Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sevaksherte, Koshikshetre-1

Sevaksherte, Koshikshetre-1

With an abdominal upset for 48 hours, I am back from flood area-serving some 3000 patients with drugs provided by Jindal Steel who have earmarked Rs.10 million for relief and rehabilitation. But will they work for the socio-economic regeneration of the poorest part of motherland by establishing some industry there?
Will Koshi be tamed?

Will high dam's dream will be replaced by permanent solution like interlinking several tributaries of Koshi and making river route round the year by de-silting?

The National disaster has been combated by the teams of several states, Gujarat with more than 100 ambulances, truck loads of food and other matters by NGOs of several states..

I worked in 1977 Andhra cyclone, 1984 and 1987 Koshi Floods -the palpable difference is mass participation of such national and international agencies..

The local people of Koshi area flooded or saved in fact saved thousands of lives before reaching any help.
Politicians are hampering relief work by diverting attention from relief to distant to district headquarters- even we could not go to RD 22 where maximum concentration of devastated people was reported..
State Govt. Doctors are unnecessarily hauled up by authorities though they were not provided even minimal comforts of shelter-all available spaces were gobbled up by ardalis of Ministers..
Officials are looting the money. In Saharsa town sweets are on high sale.. many Flood scam will come on surface in future..
Yet many are serving from their heart.
More in next..

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