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Ashmita is not alone; needed Mithila Vanijya Manch/Chhatra Parishad

Blog 8.6.09
Ashmita is not alone; needed Mithila Vanijya Manch/Chhatra Parishad
Ashmita is not alone. Today I called for Sablok Ranjan Jha who had phoned me on Janki Navami day when I was at Bokaro Steel City station that his brother would appear this year. For giving him information I was seeking him but instead his mother picked up and then his father who told me that his other son has taken admission in mathematics group which is popularly called as ‘Science’ (Biology is in fact not a ’pure science’ that does not mean that it is partly ‘impure science’ but true it is not as much ‘science,’ as is mathematics which is devoid of any emotions and life.)
Yet he wanted to give me Sablok’s number and asked a girl to tell me that. I was confused over voice which did not seem to be the first (Sablok’s mother). It was Rachna, Sablok’s cousin whom I thought ‘Ratna’(which is also name of my cousin) and when I said ‘Anha t’ ratna (gems) chhee, she corrected me that she Was Rachna and said she was reading in BA. I said ,”Ok, then you must be doing Rachnas(writings) being an arts student and what was her subjects. He was in Economic(Honours) at Jhummaklal Sah College, Madhubani. I asked about Prof. Gaya Prasad Singh, our AMP, President, Madhubani who was teaching there. She said that though her name was on roll she was not attending classes and will appear in examination only. I said that it was wrong and that to for a subject like economic. She said me that a college has opened up at Khutauna nearby. I said to transfer her name there and attend classes,maybe there is not honours in that.
I asked some questions on economics as I had read during my matriculation in 1970( ‘Your BA will be a ‘Capital’ or not? Though she said ‘Yes’ I correct her that it had no transferability and hence it was not. I also asked about the jewellery her grandfather might have given to her mother, kept as ‘koshiliya’ to be divulged at the time of Rachna’s marriage Though she said it as capital again I corrected that till that is in business(like in mortgage for getting loan) it was not.
I also asked about the .functions of ‘money,’ and taught her the famous lines’
“Money is a matter of functions four
A medium, a measure, a standard , a store.”
And I explained it to her and gave my number like Asmita to give a miss call after she read a chapter and wanted to know something more.
At the same time I explained her that I was a doctor and may not be able to satisfy her queries that too for honours standard. So she should prepare a list of women and men who have read or studying economics in her village and asked them to assemble at a place and teach each other as that was the only alternative to get knowledge.
Then I made call to the number she has given for her Sablok’s brother. Instead it was picked up by his cousin. Manish Thakur of Bacchi village( 3 km from Madhubani). I asked his gotra but he was of different than me. Manish was preparing for CA examination residing at Laxminagar of Delhi. I gave him the number of my brother in aw Vivekanand Jha who is teaching such students at Delhi and may guide him. I also gave him number of Kripanand Jha, Gen.Secreatry,Amp for he could join Maithili work.
I also suggested that seeing many yoiug students from merit examination 2008 opted for commerce, it would be prudent if they could also be guided by some one like I was trying for would be medicos. I said him that in some years back I had in a meeting at the Rajendra Chhatravas, Kolkata had formed Maithil Vanijya Chhatra sangh but it did not run as NSWEO(National soft ware engineers Organsation) I founded at Bangalore. Till the workers from the same stream does not work, any organisation will not prosper. Manish was in agreement to do something and asked as to what should be done. I told him that there will be constitution formation, registration, membership, annual conference and picking up talents and nurturing them. It may be even under Mithila Voidyarthi Parishad, While talking I tried to search that news published in the Maihtili Sandesh but could not get from reference numbers. Just after disconnecting I could get that in 17th issue(Basant 2057 Vikram) that on 26.1.2001 , ‘Antarrashtriya Maithil Vanijya Manch’ was founded in a meeting at the Rajendra Chhatravas and the name and address of convenor was given. I could not continue link with him and it did not work, It may be revived with the same name or some change and I know money will be not published through souvenirs since fund of all companies are managed by such finance people , In fact Krishnamurari(who had been with me from Ranchi) had said to me that such an organisation will also solve the financial problems of the AMP. It was a sheer coincidence that I was there at Kolkata because I had gone to see Vivekanand Jha primarily that day as a prospective groom for my sister (with whom he was married in 2006).
That was also the day and time earthquake has stuck at Bhuj though at Kolkata I was not aware of that being busy in my schedule( such meetings) which I could know only the next day I reached Patna; though I did not go personally there, National Medicos Organisation(founded by me in 1977) worked there for six months running a temporary hospital named as Dr.Hedgewar Hospital).
So the organisations work if irrigated for many years, it fruits in next generation.
