Friday, June 26, 2009

मिथिला राज्य कियैक चाही?

There are few who read and reply and fewer are who can find the meaning of any email and letter but we appreciate all as they are better than those who have no interest in societal function(read for us Mithila)!!!

Being anywhere from a village to US, anyone can promote things relating to our motherland, India and Nepal and Indians and Nepalis in general and MITHILA AND MAITHILS in particular !!!

it is good that some persons like to learn and practice, and even coach our children our SANSKRITI, particularly I congratulate such mothers as Maithili can survive as Mother tongue till mothers speak it to their children.
Celebrating HOLI, PICNICs, MITHILA PAINTING, ARIPAN competition among our children , Maithils food , jokes competition , script writing , cloths, helping others in marriages , sharing sorrows and happiness, standing for each other is appreciable by all !!!

It is good that something will be done by these societal functions and will tell WHAT MAITHILS AND MITHILA MEANS WHAT IS OUR CULTURE ...TRADITION , AND EDUCATION.

We need to take care of ourselves
1)LANGUAGE -Even after getting into the SOOCHI ASHTAM ,how many of us ....know to write in MITHILA SCRIPT ?? Not even 5% of Mathili passed graduates though they have some 5-10 marks on it.- Yet today at Darbhanga station, you will find Darbhanga written in Tirhuta, though in small, it is in the repercussion of the questions I raised in a press conference ,the next day a mother tongue lover journalist asked the same from the GM of Railways and it was thus implemented.

However script is not the only thing for the preservation of language.
Devnagri is used by languages other than Sanskrit e.g. Marathi, Nepali and they are developing with their pace(as they have their STATE- Maharastra and SIKKIM in India).

Training for anything is required and hence TRAINING CAMPs are essential for many things. The great Maithil leaders in the past have failed because they could not forge an organisation to guide the general mass. AMP is trying to make a cadre based mass organisation to get those unfinished dreams and tasks !!!!!

2) It is immaterial that how many of us know details of MADHUBANI PAINTINGSs everybody is not supposed to be a painter and there should be viewers also for good painters like ....

There are organisations working in this field exclusively !!!

3) WOMEN - Nobody will deny that women have a right of being educated and support their families ....and give best education to their children but it is also IMPORTANT TO HAVE a MITHILA STATE ???
You may be surprised to know that the area of Mithila has one of the lowest women literacy and the governmental efforts are dismal.
Last month 7 women polytechnics in Bihar were approved and none was in core Mithila - Jahanabad, Siwan, Piro, Purnea, Saran,Jhanabad, Kishanganj(Thakurganj)(reference daily Aaj, 4.6.09). Purnea maybe called one such somehopw but Kishanganj has been added for Minority preference only though that may be called in Mithila- yet for any plan Mithila desrves some 60 per cent allocation.
If Mithila would have been a state there would have been surely an IIT/IIM/AIIMS/AISER..and an airport for common man.
None of the Jharkhandi has tears for breaking of BIHAR into BIHAR and JHARKHAND !!!!
And Jharkhand's achievements one can see only after coming to Ranchi, Jamshedpur. It has a number of good educational institutes(yesterday Kalam visited one of those). Boys are thronging into Jharkhand for study despite Jharkhand's political failure in successive governments- for that matter many of the nations have such times in history and that is just like puerperal problem.

Who says Jharkhand is headache for the GOVT OF INDIA , earlier Bihari netas were grabbling ever fodders of Jharkhand now some POLITICIANS are EARNING which is rampant in other states also
Killing and torturing innocent people are not due to state formation.

If you have Head, HEADACHE will be and so do not be in panic that for that decapitation should be done. Lower animals do not get headache???

Mithila and Maithils are recognised wide..for their EDUCATION , CULTURE , TRADITION ....CREATIVITY despite successive onslaughts on it by Biharis; one maybe surprised to know that Govt. of Bihar's tourism website has not even mention of Mithila and Maithili though it devoted full page to Rambriksha Benipuri's contribution to Hindi(even there they could not remember Nagarjuna)..

You can do for MITHILA NAD MAITHILS at your own level but that is not the end. You cannot make 27,500 crore rupees Koshi High dam(1997 estimate).
A Govt. of Mithila can only understand its problems others are only vote mongers.

Those who work UPLIFT AND SUPPORT any individuals on personal level is for their Basic need is welcome but that is not the end , we need efforts on state national and international levels to mitigate the problems of millions !!!!

Ahanke Kshama mangak kono bat nahee, ee anhak mat achhi aa bahuto raas Maithil ehen vichar rakhait chhathi karan hunka sabh angle k information nahee chhani.

But if you request for not going for Mithila movement we won't do that mistake. We want finally to settle the issue pending at least since 1912 amalgamating Mithila in a non-Bengali Movement(though Bengalis till date,including VII Schedule incusion, have supported Maithili and have adopted Vidyapati as their initial poet also) run by Lord Sachidanand Sinha who was an anti-Maithil like Dr. Rajendra Prasad who stalled Maithili education in Bihar in 1939 despite dissent note by Dr.Amarnath Jha though Mithila's plight is since 1329(Giyasuddin Tuglaque creation of Bihar Suba annexing Mithila) or even before that Ajatshatru's conquest of his Matrik Mithila!
History defines political borders and we will get ours as we have points in Mithil's favoue on all accounts either in India or in Nepal too- we want our states in both countries not only for our asmita but also for our economic emancipation.

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Praveen Kumar Jha said...

I absolutely agree with your thoughts. We need to preserve our culture and traditon. Which somehow i feel we are loosing.