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26th June,The National Emergency Day of India; Kalam put himself in the line of Ibrahim Gardi

26th June,The National Emergency Day of India; Kalam put himself in the line of Ibrahim Gardi
I have been hovering over the yesterday’s Kalam’s speech as well as today’s anniversary of the National Emergency.
In the morning I listened to the news of sudden demise of Michel Jackson and thought to keep 4 tabs of clopodrigel every time in pocket(at least for myself if not for others though as a qualified doctor I can come to anybody’s rescue in emergency better if I have drugs too apart from CPR which everybody should know.
Since night I am listening to the news of Kappil Sibbal’s announcement of making Class X examination optional and had listened to Anil Sadgopal’s opposition to single board all over the country on some points which were also raised by some person yesterday in Kalam’s programme.
I personally feel that in stead of Class X and XII, board should be at Class VI and XII, maybe Class VIII and XII but such quick board examination after Class X hardly needed.
Maybe Class VI board be made very easy with elementary knowledge and only grade as pass and fail with around 30 per cent marks as pass park .
Class XII should also have grades not per cent when every professional examination is after a competitive test.
I will like same one board for whole India with one standard but it does not mean dilution to lower standard of board whichever existing but rather an average or towards higher scale.
Question of Govt vs/ private institution was raised by Harshwardhan when I rang him after getting two miss calls during which I busy in a long call of 23.52 minutes from Manish of Hyderabad(we do not say now long distance call which was in vogue some years back).
Manish wants to fight election from Darbhanga and I welcomed his stand. A young man of 27 working in a leading software company is an ideal candidate for Darbhanga if it has to develop as an IT-hub which it can with the fertile Maithil brains(I had long back said in a function that if opportunities given next time Bill gates will visit Madhubani than Bangalore, and I had said thus before Muthuraman, the MD of Tata ( now Tata-Chorus which has decided to shed off 3000 employees only yesterday I listened to on the German Radio Doichewale which too usually is anchored by a Maithil Mahesh Jha; the Jha Rupa Jha in BBC speaks well though I do not her personally, Mahesh Jha had once sent me a mail).
Sometimes back I thought Rupa is granddaughter of great Harimonahn Jha seeing a girl child Rupa in his lap but somebody told me that Rupa in question belonged to Bhagalpur. Migrant population is usually sharper than originals and so Bhaglapuri Maihtils are migrant from Darbhanga some 300-600 years back and they have preserved their culture and intellect.
Who does not know Maithil S.S. Jha, a Bahgalpuri counterpart of Kalam. SS Jha was director of TIFR(Tata Institute of Fundamental research, Colaba, Mumbai, the progenitor of the BARC(Bhabha Atomic Research centre) and it was SS Jha’s comment on TV first when ‘Buddha had smiled,’ with Kalam’s contribution at Pokharan II during Vajpayee regime.
Harsh wardhan’s ring tone, ‘ Ugna re mor katay gealainh’, made me to ask him who was my “Ugna’ for long many month when I was in exile at Bangalore in 2006. I asked him ‘ to restart the AMP work where it was left on 19.11.’06,’ on a note of discordance of sending savings of the due XV International Maithili Conference ,Bangalore’ to Jainagar central of AMP in Madhubani from the Bangalore’s jaynagar city of AMP where we were in a meeting then…”Jainagar san Jaynagar tak,’ a book encysted in e-files can get released with a theme that we Maithils are one either at Jaynagar in Mithila or Jayanagar in Karnataka as our DNA is same.
I said Harsh that if he would not have then too some other ‘Ugna’ would have met was he that he ran with me here and there in that big metro with me,; in his house we started work on Ashadhi Amavasya in 2006 to celebrate AMP’s Foundation day and we worked. Man him or me is not important – theme is important. And so, I asked him again to restart the work as if a gramophone pin starts singing if line was cut in between without a trace of previous singing. And harsh and all otheres have taken vow to work for AMP’s objects till death. They may have problem with me who is not there now but one point is sure one organisation must be accepted as apex by all ,if Maithils are to get their due in the prevalent system.

I asked Harsh also to contest from his home next time though he said that he was busy with some project clearance for an engineering college there at his home. He had been the youngest secretary of Vidaypati Parisahad at Vidyapatinagar, where Mahakavi breathed last with saying..”Bahut sukhsar paol tua teere..” which was exactly the ring tone Harsh had last time he mailed me suddenly.
Harsh had read my accounts with Dr. Kalam and asked that Government school do not invite Kalam.I said it was wrong rather he would not accept invitation and a trial can be taken by him inviting on behalf of his village school.
As I said I am not in favour of degrading institutions of excellence simply because other institutions have lower standards. I am not all opposed to schools of excellence and I know every school cannot be Harvard or Cambridge(Even Taxlia and Nalanda were only among few such in India) but what I mean that everyone should be able to develop phenotypically what genetically he /she is endowed with. There may be referral system from accredited schools on Govt. expenditure for good students.
However, I will like that Govt. institutions be schools or hospitals should be revitalized by siphoning funds and thereby attracting talents in that as majority of the countrymen live in villages and slums and depend on them and talents are there as if Kalam himself was a product of such a place and school which he acknowledges with reverence to his teachers.
He had yesterday remarked on his teacher who while walking had spirituality emanating and while teaching science enflaming…
Science is a general knowledge- yesterday big camphor filled lamp made the AC Hall suffocating because Ghee would have been used and further a foolish attempt was made by spilling water over that when it is known to all that oxygen causes fire and hence a piece of cloth just wrapped could have put out the flames.
Last night I talked my friend, a Koshi Flood devotee bachelor, scholar of IIT Kharagpur, Dinesh Kumar Mishra that Kalma was not so emphatic on inter-linking of rivers. He saud that Vajpayee Govt. had support for that but I think Kalam must have read the other harmful ecological aspects of such a gigantic plan.
I got some letters in appreciation of my comments but one from Issac who once had met me at Mysore had written about Kalam,” You make A P J Kalam sound a paragon of super virtues - omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence - when actually speaking he's just a very average guy with ordinary views.”

I replied him.” An average guy with ordinary views makes a man omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, a paragon of super virtues, was not so Issacs himself dear Arup when God Herself(as some of Hindus of Eastrn India like us we adore as Mother more than Father) is Arup- with no Roop(definition or adjective), omnipotent, omnipresent..I may not agree with Kalam's all views but his dedication to his work had made him, 'a philosopher among the scientists, if not 'a politician among scientists', and 'a scientist among politician.'Let us learn to appreciate others while even criticizing and that is the devine way('Forgive them who do not know what they are doing,' said Jesus even on Cross; Kalam might have made Missiles but without that India would have been 'Talibanised' much before than Pakistan which in fact is in itself 'Talbinistan,'; calling one'Pak,' means 'rest of India, was 'Napak(Impure),'; Kalam could overcome this mentality and among Muslims he put himself in the line of Ibrahim Gardi(Shivaji's General),and AfakUllah Khan (Chadrashekhar Azad's friend who was executed after Kakori dacoity of revolutionaries) if not Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan.I have all praise for Kalam though I never liked him as being President which should have been a post for politicians, maybe Nanajee Deshmukh was the fittest candidate then wen he was chosen by astute politician Vajpayee who himself would have been fittest when Bhairon Singh Shekhavat was put up before Madam Patil.The politics has many ifs and but and today is 26th June, the day when the National emergency was clamped by Indira Gandhi...Let us take a pledge to save our nation from any onslaught external or internal and that woul be the best tribute for the day.Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

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