Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A day full of coincidences_Dec 3,2011

Gaurisharanji, an advocate of Ranchi who has several years of the ABVP_BJP working experience (which I could know only on 3rd December 2011 and hence I felt workers should spend some time together to know each other) incidentally met me when I had an incidental visit to the RTO office to get my driving license . That day was most coincidental. Lilar Sah, a Chhotanagpuri who had for some days worked for the AMP on honourarium during 1990s met me indentally in my colony. He now works at the Ranchi court and was going there. The MTI library where I work in the afternoon, had some official meetings that day and I had decided not to go there that day but the pendrive I used was lost somewhere when in the prevvous night I searched and finally it was located on the PC of the library and hence I had to go to take that. Lilar left me there and quickly I returned to the neaby bank and we went to the Court where Gaurisharanji was coming out. Soon Vinay Khan, a retired engineer and J Jha, the grand oldman of Ashoknagar colny were also coming out seeing long queue of the RTO office.

Gausharkarje was with me thereafter till evening- my license was not ready despite my 7th or 8th visit. Due to strict measures of ther RTO the middlemen were tightened but if such would be pace of the work people wiould think middlemen better and in fact there rates have been more(now license is made from neighbouring district on higher rate) . I saw the plight of people in every visit and my own state has been pathetic everytime I went to that office despite the good words and some priority helping woirk by a staff Marandi who became close to me having known I was known to Babulal marandi, the first chief minister of the Jharkhand state.

I authorized gaurisharanji to take my license anyday whenever it would be ready. I have left driving for some four years mainly to walk more and have no wife or parents to take them anywhere still a license should be with me was the idea to get that renenewd from the changed address of Banglore it expired.

Gaurisharan insisted that he would saw me off to my residence but I do not return my house till evening. I took that time to visit with him his senior colleague RK Choudhary of Ranchi High Court who had been always cordial to me. His woife asked me as to where I was in this Chhathi kharna. I had gone to young Pawan’s family for kharna when he had come to my chamber that he was now transferred to Mumbai from Jaipur. When studing linguistics at the BHU he had been one whole day with me and sometimes back had worked for the NMO. He is not a Maithil but many non-Maithils have been helping me for tha Maithili work too as it is a social work.

Choudharyji has lost interest in the court and developing dementia. An article I was writing till nate on that in the previous night. I suggested him to work even as a therapy but he had even sold his chamber at the high court. Hailing form village Pindarucch he is coming from a legal luninaries’ family.

We talked much about Mahakavi Chanda Jha who was there and had to live the voillage as he used to wroite against Jamindari system.

After Choudaryji, we went to manoj’s residence. An IITian manoj had lost his promising son when he was found dead mysteriously at the dayanad College Bangalore. He is absorbed in anatomy and medical jurisprudence to nab the culprits despite my several request to forget that part of the event and concentrate to the other son and wife.

He was not in the residence and I saw Gray’s anatomy’s pages open on the table- He must be knowing mire about cerebral anatomy than me by this time- but of what use?

Dr. Shantiparaksh phoned that he was in the vicinity and I asked him to reach Mrs. Abash Chatterjee’s house. She is a widow and they had lost their only son in a drowning. Mr. Chatterjee was top in Bihar in SSC and also in India in the IAS. Hailing from Purnea I had made him once agreed to be president of the Mihtila Party but his condition was that it would be Mithila Hindu Democratic Party like that of West Germany in those days when he had just returned from there. Mrs. Chatterjee, a Christian but always supported Mr. Chatterjee was stunned to know this as it was never discussed with her by him or informed by me in the long years.

I took the opportunity to read my new story ‘O” in Maithuli to be read at Patna on 10th December 2011.

I took opportunity to give a coutsey call to Mrs. Puspa Jha whose husband Dharmanad Jha had passed one year back and she had invited me for annual shrdhh on 4th which I had to politely refuse for my Mithila Yatra.

So this was a day on incidences all happened unplanned and a series of visits to ill-luck persons.

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