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Bhusar children

Blog 27.10.08

Bhusar children

I everyday pass a small river bridge to go to my duty place and thousands of vechiles do pass that but hardly people know that the river was named BHUSAR which I could know from a guide map located at the Shymali Colony enrance gate at North Office Para which is an accepted Hinglish (likewise South Office para named nrth and south of previous AG, Bihar which is now AG, Jharkhand and in fact there are so many offices there or anywhere in the caoital town that it was ifficult to say north or south of Office and that too of hich office you belonged to and rightly once my nationalst Maithili coworker Sajesh Mohan Thakur(hailing from Motia-Dumaria of Santhal Pargana’s Godda district) had oce told me that call those as DKHIN PARA and UTTAR PARA. In fact these names will be loved by a sizable Bengali community there though there is no famous Dakhinpara, Uttarpara is a famous place related to the Great Aurobindo who had given there memorable historical speech after coming out of Jail. Once I had gone there to see the plaque commemorating that historical incident in a library but being a Dashmi day of Durga Puja that was closed. Of course I saw the Bengali ladies rubbbg Colours(Gulal) to each others’ faces making them more beautiful!

Anyway I was talking for Bhusar which I crss daily- in fact crossing ‘Bhu’ eart daily not only ‘sar’ or river! I had taken nirmal(the withered flowers and other puja materials as well cut photographs of gods from newspapers and marriage invitation cards etc. which I usually do Jal pravah for keeping their honour intact.

When I threw the plastic pack this morning in the river water it was swayed away a little and I was thinking a day my body or panda will be swayed in water just like I saw my parents’ in the river Swarnrekha of which surely Bhusar tributary will meet somewhere. I saw rag pickers caught it out of water and found nothing of their use. I asked them to throw that in river water and they did.
I had two coins in my pocket (which I had thought to give to shared auto while going to Argora-Ashoknagar for a work in the SBI there) and I wanted to give them one
those. I threw one coin on the delta like sand below and the little girl found that. I asked the boy to come and shouted ,”Catch,” and lo! the nephew of Dhoni caught that so well!(Yes, that is the point exactly where Indian skipper would have been muttering while like a child them and the famous sanjay Sweet was there nearby who is his friend!
I as a doctor of the company where Dhoni’s father worked in the water station( just nearby my old quarter) have proud in him. However, I think whether Dhoni was also not a Bhusar boy like I saw both . Yes, there face was excited even with that one coin- one may tell me miser that inflated coin will bring hardly anything even in the just came era of recession but still a coin has some meaning for many children of BHUSAR. Long live my Bhusar boys! Have you a good Deepawali! Though I am going to Delhi today I recall a very poor family at NOIDA’s roadside where once I had seen a Deep in a hut, worshipping Laxmi. I did that worship yesterday and also worshipped Lord Dhanwantari’s photo after a pradosh fast(though took sweet and juice at a house visited first time) . My sister told me to immerse the little idols of Ganesha and Laxmi after I return from Delhi. Immersion is postponed not pre-poned she said. I will see whether little BHUSAR boys will be again there to take a catch of coins…

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