Saturday, May 16, 2009

Election 2009

Election 2009

I did not vote or could not vote this time as I did not find my name on my booth where it should have been.
Even otherwise since 1977 when I was actively involved, I voted in 1979 but then I became reluctant and in 2004 voted as Vajapaee had granted recognition to Maithili in VIII Schedule.

I became frustrated by political parties seeing criminals, multi-millionaires, corrupts in all parties particularly in BJP which should have been ideal seeing hundreds of RSS whole timers simple life though other parties were even worse. It will be interesting to see what percentage of criminals, crorepatis and dalbadlus won?

I happened to be stimulator of formation of a political party for the formation of Mithila but there too I was surprised and shocked by the behaviour of an old BJP worker who became cause of preventing any candidate whether by the national or personal concern yet to ascertain. BJP could accept Telangana and Gorakhland for one- two seats but ignored Mithila’s demands. With the defeat of TRS Telangana question will be pending but we will have to work hard for Mithila which any statute political mind can find a mantra for BJP’s independent victory of Neetish and Congress’s revival and may be Ram Vilas can join after his dreams of being PM is shattered.

I was silently observing and now the results are out that Congress will form the new Govt.

I think BJP should introspect.

When I saw BJP is trailing in Rajkot in Gujarat and so in Rajasthan, I was sure NDA cannot come up.
BJP has lost due to its own workers’ apathy. If honest persons like Dr. Vallabh Bhai Kathiria are denied ticket on behest of anyone even being Narendra Modi, it needs serious introspection.

Country is not a state that one CM could be projected as national leader.

BJP needs evolving national readers, not the group of regional feudal. That is the cause of loosing in Rajasthan.

And so not doing well in MP. In Malwa region, BJP had strong holds but assault of a teacher by ABVP worker and such incidents must have bearings on it apart from removal of Uma Bharati whether one likes her or not her removal after Hubli flag case was not good. If Advaniji himself was reinstated after Hawala case then why not she? Her outspokenness should have been treated by seniors like Atal-Advani as a pampered daughter’s behaviour.

Projecting old Advani as PM in young voters country was a mistake –in fact even projecting any one as PM does not fit in its ideological gambit.

Advani made a mistake in 2000 by ignoring Karia Munda as CM and Baulal Marand’s exit cost in 2004 elections. Though since then Congress’s support to any Tom, Dick and Harry to prevent BJP had been rewarding to BJP in 2009 elections but wherever it will loose, it will due to Babulal Marandi.

BJP can pat itself in Bihar but its dependence on Neetish will repeat Naveen story any time in future. With reduction of Lalu-Paswan, Neetish will be more rigid.

BJP minus Vajapayee still has saved its face though a healthy Vajpayee could have helped BJP.

Whether anyone in BJP liked him or not, the trait of his leadership, the softness in articulating things need inculcated if BJP is to revive again to throne.

Hard-hitting hardliners will not have long lasting impact on Indian mind though one need not to be apologetic being promoting a Hindu party if Germany can have a Christian Democratic Party why not BJP can have that role. ‘Psueudo-secularism’ in BJP’s own cult had crept that was the cause of erosion in mass but more important was the lavish behaviour of BJP leaders. The ‘dynasty rule’ BJP has been criticizing, itself been a victim of that.
BJP leaders once in power forget their workers and friends- I have personal experiences in Karnataka and Bihar. They need learn from Marxists though they too are loosing this time but after a long inning. Left has been reduced as it behaved as ‘B’ Party to Congress.
In fact Marxists should see beyond ‘anti-BJP’ glass and should find constructive cooperation with BJP on anti LPG(Liberalization-Privatization-Globalization) which is making poor Indians poorer and rich richer with a greater economic divide than ideologically both may have.
Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

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