Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Advani is not an atanki( a terrorist)!


Advani is not an atanki( a terrorist)!

While coming from my chamber to residence I saw no car plying on road ; schools were closed and coming to library looked as if curfew was self-imposed – Advani visiting the town. What a scene for welcoming a person in waiting PM? Advani is not an atanki( a terrorist)!

Had I been on his position and age would have hardly cared even for my life which would have been too short to count even if I would have been of his age. A friend and coworker of my uncle in Rajasthan, Advani commands respect. Vajpayee too but probably he was more acceptable as his tongue was sweet and oratory superb.
I watched Advani’s huge posters and disliked personality projection above ideals and for that matter I never liked Vajpayee’s posters too.

PP Guruji (MS Golwalkar) had written in his last letter no statue/monument be erected after his death. His that simplicity has not been followed in the glare of westernization even by those who are opposed to that from the core of their hearts.

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