Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Girl students of Mithila are more interested in studies- nexty generation girls will come up from khana pakana -kitchen!

Girl students of Mithila are more interested in studies- nexty generation girls will come up from khana pakana -kitchen!

“Girl students of Mithila are more interested in studies,” said Arjun Mishra, a native of village Gajahara resing at Ayachinagar, stadium road of Madhubani who teaches in a school at Hanumannagar. He is father of Avinash kumar, a student appeared in ’08 test who has been sent to Bokaro for PMT preparation. I invited Arjun Mishra for AMP meeting giving reference to Jaykant Mishra. Long back I had visited his village and stayed at the house of poet Paravasi .
Some students want to talk and some not. Sister of other boy picked up phone, a girl of BA from village Balha studying in BA(History Honours) was thus when I asked the history behind her official name Mafti though in village she was called Kanchan, probably was shy at my question.
When I asked sister of Dileep, Sangita whether she knew Vidyapati’s song, she replied in negative.
When I called for Tabassum Fatima a daughter of a labourer said that she wrote businessman instead casually. She was very much interested to pursue biology to become a doctor but she after a long wait of my call took admission in commerce course. I advised her to continue as she did not have good marks in the test and further medicine is a cumbersome study. She asked me to provide some books in English for accountancy etc. which I promised to gift her once she gave me the names of books consulting from her friends and teachers. She said though understanding in Hindi is easier but it has complex words so she wanted books in English. She was also sorry that her teachers become angry instead of guiding her. One of my young patient who had done MBA was listening to our talk and later he suggested Siddiqui and S.Chand’s book. I asked her to give me the name she wanted. She had more difficulty in practical portion of commerce book. I think a book bank should be created to help such students. I suggested to her that she should find out some of her friends for costudy and I will be pleased to offer a set of books.
Kasma-Marar;s Keshi Kumari’s ,mother hailing from Raja salhesh;s Sirha said that Keshi was admant to become a doctor and she has shifted to Madhubani with her sister and brother – they take grain from village and cook and study in a rented room for Rs.1500. Keshi’s father had gone to meet me during my last visit but could not find me- maybe he had gone to other Parsa than Baira Parsa. I gav her my number so that he may meet me on 13th June. I said the mother of Keshi that she had 10 bighs of land but I own only two! I know despite that this harijan family living in kuchha rooms of seven number must be in difficulty when matter for study comes. May God bless Keshi with a seat in medical course and if such examinations help some students to make an idea that is also not a small achievement.
Anjani daughter of Shyamsundar Thakur, Sothigama has also taken up biology and she may probably come for examination again as her father told me.
Jiachh Mahto of Saharghat’s phone was picked up b a neighbour’s daughter who was also a student and she took keen interest in noting my number. She was not sure whether Jibachh(named after a river) has taken admission in biology.

Andhra Thadhi’s Anil Paswan had given a number Rajesh Mishra a much senior to him who is semi-self-employed in village . I asked Rajesh to join our AMP meeting at Jainagar.
Sunil from Rakhbari had given number of his friend distant Bisfi who though give sunil’s phone number was not willing to talk, maybe apprehensive as to why I was talking?
Akhilesh Safi from Gopalpur ,Phulhar had come to see me last time in October and though he had joined mathematics is a humble student.
Yesterday Uttam Vats’s mother, a singer picked up phone and asked for calling her in some Maithili programme. She lived at Saharsa though her village is Suhath. I asked whether she will sing a song for me? She replied cutely, ”why not? Come Saharsa, Prof. Vinay Chaoudhary knows her.”
Her sons are brilliant but both have opted for mathematics. At night Uttam had talked m and wished him the best.
I have talked many and have to talk many more in this regard- it is an exercise exhilarating and at times educative.

Funny are the answers of boys-one Rajan Jha has writer, Father’s occupation- Daktari karma and Mothers- Khana Pakana..I hope in next generation such girls will come up from khana pakana -

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