Friday, September 5, 2008

Koshi flood Relief work

Koshi flood Relief work

Flood water is receding as per reports and problem of flood victims are increasing day by day. Yesterday Ashokji, physiotherapist of my hospital told me that 12th September maybe a holiday for us and I thought to serve the victims even for three days. I phoned Dr. Vivekananda who took me to Koshi floods at Koparia in 1984 (and then I had written an editorial as Calamity Medicine to start a branch of medicine which has today developed as Disater Medicine). He told me that now water level is more in down slopes as Beldaur on Madhepura border and if I confirmed even for 2-3 days they can utilize that time. I have requested NMO’s senior workers Dr. K.P. Sinha and Dr. Shanti Prakash to find some medicos if they can go with me. I also contacted Rajivranjan of the MGMMC, Jamshedpur and result will be known in 2-3 days if somebody among young was interested . I know collecting useful medicine from physician’s sample is almost impossible as the sampled medicines are those which were hardly needed by poor victims. I also asked some AMP workers if they collect some materials.

This morning from my company three doctors left with a carvan of 4 cars but I was not asked for the obvious reasons. I would have gone but my working style would not have suited many.

Sri Bidhu Jha, MLA (Radisson), Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Canada encouraged our moral writing;

This is to make a simple yet very challenging appeal to all of you to show " We can do it!". Bihar Flood is a serious disaster which has made me cry watching the human sufferings and losses. It has been making head line news all over the world including in Canada.

We need international attention and immediate action plan : I see two clear action plans;

(1) To set up of an internationally managed and centralized Bihar Flood Relief Agency
and immediately set up Bank accounts or an arm's length body to be fully accountable for funds collection and distributions.

(2) To set up an international organizing committee in all commonwealth nations + USA Etc where NRI population can contribute in re-building Bihar after the flood. I am willing to do that in Canada.
I feel helpless being so farther. I would pledge $ 300 dollars immediately to the fund to begin.”

I think it is a great task and requested Kripanand Jha to look into the possibilities as suggested.

Shri Gangesh Gunjan also encouraged with his heart-touching poem.

Shri Rajeev of Mumbai also wanted to know how the Mumbai’s Biharis can help:

“ I am Rajeev from Darbhanga basically currently located in mumbai.I am planning to organise a meet of biharis in mumbai and plan what we biharis in mumbai can do for flood relief.

. Request you to appeal all the biharis in your contact to be a part of this event and guide us.

. In chennai, bihari labourers have collected 55 lakh Rs but in mumbai despite of having more bihari population than chennai we have not done much/anything.So I am writing the mail to all the biharis in the grp.Also,
I wrote him:
“…Fund collection is important but more important is fund appropriation which is difficult to achieve. Of course that only can be collected outside.

There are lakhs of Maithils and Biharis in Mumbai who can do a lot. I can give you some numbers of important persons who know AMP well.
You are young and can do a lot.

I am feeling exhausted and need helping youngs if such aspirations are to be fulfilled.

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