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Mental Swirling between Jagdalpur and Koshi bed: Koshites will have to be united politically for them Mithila statehood a weapon for self defence

Mental Swirling between Jagdalpur and Koshi bed: Koshites will have to be united politically for them Mithila statehood maybe a weapon for self defence

This morning Dr.Ashok Kale from Naxal-Missionary twin infested Bastar area of
Jagdalpur phoned me for having a first hand information of sanitary napkins ,local made at Ranchi by a NGO which could be helpful in his RCD camps there.
The area of Bastar always attracted me particularly in the map of India where one can see a line depicting Indravati river but it was my misfortune that I could never go there as there was no medical college till recently where Dr. kale had joined as professor of the SPM resigning from a medical college in the vicinity of the culturally rich Pune.
For him it was a job from where he could fulfill his social commitments and pursue his ideals.
Two days back I saw a half page article on a doctor Vinayak Sen who was behind bars with charges f treason. Maybe ideals different but both doctors are doing the same social service from a distant look.
If the menace of Naxal is to be outbreed many social workers will need to take Dr. Kale’s way and same is the befitting reply to missionaries conversion net.
He was happy that Dr. Sanjeev Kelkar and his wife Dr. Sajeevani Kelkar are still having appreciation with me.
I asked his experiences to have a medical college of the NMO on the Indo-Nepal border to which he suggested names to contact Raipur though they will be agreeable for the location is doubtful.
As a student of Gita(since I am one of its translator in my mother tongue, Maithili) I know I should be in the equanimity and in past six years of time has made me so from many near and dear who were ideologically bound but went astray for material reasons.
In Shrimad Bhagwata it has been said that a time comes wqhen one has to realize above all Gunas, even Satoguna and that Naistraigyanh is the Ultimate any person should aspire though I am a worldly creature and have many thoughts to do or not!

Though it does not seem that I may join Dr, Kale at Jagadalpur , in that deep interior with the fluidity of my personal life with self accepted social goals, like just now had a call from Delhi from BK Jha where Dinesh Mishra’s comments on Koshi flood needed to be clarified on rediffboard let me say that what I wrote Koshi as Koshi dai is in fact true at least for me as I am one from Kaushik gotra and hence Koshi is the eternal elder sister of my ancestor Sage Vishwamitra.

There are reports on flood devastatins and I could find Dinesh Mishra’s book, Dui Patan Ke Beech Me,which has an extensive story of Koshi from mythology to geography and history of dam planning and devastation.
Dinesh K. Mishra’s new book, Trapped between Devil and deep water: The story of river Koshi will have second edition soon with the story of Kusha breach which is causing devastation in these days, newspapers and TVchannels are full. There are reports from miscreats also looting innocent people. Flood scams will appear soon.

Dineshji saw Ghonghepur first asfter Navhatta block of Saharsa and then onwards he himself was sank in the sands of Koshi what I mean his personal life and continued, maybe forcefully , his bachelorshiplike folklore which does not accept her as wife of old sage Rrichik. Still we regard Koshi as Mai and Dineshji’s suggestion to marry wit Saptkoshi would be ethically rejected.
No body can control furry of Koshi by bandhs it should be cleared.
Of course river needs desilting as yesterday said Mishraji from Forbesganj when I could talk him in the evening. This morning also I could talk Prof. NL Das who suggested to offer relief materials to local authorities though Dr. ravindra Chaudhary at last night suggested we personally hand over materials during Oct.3-5 , the group of Jamshedpur reaching Barauni 3rd morning where I can join them.

Personally I feel tired and as if not keeping well to have any big initiative however would symbolically be with them and wish some young and enthusiastic join the move.
Sri BK Jha’s suggestion that Koshi migrants should be given at par relief and facilities wit Kamiri migrants echoes right but for this Koshites will have to be united politically for them Mithila statehood maybe a weapon for self defence.

Before I close I had as call from distant Jamnagar from Namonath Vivek who has gone there for a simple livelihood he could not get in Mithila or vicinity. He had published ‘Jibachh’ magazine hand-written for many issues and had been a good worker. An ideal to be a whole timer was pressed with early marriage and three daughters(may be for aspiring a son!) and had to join a service , even now getting merely Rs.7500 per month.
Not only Namonath many more such young who could have changed the face of Mithila, we could not encash for want of money which was never shared by the elite of city Maithils of Bangalore, Pune and many before and many would be.

Anyway a time will come when they will repent.

I never wanted an organization of personal gratification and though I concluded this morning with Dr. Kale in 27.06 minute(still 10 minutes earlier than previous), Namonath in 2.51 minutes telling him that I will come when needed giving information to come Delhi Dec.21-22 and if comes home to meet during Durgapuja at Jaynagar from where Dr. Kamalkant Jha gave him my number.
There was a time when Dr. Kale was in Arunachal and his young daughter’s freeship application was questioned- whether docir parents’ child need freeship? ‘She replied they do not earn.
Dr. Kelkar and Bhabhi Sanjeevani established Ashwini Hospital in their youth and they had to return when they faced some problems from senior ideologues of our group.
Rightly Dr. kale said me that even Marathi Sant Jnaeshwar’s work was criticized(like that of Tulsi’s Ramcharitmanas in north!)
Though I am not scared of my death, I want to remain unknown, unsung as already I have written in my autobiography which may remain unpublished like that of many work of Dr. Laxman Jha of Mithila but people like Kale, Kelkar, and Namonath may not allow me to be quite !

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