyapati sangeet on loudspeakers and searching the field reached there and after many security check up(I am not a Kalam that anybody can object also) as the HE Vice President Parmanad Jha was to come.

Praveer Narayan Choudhary announced my name with reverence and as I was a well known face of the local workers all were enthused on my coming.

Biratnagar was only 20 kilometer from my home Forbesganj where I was born and had visited many times before including Maithili work and here I had for the forst time on 22nd Decembar 2000 I had spoken loudly for a Mithili state in Nepal in the presence of Jhalanath Khanal who later became Prime Minister of Nepal in recent past. 1960s
Purchasing foreign goods


Mother's eye check up

IMC-Ramrijhan="Hall s Maithili Maidanme kudi gel achhi ek andolank rupme

meeting at Dr,Shambhunath Jha's


Press confrerence


SN Mishra MithilaSeva samitik dera;Tintolia Meena Dev's;Dr.Saha of Purnea there met


National Academy; Er. GN Thajkur etc.

Successor of Khanal, Baburam Bhattarai had sent Ramrijhan Yadav, his media advisor with his long welcome speech. Ramrijhan has been AMP’s worker and when he came to me I told him that in AMP it was known to him that secretaries are changed after 2-3 conferences and even if he would have come to jainagar a change was imminent but he remained a core group member. We do not remove any worker(unless one leaves) only we change his working profile.

Rambharosh Kapri, the dioyen of Maihtil work greeted me and so was there Baijuji, my kutumb who gave a long speech (and he is a mass leader of his locality of Darbhanga). It was good that he did not utter there for Sugauli Treaty’s undone as was his habit.

After his long speech, I was asked to say and briefly I said

1. Congratulated VP and Matrika yadav for their stand on oath taking (other than Nepali in Hindi and Maithili)

2. Birat’s place make us reverent alike Nepali Hindus too and hence I wished Maihtil people not to be antagonistic to Nepali speaking Hindus(and there were Nepali speaker like great litterateur Bhanubhankt Pokhrail who thought his luck his book released on Vidaypati’s day and Mahesh Regmi)

3. A separate state of Mithili in Nepal wihout interfering international boundary(I promised the VP saying some splinter group’s dissent not Sugauli need not be taken seriously as the view of the AMP was binding on almost all Maithils).

4. Remembered Vidyapati who had written Debur bhangi Masid Bnadhi and that majority Hindus are making both countries secular be noted.

HE VP parmanad Jha spoke like a great leader of Mithila, a great son of Mithila and said Vidaypati’s birthplace was in India but work place in Nepal’s Banuli state and hence [postal stamp on him, naming of Tarai Highway on him, a corpus of Rs. 10 million on his name and so many things but asked to work for inclusion of Maithili in Nepal Lok Seva Ayog.

Many speakers, including Sukhdev paswan, ex MP from Araria and LN Mehata ex MP from Fornesganj from India spoke in favour of a Mithila state in India and so many gallantries of Nepal- Karuna Jha, loan lady on dais asked Mithila on the geographical map, (to be continued)..

Later I congratulated HE VP , Nepal as he spoke so clearly on many terms which politicians usually avoid and in fact was of useful to be the Maithils of both countries. (I am surprised at many instances of the Indian Maithil leaders who on getting some posts are keeping silence over the issues they had been fighting).

I found Nepal is in turmoil and they are more conscious for their number and position than Indian counterparts who are almost sleeping at the time of censuses.

MP of Nepal Jayshankar Yadav(names I am forgetting) put strong notes on the plight of Mithilavasis.

One of the ex-MP Mandal criticized my view of having amity with Nepali brethrens. I know they have been tortured by them but let me say again that hatred is not the answer to hatred and a divided Nepal (on the name of Madhes/ Hill) will be disastrous for Terai Maithils as well as to India . Let us hope we Maithils are strong enough in both countries that nobody can torture us and in a democratic set up we have numbers provided we are not divided amongst ourselves on the name of castes. We may have many castes we all are sanatani (Hindu) Maihtils. I did not use Hindu word with stress there but reminded that Nepal ’s king had been authourized to enter garbhgrih of Rameshwaram or Jagannathpuri. I also reminded that Golwalkar of RSS had a vow not to go abroad(and when such time came he sent Deen dayal and Atal instead) but used to go to Nepal saying that is not foreign but his home and even his disciple Vajpayee after becoming PM first went to Jankapurdham where temple is renovated by a queen from Madhya Pradesh(probably Teekamgarh but I wrongly named from Holkars’).

I exclaimed if I was born 20 km north of Forbesganj I must have been a Nepali and so what was the difference between us.

In fact I had a long discussion on facebook/ mails with Pravin Narayan Choudhary, the anchor of the function who had been submerged with anti-dowry activities of Mithila and in fact he has the ability of organizing people and invitation to me came through my brother-in law Vivekanand Jha whose anglophilic thoughts I always criticized. Some way Pravin was his fan and being invited I accepted that despite my already fixed schedule for Khagaria and Patna which I changed somehow though that made my tours quite hectic.

