Thursday, May 7, 2009

Janki Navmi the birthday of Mother Janki : Should replace International Women day(March 8)

Janki Navmi the birthday of Mother Janki : Should replace International Women day(March 8)
Because Janki or Seeta, the wife of Lord Rama had given the world a true ideal which a women should follow for her husband and children.

Janki Navmi was celebrated on May 3(Baishakh Shukla 9) 2009 at Ranchi, Bokaro, Jaynagar, Dalsingsarai etc. by the Antartrashtriya Maithili parishad(AMP)- International Maithili Council..

I was present at Ranchi and Bokaro functions which were lively.

A sum of Rs.3024 was donated for "Mithila Samarpan Nidhi," and deposited today at Bank of India, Shyamali in the S/B account of MITHILA SEVA MANCH 491010110001633 which is a central fund of AMP to be spent on full timers , publications etc.

At Bokaro too district unit of AMP organised it at Girija Mandir (a temple under construction as a replica of Girijasthan, Phulhar, Harlakhi- the Pushpawatika where mother Janki saw for the first time Lord Ram in the garden. Presided over by Pt. Shivkant Jha of Parjuari Champa, I as a chief guest was welcomed with a lotus bud (for the first time such an auspicious and lovely presentation)..
Speakrs were Nagina Mahto(, Secretary, AMP, Bokaro(I stayed at his house in night who is from phulhar and saw his articles related to Mithila published several times), Satish Mishra of Ladari, Ganpati Jha of Jagban, Amirinath Jha 'Amar', VP, AMP, Jharkhand, etc. Amarnath Jha,of Nikasi Prsident, AMP, Bokaro conducted.
Many women were present and their problems were discussed. Janli Navami be celebrated as MAHILA DIVAS and be a holiday was demanded.

After speeches, Maithili Ramayan Chanda Jha's Sundarkand was recited by all. For me it was an exhilarating maiden experience(at Ranchi we had recited Balkand's two chapters) and let me say that I had 2-3 times in past read/recited Tulsidas Sundarkand in Awadhi but I understood much more things in Maithili.
I also became happy yesterday when I saw that news of Janki Navami celebrations were from many more Maithili organizations- I remember in 1992 May I had stressed first in an article (in this phase) to celebrate it like Ganesh Chaturthi of Maharastra- then Maithili Vikas Parishad which later became AMP and now it is our ethnic festival.

Maithili Ramayan(of Chanda Jha’s lines) ;
“ha Raghunath Anath Janka, Da kanthpuri ham ayal chee
Singhk tras Mahavanme, Harinik saman darayali chee
Chandra Chakori anheek sada, ham shok samudra samail chee
Debar dosh kahu ham kee, Apna aparadh san Kayeel chhee

Janak Janak Jananee Abani, raghunand Pranesh
Debar Laxman hamar Chhathi, naihar Mithila Desh.”

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