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स्थापना दिवस - अन्तरराष्ट्रीय मैथिली परिषद्

Today on 22.6.09 is Ashadhi Amavasya. Ashadhi amavasya was incidentally on both days 19th and 20th June in 1993 when on the second day of the First International Maithili Conference delegates representing 27 Maithili organisations resolved to name the Apex Maithili Organisation as Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad(AMP).
For the convenience we at Ranchi celebrated it on a holiday Sunday the 21st June. It was scorching sun in the noon when 17 Maithils could assemble representing AMP as well as affiliate organisations(Jharkhand Maithil Manch, Mithila Maithili Kalyan Samiti, Vaidehi and also Vidaypati Smarak Samiti).
Shri Ganga Prasad Yadav, Gen.Secy., AMP Jharkhand welcomed all.
Shri Indranarayn Jha(native of village Sarra, Jhnajharpur)who is a famous writer of Mithila Digdarshan and have several cassettes in Maithili-one of the patriotic song he sang at the end) described in detail how since the inception of AMP he is attached with his heart with it.
Shri J.Jha(native of Muzaffarpur) said that he alwaus tries to attend AMP's meetings and his nephew Arun Kr. Jha has been active for it at Jamshedpur, Jammu and now at Bahal (Haryana).

Shri Bishwambhar Jha, ex-GM, HEC,who got invitation through J. Jha had telephoned me one hour back that he was retired and settled at Ashoknagar. Shri Jha exclaimed that I recalled his telephone number to which I said it was not due to me but due to the character of number itself (408020 which is not working now).
Shri Shatrughna Prasad Yadav(native of Sur Bazar, Saharsa)Sri Atmeshwar Jha,(native of Bhramarpur, Bhagalpur) also spoke(and in the end recited one of his poetries in Maithili) among others.

Shri Amarnath Jha, an active organiser for the AMP at Ranchi and convener of this function stressed that AMP was formed as the apex organisation and has proved in its 16 years working in India, Nepal and US that it is so which was approved by Shri Premchand Jha.

Dr. Guneshwar Jha, President,AMP, Jharkhand said that on the night of 13th June at Rajnagr he could not sleep recalling the consequences of the statement of Ramrijhan Yadav from Nepal that a conspiracy is going on there in his country to wrote Hindi in the Samvidhan Sabha in place of our mother tongue, Maithili. Dr. Jha, retd. Dean Faculty of Science, Ranchi University remarked with sorrow that our mother tongue Maithili has been left in lurch like that of Mother Maithili (Seeta) herself and now the conspiracy from Indian Mithila has engulfed to Nepali Mithila too.

