Saturday, September 6, 2008

Koshi flood relief work

Koshi flood relief work

Yesterday I applied for outstation permission for 12-14 September 2008 and leaves from 2.10-12.10.08 with a protest note that willing persons should have been asked for going to serve flood victims.
I was late to sleep in searching one of the visiting card of a Maithil Mohan Mishra, Chairman, Bihar Cell, BJP whom I have asked to be president AMP, Mumbai when I was there lat year.
Yesterday a Maihtil, Rajeev taken my id from any Bihar group had written me for giving addresses of some important Maithils at Mumbai for flood relief work on which I had replied that as I work for Mithila state would like an appeal from the Mumbai Maithils specifically. He phoned me and we were introduced. He was from Dasuth(Darbhanga) and I could not give him Mohan Mishra’s number which I immediately retrieved today from my excel-sheet which has over 2900 numbers and due to laziness, I could not add a few hundred more from my recent notes maybe of previous one year. Tomorrow never comes and I entered some data from my Kolkata visit on 31.8.2008.
This morning I had a call from a lady whom I had never talked but she was as much confident that I was knowing her. Yes on clarification I could get that they lived upstairs of my quarters before I left for Bangalore. She was then running an NGO and now is connected with a steel house looking after its social wing. She asked me to arrange for two doctors immediately (from tomorrow to join the team for Saharsa). It was not possible though I assured her that I will surely start on 11th for which I have already applied leaves. In cases some medicos from RMV/ MGMMC join it would be a good team. I may prefer working for them as they have an outlay of Rs. one lakh for medicines which is difficult to collect at a short notice. However, I will also for few days join Vivekanand’s team at Beldaur in case I join the steel house team.
The medical services will be needed for long but such industrial houses have some other points in mind to show up to authorities that they reported.
I am also sorry that my NMO networking has been weak in these days due to internal bickering otherwise by this time teams many should have been in Mithila as well as in Assam. Only yesterday Dr. Patgiri from Guwahati talkd on phone regarding that. NMO was founded by me for taking the role of a mini –Red Cross but some members thought that it was a passport to cross some political miles.
Flood relief collection centres I saw many in the town while returning after inaugurating a kho-kho match in a tournament (as district president of kho-kho Association).
So more important is the distribution of materials to the needy and every such NGO should send its persons to do it in their presence and try to reach the most needy which in fact receive nothing in the procedure.

Dinesk K. Mishraji phoned from Delhi9where his book on Koshi will be released tomorrow) that Purnea camp needed drugs but most of the drugs we receive as physicians samples are not of routine use. Drug houses should generously come for donation of such drugs rather they should have a regular provision of some 10 per cent donation to such calamities in stead of serving us as physician’s sample. This 15,000 crore evergreen industry can do a lot of philanthropic work and surely doctors too should leave their greed for material things and sponsoring tours.

I told that lady of Steel House on her offer of remuneration that I would like to re-donate there itself to some camp.There are good persons and in the society majority are good in such situation. My writer friend Indra Narayan Jha told me that he went himself to deposit Rs.500 to Bihar Club the banner I saw this morning when had gone for kho-kho match.

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