Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thakre’s arrest and Mithila’s contribution to India

Thakre’s arrest and Mithila’s contribution to India
Thakre's arrest(who now hardly needs writing Raj and his one point programme for popularizing himself is achieved at the cost of the life of a young student who incidentally was from the state of Bihar).

To me there is nothing as BIHARI or Marathi- the nationality of India is one which was originally as BHARATI called in Vishnupuran..

"Uttarm yat samdudrasya, Himadraischaiv dakshinam
Varsham tad Bharatam nam, BHARATI ysay Santatih.."
(North of ocean, south of Himalayas is the land called Bharat the offspring of which is BHARATI.)

In fact, Bharati and Hindu is interchangeable and hence Bharat was later called as Hindustan which became more so after deducting a PAKISTAN on the name of religion.

This BHARATI probably with Yavan factor( i.e. = Y) became Bhartiya..and that is our nationality.

Rightly somebody has commented Indian states are for administrative reasons though fact is that this administration should be cohesive as well and hence, language was taken a major yardstick for rearranging states and that is subject to revision as per democratic way and people like me had supported creation of Jharkhand and are demanding Mithila state which though has a Vedic and epical history and geography was merged in so called Bihar in 1329 after a Muslim onslaught by Gia -Suddin Tuglaque.

I feel Bihar like other bigger states needs bifurcation rather trifurcation creation of Mithila(adding some districts from Jharkhand too), Magadh and Bhojpur(adding Purvanchal area of UP).

Bihar had no history of antiquity and hence calling People of Bihar origin seems ridiculous- then why not People of Bengal origin(till 1912 even Orissa was part of Bengal presidency which had present Bengladesh too)..

Looking at the history from a biased angle will result confrontation only which should be seen scientifically.

People like Raj Thakre needed to be ignored who has no knowledge of culture of India though Shiv Sena pleaded for Hinduism..

Minus present Bihar's Mithila where will stand Hinduism?

Arariya court- court= ? asked my teache Agamlal babu at the Lee Academy, Forbesganj, my home town( in present Arariya district) and slapped a boy who had replied as ARARIYA.
And then he started narrating cause of population inhabitation telling Araiya court- court= Karbala dhatta. It was the establishment of court that people started inhabita ting that place.

So Hinduism- (minus) Rigveda's I, II, III Mandal, Gayatri of VishwaMitra of Vedic Mithila + Yajngyavalkya's Shukla Yajurveda,Ishawasyopanishad, Shatpath Brahman, Brihdaranyakopanishad, Guihya and Dharmsutra + Maitreyee's samvad + Gargis's wisdom+ Ashtavakra's AshtavakraGita+ four of six theist (astik) Hindu philosophies(Gautam's Law, Kapil's Sankhya, Kanad's Vaisheshik, Jaimini's Purva Mimansa) + Shabar's Bhshya in Epical age will remain what for any Hindu who may be proud of calling a Hindu or Bhartiya??

Even among the atheist six Hindu philosophies( three of Buddhas, born of a Lichhavi father and one of Mahavir Jain of Vaishali ; both from southern parts of Mithila - Maithili(and its daughter language Bangla starts from Budhha's Chryapad( Gan o doha) sang by Vikramshila's Buddhist Monks of Mithila and equally it was debated and uprooted in the land by Vartiks and Teekas of Kumaril and Meemansa of Prabhakar, Murai Mishra and Mandan-Bharati who had historical debate with Adi shankaracharya.
Vachaspati I (of Andhra Thadhi)'s Bhamati ( an immortal treatise on the name of his wife) is uniquely preserved in the Sarswati Mahal(Library)at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu.
Udayanacharya of Kariyan(Samastipur) was one who challenged Lord Jagannath that only he could save Him from Buddhist onslaughts and that he did so by non-violent debates that today no native of Mithila is a traditional Buddhist.
Jyotirishwa's Varnrtanakar written in 1330 AD is the first prose(and encyclopedia) in any north Indian language. Mithila's Panji(marriage registration records) is unique.

Vidyapati's (1380-1460) songs are immortal.

Vachaspati II from my ancestral village Samaul had 41 books and hence highest degree (D.Litt/ D.Sc./MD) are conferred on his name Vidya Vachaspati/ VIjnan Vachaspati/ AAyurvigyan Vachaspati.

Navy-Nyay(New Law) system of Mithila had Gangesh Upadhyay, Pakshdhar Mishra, Pt. Bhavnath Mishra(who never asked anything hence called Ayachi) and his son Shankar Mishra(whose famous Balaoham Jagdanandah name bala saraswati, apurne Panchame Varshe, Varnayami jagatrayam..Though I am a child, not even completed five years, my intellect is not so, I can decrine three Lokas)..and then Varddhman, Laxmidhar, Halayudh, Shreedutta, Chadeshwar's wisdome have no parrellel.
Even in British period Mithila's Umapati's Parijat Haran, Goboinddas's Music and Chanda Jha's Mithila Bhasha Ramayan are superb.

If any Maithil has today to got to Mumbai(a dowered island for a Portuguese princess to English Prince) it is merely mismanagement.

In spite of the added glory of Ashoka of Magadh and valor of Bhojpur –the land of Kunwar Singh and JP , I do not feel to call myself a Bihari which technically I am (that word is also from Vihar and has Maithili's stump to call Bihar like Bikramshila for Vikramshila), I feel Thakre's bias are unwarranted and any person supporting him need introspection whether he/she is fit to call offspring of great Shivaji or Tukaram.

I am not against any area or language as I know all sing glory of Bharat Mata.
Let us isolate such from the mainstream thinking of India.

Dhanakar Thakur