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Chauth Chandra and Koshi floods-II

Chauth Chandra and Koshi floods-II
While returning from my health centre, in the colony I overheard two ladies talking that Ganesh Pija was in the Community Hall. At residence my sister told me that the previous year it was held in my residence itself when not allotted to anyone. After bath and puja to ganesh, we tried to see Lord Moon wit fruits in hands but it was cloudy and we could not have a glimpse. Anyway, I thought I would not be unnecessarily blamed in next year though will not get anything if had desired as Lord Ganesh had promised to Lord Chandra while absolving him of his curse.
I searched book Mithilak Pavani Tihar (Urvashi prakashan,13 MIG, Hanuman Nagar, Kankarbag, Patna 800020, Rs.35 pp.144) which my sister could give me this morning and there the detail story of Chaurchand was given.
This puja gives one wealth, son and make happy,
Santkumar ,son of Brahma had said in detils to his brother Sanatkumar about it.
Lord Krishna had done Ganeshpuja on Bhadav Krishna 4 when referred by Narad to remove his false blame due to seeing Moon on that day.

Narad said to Krishna that after the Ganeshpuja by asthavidh done by Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh for the shristi to be without obstacle ,Ganesh said it will be so and given them laddus. After that he was going through sky. Ganesh and Moon saw each other. On the peculiare body and face of Ganesha , moon laughed at. Ganesh in rage cursed him that moon was proud on his beauty and so from that day nobody will look at moon and if anyone would have looked at him he/she will get false blame.
Moon was stunned and he became lusterless. Moon entered in water and lived with Kumudini.
Goda, sages, Gandharvas in the leadership of Indra went to Brahma. Brahma said them to worship Ganesha Bhadrapad Chaturthi with Ladoos and different good food delicacies. Brahma said this to moon on the request of gods.
Moon did thus worship as suggested foods and stutis. Ganesh became pleased and asked for vara. Moon asked to make him curse free so that people should look at him as before. Ganesh said that he was making moon curse free but those who will look at moon on Bhadav Krishna 4 he will get false blame but those who will at moon from the beginning of the month he/she will not get false blame, additionally those who will look at moon on Bhadav Krishna 4 after puja and in hands frits and flowers will get desoired.

This is the relation between Ganesh chaturthy and Chorchun..uniquely celebrated in Mithila while others only do Puja of Ganesh..
Still I went community Hall and was surprised to listen to the Strot(Vishny sahasranam) by a lady on mike in superexpress speed , followed by a young Telugu priest in the same Superexpress speed and then commonly quite prolong strtrapath by males and females ,most of them had that by hard and in superexpress speed.
I had an appreciation for them for their Sanskrit leanings not so seen in north India.

Then I want to a Maithil’s jpuse for shraddhabhoj of his mother. There was a Maithil from the neghbourhood of Supaul and we hd a discussion on flood. I phoned Dinesh Mishraji who was at Jamsedpur and exchanged the ideas on his statement on rediff. Hindustan had contacted him as ex Water Resource Minister Jagdanandji had criticized Dineshji’s stand and had asked for immediate varahkshetra Dam’s construction. Dineshji has been only pointing out its feasibility and constrains in its way not opposing or supporting the High dam.
Personally I am convinced that High dam will not be feasible and better all barrages be broken on Kosi and other rivers and desilting be done of channels as well as 60,000 ponds of Mithila and Maithils should live friendly with rivers as they had been since millennia and their problems are man-made.
However if Dineshji is cursed I had not asked him whether he was so anti-traditional engineer that had looked at Moon any time on Chauth Chandra without fruits in his hands!
People informed that they saw in TV that mothers had still Chaurchand in Koshi dai’s water! After all Hindu mytology has no place for sorrow- shristi, sthilthi and parlay are the wishes of that Parmatma only!

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