I(Dr.Dhanakar Thakur) described how reluctantly I was initiated to Maithili_Mithila movement in 1992 and convened I International Maithili Conference rather it could be convened through me by the grace of Her(Mother Maithili) and I should take no onus for it as a student of Gita. What I tried to work through the AMP that it reaches to every segment(caste and area wise geographically) of Mithila which was not taken account at least systematically , by earlier great stalwarts of Mithila-Maithili movement, yet if I could do something it was because of the work initiated by them and many such workers are in every town who are purely workers for Maithili(like Subodh Chaoudhary of Harmu and Indra Narayan Jha) while they and Dr. Guneshwar Jha like persons have been my advisors in long continued 16 years(and for that matter in every part of country, maybe someday I compile them- some we have lost recently like Radheshym Mishra, president of Karnataka unit on 9.4.09 for whom and Dr. Jaikant Mishra and Ramanad Thakur we had condolence resolutions and silence in the end before we dispersed after sweets arranged well by Dharmeshwar Jha, President, Ranchi in whose house AMP, Jharkhad’s office runs and Ajay Kumar Jha, the young Gen. Secretary of Ranchi district who was conducting the function and informed AMP will work for education and health for the deprived Maithils living at Ranchi.
I thanked them because it was the first function organised without my personal involvement; they decided for it on 14th when I was at Darbhanga conducting examination for meritorious biology students ( some of them will come on rotation at my residence for a three months study from Aug.1).
I stressed on functioning organisationally without undue dependence on anyone whosoever he/she maybe and hence we need membership drive and unit formation regularly as well as training camps.
Concluding the meeting, Shri Dhirendra Mishra(native of Amaur, Purnea),ex-IAS, DC of Saraikela-Kharsawn spoke on compilation of work done by me which merits a Padma award as it has helped for a great community of Maithils awaking them for their recognition on even international level which is a prized work for the nation. (Probably I deserved it long back for my medical work done through founding National medicos Organisation(NMO) but I never intended nor anybody pushed it ; if Sangh Parivar would have been fair I might have been sent to Rajya Sabha or even put for the Ministry of Health but even there no one was behind me nor I expressed my desire though visiting 160+ medical colleges is a world record and I am visiting country since 1977 almost yearly at my own expense and leaves for reorganising the medical education and health services, the model of which recently was sent to the Medical Council of India on its Platinum Jubilee by inviting me as a guest lecture by my Alma Mater DMC in January 2009 which I had spoken through API, NMO several times in past).
Later Shri Dhirendra Mishra insisted me for chronological compilation of the facts. I told him though I will do it sometimes I do not feel that I had done any thing exceptional- I have seen even Marathis to come to Purnea to work and if I have worked something I worked for my area. I could not mention work of Dinesh Kumar Mishra on Koshi who despite being an Azamgarhi Bhojpuri put his life for flood victims. I was with Shri Dhirendra mishra for next three hours at his residence as I had to go to station to receive my sister coming from Delhi and the train was late. I was a perfect 'Atithi' - a guest with no prior information as was defined once by Vajpayee and despite that had heavy lunch with curd-sweets, mangoes and tilaudi, etc. His wife is from Forbesganj and so treats me like a person from her naihar It obviated my need of breakfast and at dinner also I took only two soharis, a term we are forgetting used for roti of Hindi(which means very thick marua, makai roti only).
We had many talks of interest- some of them: Maithili and Bengali are the only languages used by every community of area including Muslims about which he narrated a story of his college days when in a bus from Madhepura to Saharsa one old Muslim had remarked,”Ham sab t’ pakal aam chee..”
I narrated him my episode in Mysore bound Chamundi Express when a child Adnand has said that I was a Muslim because I spoke Hindi.(The Kannadiga Muslims speak Urdu or Dakshini Hindi among themselves while Hindu Kanaddigas speak Kannada only).
I had written a long poem on that episode and named my Hindi poem e-book ,”Hindi Tum bolte ho, tum Musalman ho.”
Mishraji had also an observation that if Dalits and Muslims would have been given opportunities to elect their representatives from among themselves probably partition would have been averted.
We talked on different Maithil Estates in Purnea and many more things.We had talk on Purnea’s weather and Imentioned nagkeshar and peepul found only in Purnea which has a weather much different from rest of Bihar. And then I went to the house of Late Abhash Kumar Chatterjee, a gem of Purnea who had topped in SSC and IAS and was an epitome of honesty in the service.
His widow Mrs. Chatterjee lives alone involved in some charitable work and I meet her once a while discussing her health and work. She said that she had spoken to Dr.K.K.Sinha about me that though intelligent I was rarely with stethoscope. She said how that I can be as remain outstation many times a month. I said it was not my fault; the country I am born is not small like Latavia or Estonia and I have to go as I want to work on a national scale.
This I had spoken in the function too that working for Maithili is not anti-Bhojpuri or anti-Magahi ; I revere Kunwar Singh and Buxar, I feel rather those dialects can develop to languages only if Mithilla state is separated; ‘under a banyan tree, saplings do not grow!
Maithili is that Banyan we are to save as that is life line to the culture of India and hence we in AMP demand “State’s second language recognition to Maithili and Sanskrit,” which the principal correspondent of the Hindustan, made the headline on probing me while I was at station as to what I had said being either dissatisfied with the release sent or wanted to be distinct in his reporting. I said exactly what I had said in the meeting.

And , I use to say on which I believe and thus I say with conviction that work for Maithili is always for the culture and nationality we are proud of. I said in the meeting I realized it much later.
Let others realize it soon and particularly those who are young and just retired should work for it till it is late(young being in family hurdles and old being incapacitated).
I could work for 16 years and I hope to add many more years-if possible by 2012, when Bihar will have its centenary of formation, AMP will have trained Maithil workers in all blocks of Mithila and then we may say-“Bihar, Mithila Chhor, if not Biharis Mithila Chhoro!”

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