Thursday, July 2, 2009

Monsoon pouring

2.7.09; Monsoon pouring
Today morning my niece insisted that I should take an umbrella but I thought there would not be rains. And who is afraid of rains after such heat days monsoon rains are the most wanted things.
I was a little upset in office- after almost year AC was not provided in my chamber and I had thought to give indirect lesion to GM by showing her that we two doctors share the same chamber I was using since the lady doctor was on a week long leave. When I had joined she had offered me the chamber with phone and AC which should have been for the in-charge but I had politely declined and taken a new room that it would be fitted with things which could not be in a year despite reminders. Usually I dare heat and cold like Gita’ds ‘Sam shitoshna,” but the other doctor did not like and I sat in my chamber as usual when this morning I returned from Bankura after my nephew’s admission in MBBS course and delivering a lecture there on changes in medical education, attended by Principal and senior faculty members, Vice-principal applauded my views and asked if it was original, Knowing that it was on the experience of 32 years wandering of medical institutions they all had praise for me.
This afternoon some students of nearby DPS school came for medical fitness certificates though I gave to one, I declined many as I also felt that issuing those for want of eye check etc. is not sound, Only yesterday my nephew had such checks and in fact those are mandatory and I had no obligation to such students who were not having medical cards of my hospital.
It was noon and I while in way to my residence it started showering. For few minutes I was under the shade of a tamarind and then I went in nearby tea shop. Many persons had assembled there. In few minutes there was heavy monsoon pouring.
When it was a break I came to my house only 2 minutes walk from there and changed clothes. I asked my niece was it so because I did not take an umbrella she had advised or because I was delayed for not filling the medical forms of boys whom usually I help or because God wanted me to get relieved from the heat AC not provided? My niece said that it was just because it was season of rains.
I took umbrella for going out to library which I would not have had I not wetted.

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