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Lakhnaur to Kualalmpur: Coincidences

Friday, June 15, 2007
Lakhnaur to Kualalmpur: Coincidences Lakhnaur to Kualalmpur14.6.2006Incidentally today I was much late due to Dhirendra and when I took a bus at the Central Silk Board and entered in a bus for BTM Layout the conductor said that it will go up to the East End from where I could take other bus for the South End where my office was situated.There was not rush in the bus and two young persons were talking in Hindi. One of them came to sit besides me on next stop and I asked his house.He was Paramjit from Patna.I told him that I was from Madhubani.The boy standing had small hairs and a small Teek on the small hairs, which must be cut for some rituals, and I guessed that she was a Maithil.I asked Parmjeet as to from where his friend was. He said might be from my area.I asked that boy.He was Rajesh from Lakhnaur of Madhubani and was working in the IT sector at Jhanjharpur. I gave him my one line introduction that I worked for the Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad and had visited his village when it was flooded few years back and I had gone to have medical camp at nearby village Pachhi as well as Jhanjharpur where his father Umesh Thakur was working in the SBI.I referred one Vermajee who had arranged my meeting and whose article was also printed in the same book 'Yeh Madhubani Hai," in which mine was too- "A pedestrian's view" describing my padyatra/cycle yatra during 1993-94 of the district and presenting the salient developmental plan of the same.Before visiting Jhanjharpur for a meeting by Vermaji, I had gone to Mehath , a young Maithil author Anand's village though he could studied only up to I Com due to pressing familial problems he had written tree drama books which were also played by the Kokil Manch of Kolkata.I recall the river bed and path along that to Jhanjharpur’s Purani Bazar to the house of Vermaji whose son also incidentally was seated on my side seat of the bus from Ranchi to Darbhanga and when he said that his father's article was also published in a book by the DM of the Madhubani I had asked whether it was the same book in which mine articles were published. When he phoned, his father confirmed and invited me,"we were together at least in the same book among pages...” and when I returned from Mehath doing some personal work and addressing a well organized meeting near a temple, it was again a good meeting at the Purani Bazaar, Jhanjharpur and I stayed at night at Vermaji's house.Incidentally today(15.6.2007) , I had got a mail from Gajendra Thakur of Delhi who too belonged to the village, Mehath and I have asked him whether it was the same Mehath and if so could he send me whereabouts of Ananad whom I saw last in 2005 Kali Pooja at Faridabad.Lakhnaur is famous for Radhananadan Jha's village who had been the speaker of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. He had also attended VII International Maithili Conference at Jamshedpur and as he had been a Maithili student as well who spoke a lot on diverse problems of Mithila and Maithili , however, his personality never attracted me as he was said to be close to Lalu who tried to throttle Maithili.Jhanjharpur railway station I crossed several times and have some remembrance of the place and people- once while returning from somewhere I had a small meeting at a gas distributor's shop east of the station and on other occasion i9n front of the station met Satish Jha, a prominent BJP worker who was apprehensive whether party would take any action if he worked for the Maithili(with Tarababu who was then expelled from the BJP).I had told him that any social worker should be with the public and if he is was so he would be recognized. Tara Babu was recalled by the BJP on the same token because he was with the Maithils, the constituency of his leadership.Personally I am not in any political party and hence I have no fear of such happenings.By the time I took e-mail id of Rajesh the East End Stop has come and we were only for few minutes in the bus in which it was difficult to know that how did he go to Kualalampur. However, I said him that Pushpk Jha, moderator was at Bangkok and we will be in touch.I also then in few seconds asked Paramjeet from where he belonged – from Muzaffarpur he replied and I took his e-mail id also quickly. Somebody said, "East End stop has come." I quickly got down from the bus which had started after stopping a while.

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