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113th Mithila Jagaran yatra- Godda

113th Mithila Jagaran yatra- Godda -

On 6th December 2011 morning, I had to take early morning bus for Godda and despite I planned to have puja there I did not sleep much and around 4 am I was awoke and till Pravin was awoke I finished my bath and Puja in a chilly weather.

At bus stop Rupesh left me in High_tech bus which started before Praveen and Ranjeet could come and soon I felt urge of seeing my bag’s mouth to avoid slippage and then again for a shawl that the side seated person objects- resulting my protest that those had sufficient cause to give him inconvenience. Usually the little educated, so-called some developed persons have amazing strokes of the convinences.

Anyway in the most of the way I was sleeping and reached Bhagalpur .

There soon I got other bus for Godda and journey was a convenient one. For sometime in the way I watched and videoed the procession of Muharram like last year I had at Benipatti area.

The chanda collection by youth is same like that of Hindu boys on Saraswati Puja.

Godda Yatra

Crossing Biha-Jharkhand gate at Panjwara, I felt it should be demolished as both were in Mithila and Mithila Jharkhand boundry needs redrawn.

While in the way of Godda I crossed Dumaria village of Sanjesh Mohan where I had some visits(5.9.2003) and then several times- 2004
Met Prof. Manimohan Mishra




There was atime in 2004 when JD(U) was offering me a Loksabha Ticket from Godda and I was about to tender VRS that in the precding night the party of Ramdayal Munda and Soorasj mandal meged in JD(U) and my ticket was cancelled in favour of Sooraj mandal- He did not win and Muda sided to Congress later. The socialists do not know the workers and are always loosing grounds. I might have won in htat triangle( with Yadav and a Muslim) I divulged in the Vidyapati Bhavan in that afternoon in a meeting arranged by Sarvjeet Jha who has a large collection of news cuttings of his work in different fields which I suggested a classification.

While going to meeting I was introduced to a freedom fighter Maheshwar Jha and I intervieved him . He had been in 1942 movement and later studied and retired as a govt. servant, rarely such thing is seen.

With him I visited Jagdamba temple before Vidaypati Bhavan where he blessed us for Mithila state and demanded Maithili’s second language status in Jharkhand also.

The meeting decided to have a state level conference on January 24, 2012 for Second language struggle.

I took a bus for Jasidih and seeing Hansdiha and other area in the way was again at Babanagari but crossed that without a stop- you can see Him only if He gives you a chance!

At Jasidih I was for long to take my train Patliputra express where I had no reservation and only at Bokaro I could get space to sleep.

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