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Every thing has a time-Tirupati yatra

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Every thing has a time-Tirupati yatra Every thing has a time-Tirupati yatraI had to do a lot of paper work that whole day for taking them to Tirupati.. From Bangalore City station, I phoned Amireenath Jha 'Amar' (of Bokaro who had been at Vellore) should I come to which he said that his TMT was normal and he was discharged. I had thought to drop at Katapadi at 130 am and go to Vellore few km from there in the morning and then to go to Tirupati 110 m from there by bus.I could not take my dinner but took some snacks only with me which I had at platform.I was already puzzled that I was Wait List 1. Of course, it was not a journey to Mithila that I would be happy that now our chance has come! In every list of every train there are some who are like W/L 1 but it was my first chance.I occupied TTE's seat and chained my bag and then contacted TTE who gave me routine reply despite my introduction as a doctor in GOI service," I've to clear RAC first. No scope."I told him that after some times I will contact him and went to the seat and started noting confusions in few corrections in Maithili Gita on a post card. In the meantime again TTE passed from there and I quipped seeing chandan on his forehead that I had translated Gita in my mother tongue and I had known Swami Chinamaynanda. It had a magic effect and within half an hour he came twice to say," Please wait for some time, I will surely provide you a berth."I told I was not in a hurry and was doing some of my writing work.After some time he instructed me to go to other coach on berth no.7.I recalled the episode of Chennai-Howrah Mail where the same berth no. 7 was the TTE's berth. Did the TTE offer me his own berth? Anyway I slept there and in the morning I was at Tirupati.I entered in a city bus and again was at the SVMC gate. I was a bit hungry and thirsty and I asked a vendor to give me grapes for a note of Rs.5. He not only gave me a good quantity but as it was his 'bohni (first customer of the day)' he prayed God with his money uttering something in Telugu (probably he was saying me that he had given me more or good grapes which certainly he had chosen big sized). I remembered that coconut girl of last visit who had done such prayers on bohni. After few steps I washed grapes in a shop which was being ready for the idleys and ate them- grapes were big but were somewhat sour too.Anyway for me grapes are sours always!Though I searched that coconut girl on that road she was not there otherwise I must have taken a coconut water.I entered the road to SVIMS- on the left side was Kashyapa Hostel for girls of the SV Ayurvedic Medical College. Ahead to that some persons were exercising in the early morning and so one in front of the Physiotherapy College. I saw a statue and went near that. It was of Ms. Mary MC Millan(1880-1959), the founder of physiotherapy.I had reverence and praise for her that she in recent past only made it a discipline by her sheer devotion.In front was the College of Nursing- a bit asymmetrical in position, which should have been made just in front of the College of Nursing for increasing its aesthetic beauty.I imagined that there should have a statue of the Founder of Nursing, Mrs. Florence Nightingale (12.5.1820-13.8.1910) and lo! It was there!I advanced towards Dr. K. K. Sharma's quarters amidst the same route between cashew gardens- that little guide, daughter of a nurse was not that day and I reached the destination.It was a long walk on hilly area and I was exhausted and after bath and puja I was given heavy breakfast (paratha, kheer and chana's ghunghani).Little Jaya Vaishnavi was playing with her little friend Radha who was daughter of an endocrinologist from north. I had taken only two pens for gifting two sisters- Shuchi Somya and Jaya Viashnavi and seeing third child I was confused on both counts to give who two were sisters and also to give them two only later I postponed my decision and I slept but later I thought it would be better to give those to Jaya asking her to give one to her friend Abha which will suggest the little child a habit of giving things other and when she returned from her school I gave her both giving instruction to give one to her friend Abha. Shuchi was a elder and so she was compromised.In Mahabharata when leased Yaksha asked Yudhishtir to take back his any brother, he opted for step-mother Madri's son Nakul or Sahdev not the valiant Arjuna or Bhima who were so much required for the ensuing battle.I rested almost whole day in between Dr. Sharma came and went his hospital twice. We had a light khichari diet with chokha about the three varieties of which I left choice on Archana- plain with green chilies though would have been better from medical point of which, others with fried onions and chilies more tastier. People like fried things but at a higher temperature fatty acids do break and are potentially carcinogenic too(as ghee in Halwa).In the meantime, a Bharat Vikas parishad worker Nacharamji had visited with his wife and child for talking Dr. Archna for the forthcoming visit of their secretary General I.D. Ojha whom if I recall had once met nearby Agra in rail route.In the evening, we all started for the town. Dr.Archana was