Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tele- Tution to Asmita promised

Blog 6.6.09
Tele- Tution to Asmita promised
Yesterday I was on Pradosh fast and did not come on net and remained in chamber instead to minimize metabolic expenditure.
However phone contact continued contacting Maithil poor but meritorious ISc Bio students. In between my nephew competed for CBSE Medical and was happy that now he may take up some portion of coaching such students.
The wrong connection again repeated. In fact the 33 per cent of 11 point Excel sheet’s number are too small, smaller than eye specialists’ sheet for checking point 8 words which I can f course can read without any specks. Yet some mistake was bound to occur and in fact I was inviting and had an intention for some such connection.. Lo! I had noted a number in big letters from small sized on sheet- 9931988824 for Dileep Singh who had appeared in 2008 examination and for one mistake it was in fact 9931988924 I was connected to a frail voice of a girl near Basopatti in village Rairhi which I had not visited any time past but has gone nearby Malmali and had stayed in an unknown house of a Duttaji(Karn kayastha) in 1993 Padyatra when in fact I was an Unknown Maithil on those ways.
So, it was Asmita Kumari daughter of Dharmanth Sah whose small shop has been closed. The girl had passed Class X and has taken admission in Ramjanki College of of her village where hardly any class runs. Her school too had no classes since class VII as there were no teachers. Recently some teachers were posted and some classes are being(may be in Nitish Raj change) .
I asked the meaning of Asmita and explained how Maithili and Mithila is our Asmita. She had heard of Phulhar , the Pushpvatika where Janki saw Ram first- Love at first sight..
Asmita said boys can go to Basopatti and have coaching .tuition but being a girl she cannot. She was even sore over examiners that despite she had written answers well she was not given numbers.
I pacified her and said though I was seeking biology students, I will suggest her on phone oif she gives me a miss call after reading any chapter of her subjects- Hindi, English, Psychology, Sociology. The little girl said,”Anha phone par katek parhahab.”
True, tele-tution is difficult but I can give her solace and if she passes a reward.

Tjat is the state of women education in the country where a DALIT WOMEN is speaker of Parliament and PRESIDENT is a women?
What identity they have chosen to make people fool.
But you cannot make fool everyone for every time.
At night too I got two calls one from Darbhanga of Chandan who is ISc math student but more important was from Nayana Kumari who with her friend Kajal studies USC Biology at MRM College coming a bit distance from her village Kothia of Jhanjharpur. I had talked her mother and she was also an enchanting Maithil and other’s mother from Latha village. I told her that you are Theth Maithilanis and then I talked my Bahuji from Panchoibh that she should work for Maithil ladies group-her brother Manoj Choudhary is in US and she is a Kolkata-bred Maithilani who is spending tome at Madhubani.
Should such Maithilanis come, Mithila will rise; not by suicide of Sharad Yadav opposing Women Bill for reservation in parliament (‘Like Socrates’ he said)..I feel sorry for any reservation and in fact I am in support for him that only elite women will get reservation and so there should be some space for Dalits , if at all reservation is provided.

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