Friday, October 3, 2008

Postering for Mithila State

October 3, 2008
Postering for Mithila State
Yesterday was Gandhi-Shastri Divas and incidentally I had gone to Chhabilapur village near Dalsing Sarai but in Begusarai district . I cound recall advocate Suryanarayan mahto’s name but not his face when in the meeting at Dalsing Sarai hed under the presidentship of Prof. Choubey, the president of local AMP unit.
Veteran journalist Chand Musafir asked to strengthen unit of Amp, to go for Maithili songs in CDs and to organize Vidyapati parva.
And in the evening I decided to go accept the invitation of Mahtoji and was in a village where Gandhism lived still. I had in fact given a discourse more on Geeta and Bhagwat than Mithila state or seeing patients.
Incidentally, I returned to Patna this evening from Barauni taking a passenger train via Bacchwara when lei(paste made of of flour) was exhausted by pasting posters in double colour for Mithila Rajya since morning in trains kamla interercity(Darbhanga-patna), Barauni-New Delhi Vaishali, Katihat-Patna Intercity, Saharsa-Patna Intercity, Hajipur-barauni passenger, and also some posters in Awadh-Assam going to Guwahati and in Patna-Jaynagar intercity and Muzaffarpur-Sealdeh.

In fact we were only four-and I was seeing my luggage and the main work was done by Upendra Yadava, whom I know for many years as Maithili PG who received my postcard on Oct. 2 morning and reached Dalsing sarai afternoon as well as Rajiv Chaudhary ‘babbu’ and Ashokji. Dr. Deepak Chaudhary missed the train in the ,morning and when he arrived paste was over and we were boarding train to Bacchwada.

I had asked son of Bhaskarji, Bergusarai to join us at Barauni but he did not come and in fact a young man of Saharsa asked for some posters who is running Shashi sarojini rangmanch Seva sansthan at Saharsa who knew Dr. LN Jha and I gave him a bundle to delver him.

Tomorrow I will be at Muzaffarpur for a meeting and have asked Manjar suklaiman to organise one at darbhanga on 5th before I join Dr. Kam Jha on6th for kamalkant J who hjas modiofied my cyucle venture tha on 6tho a four wheeler when he too accom[panies me for 3 days whirlwind Durga ;puja jagran visit to madhubani districts jaynara- harlaklhi-saharghat Benipatti-tBrahmpura=barha- nagdah-Arer- Rahika-Madhubani- Pandaul-sakri- Ugna- Koilakh- Balha- Jaynagar where fro camp m 9th we have a workers' training camp till 12th,

The posters written by Manikantji whave reached today to every parts of Mithila though a great task- only 1000 of 10 000 printed can be pasted today. We aim for a lakh in coming 3 years.
We need many workers and fund.
MD Jha should be satisfied that today a promise to him has been done partly.
Really poster is attractive- in two colours- having a sketch of all districts of Mithila and mother Janaki as well as Flage of Mithila state- a plough and a kalash on its pointed edge depicting birth of mother Janki,
People of Mithila has seen today in various parts and we are to fulfill their dreams.
I got down at Nalanda medical college for my friend's son is a student here .
I saw Vidyapati Nagar's temple from the train today only for the first time.

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