Thursday, June 4, 2009

4.8.०९ Today’s Mithila is not of CC Mishra and Buchhidai’s of Harimaohan Jha: participation of Maithilanis must for development of Mithila

4.8.०९Today’s Mithila is not of CC Mishra and Buchhidai’s of Harimaohan Jha: participation of Maithuilnis must for development of Mithila
And what a coincidence again today I got a female voice from Madna near Khajauli when I was seeking a student of 008 examination; again his bhabhi and when I told this Archana Kumari(though married) she again turned out to be a teacher who had her education from Wome’s College,Jamshedpur. I told her about yesterday’s incidence of Babita via Jamshedpur to Madhubani village and gave her number too to have a close talk . Archana had attended Mithila Sanskritik Parishad’s functions there though she did not recall my speech in any one of those. She had a knowledge of Maithilanis staging there dramas.I asked her rear up her only son and see how students of her school can be healthy like using soaps after defecation, for females a practice to wash first urinary front part and then not touch again after washing anal back which is so important from preventing urinary tract infection’, good eating habits etc. to which some she was knowing already being attached to schools. I asked her if total literacy is achieved it will be a milestone for Mithila.National female literacy is as low as 54 per cent, just now I listened to in Madam President’s speech in new Parliament. For Mithila it must be half of that- a Mithila which has produced Seeta, Gargi, Maitreyi, Bharati like accomplished women.In fact our primary schools should be center of transformation of pupil into good citizen.I promised her to give some more such numbers if accidentally I got and then have a meeting of theirs at some place where I may like to attend as Maithilanis participation in Maithil organizations is a must and sadly it is dismal. All such organizations are male dominated in a world where female president and female leaders are coming up.Not always females catch mobile. I talked a student Azad Deepak today and many things about his village, Basaith Chanpura.Then talked one;s guardian from Gangour village who had arranged my meeting with a Mukhiya Yadavjee when I had visited that part of district during Durgapuja. One boy’s sister replied me who was also studing in Inter and was pleased to know that now girls are also studying in Mithila.Today’s Mithila is not of CC Mishra and Buchhidai’s of Harimaohan Jha otherwise I cpould not have such illuminating talks, accidentally and talking to an unknown male but so closely for a cause of emancipation of Mithila which can be possible only by participation of local public and not by loafty budget speeches or making one or other on some key posts as is witnessed.

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