Wednesday, September 17, 2008

17th September Vishwakarma Puja and Astrology

17th September Vishwakarma Puja and Astrology

17th September is a Sankranti Day and Vishwakarma Puja is celebrated today.
Mrs.Asha Pandey called me from Bangalore and I recalled the Puja there and sweet packets. She had called for hints on Hindi Essay Competitions on the occasion of Rajbhasha Fortnight.
Probably,there was a bomb hoax in local DAV School and boys got a leave and the must have enjoyed the Vishwakarma sweets.
My Health Centre landline had a problem but mechanics told that on Vishwakarma day they would not touch any instrument. Kayasthas do not touch pen on Chitragupta day. If a doctor say so on Doctors’ day many may loose life! And there are at least tow doctors’ day- one propagated by me through the NMO (Dhanwantari day- two days before Deepawali and the other on 1st July- the birth and death day of Dr. B.C.Roy, the first CM of WB). At least he had spared people fo observing two days.

The day mania is endless. I too wanted to die on my birthday 1st August but recently I could know that it is in Dakshinayan and so to get Moksha I must die before 14th June in any year. My horoscope says I would leave 14 days more after 78 years- seems I would not only try to die 14 days before but 2 months before!

Anyway, the World did not end on 10th September as predicted by many..but for many who were drowned in Koshi Floods despite having bright horoscope opresdictions.
But every time it is not true- at least Bhuj earthquake was forecasted by Thakurdas calendar ( Gujarat/Surastra nash in January) was printed in a calendar I purchased in December!

Astrology is not a science like astronomy many say but the ‘living Newton’, Stephen Hawking author of “A Brief History of Time,” has not replied this question at the Siri Fort Auditorium when his live televised lecture I saw some years back.

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