Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Paper -cuttings

My Paper -cuttings
I was awake till midnight last night for sorting out the newspapers piled up for long both from which I had cut some information and yet to.
I do not since when this habit I have but surely was reinforced after I read Md. Ali Jinnah had this quality. Once I met one advocate activist for Human Rights who said that he us to cut newspapers every night but for me it is a task done after weeks or even months.
I had classified them well in various categories medical and non-medical information, science, astrology, spiritual, history, politics(developmental only otherwise one will have to keep all papers as they are usually filled with that), persons(of eminence), management, arts, sports, archeology, history, astronomy, Bihar, Nepal , literature, Sanskrit, and some more which also depicts my areas of interest.
And my room is filled with such cuttings mostly of the Times of India and that is for over decades might be and have many rare things there as why 108 japas(because sun’s and moon’s diameter is around 108 times of the distance from earth).

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