The exhibition of Mithila Painting was quite exotic but I was not in a mood after full day fast and without snan and puja. No sooner the inaugural function ended, I went below podium changed my dhoti(as I was feeling chill) and with bag was ready to leave with LN Mehta but he had been in the queue of food. I was requested by many but I was not accustomed to eat without bath- sandhya-tarpan, Siyaram Jha ‘saras’ insisted that curd and Rosugulla I should take- I had taken sweets anf fruits in the past without Puja many days and hence with inmitial hesitation I took as many as 16-18 rosugullas- caloriewise sufficient for the night also(thinking to have puja next day morning in spite of that chilly evening).

In the wake of the proximity from my home, Forbesganj, my journey to Biratnagar has been much less and this was after 7 years, thanks Praveen. I feel he and many more like him are true workers of Mithila though many of them are unaware of the potentiality and scope of Mithila work and the ideological foundation of such any work.

When he had uttered on mobile that workers of divergent views would not be allowed to pull up in different ways, I had difficult times to convince him that if any body or some body feel that their way or leadership is the only anathema of Mithila work how one can press on that.

Many people comment on my differences with Baidyanath Choudhary .Baijuji’ who too was invited by Praveen (was not known to me). We had only few chances to meet or share diases-(for diases it was third,

Mumbai- Mihtila darpan’s third anniversary

Darbhnaga- pardeep maithiliputra’s Deeta Awtaran mahakavy release

And chance meetings- at my younger brothers’ marriage in 1985(when I was not a Maihtili worker)

at Darbhanga in 2009 Januray , Mathura babu’s shraddha

and hand once telephonic talk in 1992 when I was at Delhi in Vijaykantji’s house and had taken his phone to convince Baijuji that all should fight unitedly.(He had differences with Vijaykantji and I was a novice entrant ot Maihtili areana).

When I incidentally saw him at Mumbai (not knowing then also that he was an invited guest there) I was scribbling through invitation postcards for the XVI Antarrashtriy maihtili Sammealn, Goa, November 2007 and was surprised to see him who has been doing his sammealana plagiarizing our name of Antarrashtriy Maihtili Sammealn; incidentally postcard for Vidyapati Seva sansthan was already written and was in the lot which I searched and giving him that I saidm”You know well that AMP is doing Antarrashtriy Maihtili Sammealns since 1993 and requested to change the name to Vishwa maithili Sammelan or not to cobfuse. He spoke so much about me in that meeting( that I was fifth saviour Thakur- after jyotirishwar, Vidayapati, Brajmohan, CP Thakurs) but did not change his samelans name(even on Dec 22-23 is organizing that at Guwahati).

Later he also added ‘Akhil Bhartiy ,’ to’ Mihtila Rajya Sangharsh Samiti.’ founded by me in 1994 of which Dr. jaykant Mishra remained president till death and and then Chunchun Mishra till death(now Dr. satyanarayan mahto is president).

At one juncture(without my knowledge, ‘antarrashtiy word was added by Chunchunji that we were from AMP which I protested that it will give wrong message of unification of both sides of Mithila which was never intended by the AMP. This year also when I reached Darbhanga on 23.11.2011, I found the word on the old banner and I protested Dr. Udayshakar Mishra and suggested to paint word antarrashtriy.

Let Baijuji explain his position on this organizational juggleries.

Regarding his stand on unification of Mithila or nullifying Sugauli Treaty, I feel it was good that he did not utter this in the presence of Nepali Maihtils and I could say vehemently that that was not intended by the AMP(though some splinter voices do come off and on and should not be taken seriously).

I hope Praveen and others should note that I have no personal difference with anyone. I am an incidental intruder in Mithila movement and if people do not like me I would be satisfied to take recourse to my other work.

If in my brief speech, I did not mention Baijuji , it was for the brevity of speech time which I myself had timed 180 seconds finding two dozen speakers on the dais and for that matter I did not address anyone except president and HE VP and that is my way of speaking to save time.

I would have loved to interact Dr. SN Jha, SN Mishra and many more who had been cordial to me in the past but I know in such a gathering everybody is short of time. I am not always dais visitor and sometime I will find time to talk to many particularly Praveen who looked lovely in ‘Lalka pag.’

I do not feel myself old but surely Mithila work is to be taken up by those who are in their 30s or 40s. They should try to understand the complexities of the problem and should not be emotive on issues. I did try my best in simplifying the things based on ground realties and ideological moorings with no intenstion for self.

At Purnea sometimes back in Pinki’s marriage a young journalist had asked me that whether I would be first CM of Mithila or will face Shiboo Soren’s ordeal. I had replied him that CM of Mithila will be among the political of Mithila. In election caste is counted and being a Brahmin I am at loss there and hence I feel once Mithila is on the map, I will take recourse of my chamber to patiens, in an institute if that I could establish just like Achary Chankay went to Gaga sides in his hermitage making Mudraraakshas as Prime Minister of Magadha.

The same journalist was asking me yesterday night about the intelligence reports of Islamic terroristst’ dens in madhubani and other districts to which I had already forcasted seeing petrodollars vicioating genuine Maithil Muslims with an intrusion from Bangladesh and communication from Nepal for weakening country- for which too Mithila needs statehood as Patna cannot control these things being distant.

Being a doctor, I am always suspicious for my long life(though my parentage had )whether I live or not MITHILA will come on map. Let Karuna Jha be assured her bold voice will not be maimed.

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