I know even today I wanted to get a new patra for my Rachna and there was Manish too in sequence of coincidences. Manish had viral hepatitis and I suggested her to take plety of sharbat(watr with sugar) and karha of Punarnava( Gadhapurain as called in Mithila) which I had suggested to a poor patient of fatty liver from distant Ghatshila brought to me by a young engineer Ujjwal (whose wife I call Ujjwala, though I was recalling her name as Nisha as if she was just opposite to her name, very fair opposite to dark night’s (Nisha’s) black, she is Nita which is which I never remember despite many times I asked that; their daughter’s name Bhavya I always remember from Ashtottarshatnamstrotam of Bhagwati). When asked Ujjwal for his spelling as this was some three days before was sparked by one other Ujwal, who is a Maithil but dead against of the formation of Mithila State, not to correct that which I might have written in innocence as Ujjwal which is correct version, I think to send Ujwal a reply .”If our name is Mithila no one should try to correct it calling Bihar;” name is such an important thing which is forgotten last in a demented person and hence students of clinical medicine are asked to ask name in last for judging memory,’ if a person has forgotten his/her name, must have amnesia of profound nature.’
(just now I could find him on chat and knew he is from Shubhakarpur from where I started my practicing carreer long back in 1982-83 and could send him parts of amy autobiography on word version)
Ujjwal is connected to Shri shri Ravishankar’s movement and I could know him intimately when I was working in SAIL’s computer Laboratory many years back while preparing index of my autobiography). I told Ujjwal that he should help coaching such students in chemistry (as his father was a chemistry teacher and he himself was a brilliant student) as only yesterday incidentally I got an assurance from a SAIL retired engineer, Surendra Sinha who coaches for physics. He had come to meet me knowing I was at Keshav Jha’s house on a social visit. Jha’s family from Bettiah is also full of doctors(his daughter is at Delhi and son and daughter in law doctors in UK). Surendra Sinha;s father is a doctor of 1948 batch from Patna whom I met yesterday.
Today I could know about some more students- those who were awarded last year among them one Neelmani’s father from a village near Saharsa told me that due to the effect of that examination his son had taken a vow to become a doctor though he could not be brought to study at Ranchi(probably he was fourth in merit) but still a good one and I think if such examination has made any student inclined to become a doctor, he/she is bound to become. I hope he will join self study/coaching in a suitable time( I want to start it from 1st Aug ’09) as per his college suitability as his classes at AN College, Patna are not disturbed much.
I could not get other good students( who were rewarded by Money Orders) of Saharsa but from Madhubani group first, second and third have opted for mathematics group. The parents of such students talked in a positive way and that is a reward for such time-consuming examination process without any honorarim.
When I was trying to contact Pappu Kumar of Saho parrai, his disable friend Kamran talked for long who runs a betal shop and his friend Pappu had left for charging the mobile I could know when I asked how much he charged for charging. Kamran said that Pappu was his friend and knowing me some senior requested me to get a job. His family of eight persons have no land and father was working at Delhi as a white washing labourer. I asked Kamran to continue his study and call me after Matriculation when I will try to help him, at least by giving some recommendation letters for a job he would apply somewhere and till that he should continue his shop with honour as no work was small. Preferably he should complete his graduation and then a Teacher’s training form a nearby Minority Teachers’ Training College at Bahera.
My time for closure was approaching yet I phoned for Irfan who might have returned from Andhra. Irfan was awarded as third in Madhubani ’08 examination and was spotted by me while going to Baira_Parsa camp in October ’08. In fact he was instrumental to drive his friends out of camp yet I was interested to know which stream he had taken.
His mother advised me to talk him before he left for Darbhanga by afternoon train However when I contacted at noon, his younger brother said that he studied in Class II at Chowk and in Class IV at Govt. School. I said if you study with labour Chowk school will also put you in Class IV. I felt that Chowk school must be a private school.
Yesterday my old neighbour BK Jha had come and suggested to me a plan for cooperative farming. He was ready to settle in village side of Mithila leaving Delhi while I was sceptical of my abode after retirement, may be anywhere..
We had discussed yesterday many things for film,”Bhanahi Vidyapati,” to project places of Mithila in various epochs and talked Prpf. Rai, HOD of History, LNMU to convene a seminar on “History of Mithila,” which he readily accepted and will join us at Jainagar.
In the evening in a meeting of AMP, Ranchi Vinay Kumar Khan was elected president of Ranchi district and I authorized him to form unit at Udaipur he is visiting soon.
At the PCO booth, for fax I was surprised to see non stop rush for recharging mobiles and it took more than one hour for minutes’ work. Meeting RC Prosad was a sad experience, a brilliant engineer after mental breakdown was difficult to manage by his family members and problems of aging population is increasing day by day with the collapse of joint families and our ancient culture and wisdom.

We want to change the society and that will not be changed by hefty slogans- it needs Ujjwal’s style of work in the field of service, if not mine. I listened this morning HRD Minister, Kapil Sibbal on Radio and TV that he will go through the menace of capitation fee and ‘Deemed Universities”(which are though not fake are good scan centres and exploitative to students and society).

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