driving- elder daughter Shuchi Somya had to take a gift for her friend's birthday and while they were selecting book I roamed the shelves- one book, 'Unbound India's Hindi edition' caught my attention- of Gurucharan Das who had in some of the essays there had dealt as to how we Indians became poorer after the British came here. The essence was the closure of cloth industry.One more interesting aspect I could scan –once Jawaharlal Nehru giving a lecture on industrial revolution in India seeing a person gong to urinal diverted his whole lecture on the essence of discipline.Shuchi Somya with her younger sister Jaya Vaishnavi went to the birthday party and we went to the house of Prof. Radha Kant Thakur, Dean of Vedang Faculty at the Rastriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth.I had stomach heaviness- due to the mango eaten in day with skins (which were so thin and sweet and also from the medical point of view a good source of fiber) and or with my cough cold and heavy food at Archana's house.I could take only few puris and did not eat skin of the mango which here Kanchanjee and Radhakantjee ate with skin saying that it was a custom here to avoid untidy look of leaving skins which I had done in the afternoon unknowingly but did not do the same with them. We returned and slept. Whole night my stomach was upset and since the morning of 10th my nose was for cough.Kanchanji gave me cephalexin, which I started taking since sputum was purulent.From Shuchi's books I read some chapters from An Autobiography by Gandhji. I had read at least some portions of that long back but was hardly remembering anything.I saw it was a long book 464 paged and highly subsidized by the Navjivan trust (rs.30 only). Read Gadhiji's experiments with Brahmcharya and found his submission for milk foods may be scientifically valid and fasting surely calms the emotions.I also read one chapter on his acquaintance Raichandbhai at Mumbai who though a diamond jeweler had an astute knowledge of religious texts and Gandhi had acknowledged him as one of his character molder and other two being books of Tolstoy and Ruskin Bond(unto the Last). Tolstoy's ,' 'The Kingdom of God is within you' which surprisingly is not counted one among the important book by the author ( according to google search they are : War and Peace . Anna Karenina . Death of Ivan Ilych . Forged Coupon . Confession . Twenty-Three Tales . Exiled to Siberia . Kreutzer Sonata . Master and Man . Father Sergius . Articles .Further I could read Gandhi's first case at Mumbai where he could not speak a word and returned the fee to client. But at Mumbai too he did not compromise for giving a per cent to tout for the case which being unsuccessful at Rajkot he had to accept as the fee used to be pooled among a group or advocates .At Rajkot too he protested an English officer's bad behviour to him though he accepted that he should not have approached for favour to his brother the officer out of his acquaintance at England ,Having not practice to sustain him he had accepted a job offer of a Muslim businessman from India but he insisted for First Class ticket for the ship and later was thrown out at Marizburge station by a racist English. The next day also he insisted for his seat in the cab and then too for the final journey where station master a Hollander gave him First Class ticket but on the condition that he would not make him issue if asked to vacate by police.He was asked by the police but the Englishman in the coach this time defended him that he had first class ticket and so he could travel.Whether that man gave Gandhi's mind a twist that all Englishmen are not alike, I do not know but my own experience with traveling an Englishman is good enough!Maybe among ll the colonial powers English would be more civilized- even Shilpa Shetty was requested for a meeting with the British PM recently when racist remark on TV show was headline.A meeting of Maithils at the Rastriya Sanskrit Vidaypeetam was initially fixed at 1030 am but Thalkurji said that Krishneshwar Jha, Secretary,AMP,Tirupati had examination duty and hence I asked him to advance it to 5 pm.Around 530 he came and we went to Vidyapeetham.It was so well-maintained an institute – every sign board written in Sanskrit and every grass and flower was systematically decorated ; every building was well painted.In the meeting hall gradually few Maithils assembled and we talked about Mithila- Maithili and role of Pravasis in that. Young and energetic Baghish from a village badalpura of Begusarai (son of a lady doctor Gayatri Kumar Mishra at the DMCH and his father Kunj Bihari Mishra was a businessman at Kathmandu) who was also youth secretary of a party LOKSATTA (started by an IAS, Jai Prakash Narayan ,after resigning, doing the work appropriate his name inspired by JP who lived whole life for establishing Loksatta) pointed that our orgnisation should be structured systematically with registration etc. to which I replied with our efforts in that direction and said that the AMP's main worker I may be but it was an ideology driven organization and hence has been working continuously.Bagish had probably difficulty in speaking Maithili and he for the most time spoke in English to which I without objecting continued my saying in Maithili recalling an episode of Darbhanga where my guru Dr. B.N. Das Gupta