Friday, December 16, 2011

आर्य भारत के वासी हैं

Aryan invasion and colonization theory is dismantled with new researches (Ranchi express 11.7.2011)

Sir William Jones in 1772 lectured first on it and that became plank for every anti_Hindu and they pleaded Arya too came from outside like that of Muslims , Zorastians etc.

Then also Mahamahopadhyay Ganganath jha, historian Jadunath sarkar and Pune’s RG Bhandarkar ridiculed it as no word of Baltic nations(from where we were said to come India)languages were in Indian tongues.

Lokmany Tilak did further wrong when he said that we came from near north pole.

Indore ’s Wakanankar dig deep and with astro pictures proved that saraswati valley civilization was in fact Sindhu valley civilization.

Then came a theory that all human beings are the progeny of a great-great- grandamma from Ethiopia which is also dismantled in the light of new evidences.

I am sure in the end Hindu’s pristine glory will come up and among that Mithila’s position will be on the top as only in the the Shatpath Brahman Videh Madhava’s spread of Aryas to the east of Gandaki is described that is our spread from Saraswati banks and so we revere Ganga-Yyamuna and antah salila sSrasawati’s triveni at Prayagraj.

Let us be proud Hindus and this is our homeland. We are not a Bhageru in any Dharmashala( which anti-Hindus tried to prove for India ).

Of course Muslims are also Hindu Muslims as they are converted from us and are part and parcel of Indian community but they too should have proud on Ram and seta and Krishna and Radha as r Rahim or Raskhan had or as Asfakaullah or Khan Abudul gaffer Khan thought and did for Indian nation.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

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