Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kho-Kho and me:little players consulting their little captain making a whorl of flowers

Kho-Kho and me:little players consulting their little captain making a whorl of flowers.
Yesterday Ajay Jha asked me to come to Jaipal Singh Stadium to inaugurate a district kho-kho competition at 630 am which was a bit difficult for me and I had requested him to send someone to pick up. However he called me by 615 am and I got up. In fact, I was late in night to sleep .
I was ready at the earliest and reached there by 7.15. The match had already startd . District Sports Officer was there and also a Sister teacher from a missionary school. There were young boys and girls –all in playing mood. I was told that some of them had represented state also in various national meets. So, Jharkhand has not only Dhoni nor cricket is only play. I was introduced as District President of Kho-kho team.
I was so few years back when I had left Bangalore and was unaware that they are carrying still me.
I had played kho-kho during my childhood in the RSS shakhas and I feel it is a useful game with cheap cost to play at. Still they need some money and I will see how the jersis for the team is provided and some prizes on Tuesday.
The introduction of the girl teams was like any big play. Little children with sweet names.
When I had asked some girls sitting right side to me on chairs where I had gone in search of shade from sun though it was also not there. Bhadav’s sun is most piercing some washer man had said to my father(as my sister had told to me some days back). Washer men experience the sun round the year in washing cloths better than other. In fact I had sneezing due to some pollutants and I chose to be alone for some time- distant from the somehow made board for the guests.
There I asked some girls from which school they were. “We are from the college, from Ranchi Women’s college.” I an I joked them that better your college was named as the Ranchi Girls’ College; you were girls not women seeing small heights.
Some player from them had taken a photograph of ours and had also offered me two laddos, a small cup of soft drink and pure water. The coconut distributed afterwards I did not take (for it contains saturated fat which maybe bad for a sedentary like me but not players and young like them).
I was for some time in the shade of an eclectic pole and soon I was called to inaugurate matches between girls team who had already their warming up exercises from slow pace walking to fast exercises.
One team of St. Anna School had girls younger than Day Boarding team and when I was asked to toss for them as inauguration of team- the younger captain opted for Head and I wished that she got that and she got and exclaimed,” Running.”
And I remember how all 11 little players were consulting something with their little captain in Olympian style( all heads whispering and listening as if making a whorl of flowers. Yes they were little flowers in deed.
I do not know what other team is called chasing or sitting but it was amusing to watch them for few minutes before I left the field to pick up my chamber where I was late and patients were waiting.
Sports should be promoted at all levels. Ajay was telling that he would put me for state presidency of kho-kho. That is not important rather encouraging by heart and participating.

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