Wednesday, October 15, 2008



On 14th October 2008, it was Kojagra( Ko jagarti who is awake is watched by Mother Laxmi and for that the doors are kept open to welcome her).

My sister was at kolkata for kojagra function and Rajnikant Choudhari, Satish Mishra , Maheshwar sah and me greeted her and her husband, Vivekanada.
Mrs. Rajnikant Chowdhary had invited me for the fuction’s Prasad but I could not go rather while returning from just opened Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad, Jharkhand State office we spent a few minutes at the office of the Jharkhand Maithili Manch where Saras was reciting his poem on Kusha breech of Koshi.

On return to my house, I too did open the doors ( and even gate afterwards) ; I had a bath and puja of Mother Laxmi. I was also scared that even if I did not expect money a deprivation of that would not be good for me.

There is no Laxmi in my house- I am a single. My Laxmi had already left me long back and the one other Laxmi whom I phoned last night cut that in 38 seconds and asked in the morning as to why I had phoned. Her condition was unacceptable to me and I said not to phone her again!
It is said if you run to Laxmi , Laxmi will run away from you.

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