was speaking in Hindi to some Mahaseth's (an important person of the town) son who was showing him some of his album and was describing in English.With the given patience such would take up points as they have genuine difficulty in speaking a language which they usually not speaking in work.The same Bagish had good rag of Jai Jai Bhairavi , we sang in the end and also we repeated Bhagwan hamar Mithila Sukh Shanti ker ghar ho.Gaurab Mishra of Sitamari and Keshav Mishra of Darhar were also present though they did not participate much.I said that an organization can be made by two or more persons who work for a goal and work consistently and hence they were now in addition to Radhakant Thakur and Krishneshwar Jha should search more and more Maithils in the locality so that we can not only have a good functioning unit there but also a Maithili Conference in coming days.We came out and I saw one among many portraits of the eminent persons in the entrance of Ananatahayanam Ayangar who was also the Governor of Bihar when we were child(in 1960s/70s).Dr S. Radhakrishnan had inaugurated the institute- I could not understand the year written there on the plaque in a great literary fashion.. Netra Ras Nav Chandra AD (Netra = 2 as eyes are two ; Ras=6 as rassa are of six types, Nav=9, Chadra = 1 i.e. 2 6 9 1 will be read as 1962 ad-in Sanskrit you can write anything in reverse order as well which will be interpreted in right sequence but then where was the Vikam samvat? It was written as Vasu Chandra Gagan Netra( Vasu=8-there are 8 Vasus, Chandra=1, Gagan=0, Netra=2) so it was 8 1 0 2 read inversely 2018 Vikram Samvat!What a wonderful way to write- the beauty of Sanskrit. I told them next time I come I want to address students in my broken Sanskrit- once I had spoken in 2005 at my residence at Ranchi on the eve of Sanskrit Divas(Raksha Bandhan day).I also told them that Sanskrit may be made National Language of India if it was simplified- by omitting Dwicvachan, keeping only 3 lakars(of 10, five are commonly used , and four cases only, any Indian can ;learn such Sanskrit in 10 days.With Thakurjee I took off of them and had a glimpses of the serene campus.Thakurjee told me that there was a good Net Lab and Chandrababu Naidu was amazed to see that. It was an Accredited University and hopefully Thakurjee well regarded by students become VC of that a day.He recalled my quotation of Amarnath Jha when he was introduced as the VC in a meeting at Allahabad University he had said, "Not Yet.," which he became later and was for more than a decade on that post.I also remarked on his faculty of Vedang (SHIKSHA , KALP , VYAKRAN , NIGHANTU , NIRUKT , CHHAND, JYOTISH) which I could not say to a Bengali student, named Vedang at Tumkur doing his MBBS and could search that on google I hoped someday I would stay in that campus and would walk in the morning there.I always feel my desire for being a teacher was not fulfilled due to destiny's hands.While going to Kanchanji's house I said to Radhakant Thakurji that next time I would go to the Sri Venkateshwar Medical College and contact students and teachers for the NMO. Dr. Sharma is not very overt to have acquaintance with other doctors but when we reached there was a couple doctor- Mrs. Neeti Chandra, who was a student of 1882 batch at the Rajendra MC, Ranchi and had my face familiar to her and her husband a professor of medicine Dr. R. Ramesh . We talked a lot about Ranchi and Darbhanga,In Andhra's cyclone of 1977, I had worked and I recalled several Telugu doctors, particularly his named Dr. Ramesh of Kurnool who once upon a time in 1980s had enrolled 69 subscribers of the Aayurviguan Pragati.Prof. Ramesh welcomed the idea of a national conference at the SVMC after December and asked me to call him next time I visit.I had already talked with Dr. Archana for NMO's lady members' (and their spouses/father of any girl medical student) conference at Tirupati as a part of XXX year Celebration conference there which has been in my mind for long but could not be executed.After dinner, I reached station with Radhkantji- Whole station was filled with pilgrims returning from the darshan of Lord Balji- I was only who did not even try to go therein this visit too but like last visit I again asked for prasad from a lady who though spoke Kannada was a Marathi.This time my ticket was already confirmed but due to cough related headache I could hardly sleep and in the midnight was awakened by TTE, "Sir ,you are a doctor; a patient is having asthma in next coach."I went to see but his pupils were dilated and fixed (He was died already). He did not have asthma which is confused by laymen by wheeze rather it was left ventricular failure- also called cardiac asthma which occurs on the setting of myocardial infarction. Though I tried to revive with thump and external cardiac message, it was too late and declaring him dead I came back to my berth.Human life is how much made of incidents and uncertainties! Some person needed me but why not a few minutes before I was contacted.I did my daily rituals including bath and puja and then seeing shrubs of Punarnava around the rail tracks in the morning I had a memory of my father who used that for liver diseases. I was in time on duty in my office remembering," Every thing has a time."

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