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XXV_Maithili workers’ training Camp,Ranchi March 8-13,2012 was inaugurated

XXV_Maithili workers’ training Camp,Ranchi March 8-13,2012 was inaugurated here today afternoon at Shyamali colony By Dr.Nitryanad Lal Das, retd.-prof. English, Forbesgaj College and Sahity Akademi translation award winner 2011(for Prsendent Kalam’s Ingnited Mind in Maihtili as ‘Prajjwalit Prajna’ and vice president , Antarrashtruy Maithili P arishad. Under the presidentship of Shri maheshwar Sah, retd. DGM, a senior engineer form the GOI PSU MECON, native of Bariaul, darbhanga, near Mabbi, and vice president of the AMP, Jharkhand unit will continue till 13th( on 9th March for Holi no session will be held).
Such camps have sessions on different aspects by already trained persons(preferably who had done three such camps- This camp has sessions on ideal worker, Role of AMP,
seminar on II Language in jahrkhand, Geography of Mithila, How to do any programme, Mithilakshar Abhyas, How to remain healthy, Problems of Mithila(seminar), History of Mithila(ancient), Maithili’s AStitwa i8n Jharkhand(seminar), Role of Youth in the development of Mithila, Why Mithila state?, History of Mithila(Modern), Role of Antasrrashtriy Maithili sammelan, Social harmony, The working module of the AMP, Why to become a fulltime Maithili worker, Convocation, and certificate( to them who had at least attended 50%), experience of trainees.

Till XXIV camp 637 First year 21 had third year camp had third year also).
After deep prajjwaanl, and offering flowers to Mother Seeta’s portrait, Gosaunic geet Jai Jai Bhairabi was repeated by all(The song needs repetition as we usually have many wrong notion in vogue..
Bhavini is correct not Bhamini
Gati Anugati Tua Paya is correct not Anugat gati tua paya
Muh Meral not much Melal
Ghighuru Kati bajay not kat bajay)..

Any training camp is for correction of old wrong habits).

Prof. Das in his inaugural speech said that the time is ripe for the Mithila movement yet we do not know when Mithila will come on the map. He traced the story of Mithila and its successive division in Nepal and India and afterwards but enthused workers people plant tree not that they will eat fruit rather progeny will. So long Jhrakhand was part of Bihar and you can contribute a lot.
He said Hebrew the forgotten and difficult language was known to only 11 persons when Israel was formed but they made their country Hebrew speaking in all walks of life. Not only that they made Israel an oasis in desert, greenery in the desert marked Israel.
‘Israelis used to say in pride, “till there is greenery is Isreal.”
He exhorted how many of you know the International Mother tongue day like International Women day(today) and narrated the history of creation of Bangladesh from that day of protest of Urdu..
While Bengal got statehood for the script they learnt from Mithila we forgot ours and lost ground. Yet it was Vajpayee’s time when Koshi mahsetu to reunite Mithila and Maithili got acclaimed in VIII Schedule.
He asked to work if not full time for 1-2 hours daily and Mithila will come on the map.
(Most of the parts of speech in Maihtili is video recorded and may be transcribed and published later , maybe in the next Maithili sandesh to be released on may 12-13 at XXIV International Maithili conference at his working place and my birth place Forbesganj). Incidentally one Maithil from Forbesganj Shishir K Mishra also attended who was a disciple of Prof. das at Forbesganj and hails from a neighboring village Jaynagar(also there).
Then I(Dhanakar Thakur) introduced the II Language Issue seminar in brief (though many persons from the Action Committee were expected they did not come for the Holi Milan of the Jharkhand Maithili manch). I said for me this Holi is shocking as Maithili was the only major language of the state not included in 13 language list of Jharkhand. Though Maihtils worked a lot we need more struggle.
Hruishikesh Choudhary, a teacher of Sanskrit at Dhurwa and native of Rudrapur, Andhrathadhee, explained why we are unsuccessful in this move. He asked all organizations to rally behind me(read AMP) for it. Later he also explained his calendar based on the ancient history of Mithila and in fact of Hinduism the base of which is MITHILA and its saints and scriptures developed there.
All intrideuced themselves. Sri Laxman Rout, from HEC native of Bheeth Bhagwanpur, Sanjesh Mohan Thakur of Motia Dumaria, Godda, Rabindra Chpwdhary,engineer from Amethi, near Nehra evoked Holi laughter(post pua can take name?), LN Singh Suman of Majhiam joi9ned late though he was the man that First International Maithili Conference could be held at Ranchio in 1993, I wrote blog yesterday and Bindeshwar Jha of Prasad, madhepur who had suggested me in 1993 to have conference here itself when Bokaro denied after taking dates twice(and yet to be held there)..
In fact In could be held on today’s notice only as I too was in a fix to have the camp or not though decided much early for 9-13 March with Suresh Mallik, Gen Secy,AMP, Ranchi (he was also present though became some late and hence ex- Gen secy Ajay Kumar Jha,of Babubarhi had started conducting and he conducted till end well. In Amp posts have relatively not much value- we all are worker and we all work for a mission as Prof. das explained in workers’ evolution.
A journalist from Hindustan Rajkumarjee also attended and some more I am forgetting at the moment.
At the end we repeated Bhagwan hamar Mithila in the voice of Hrishikesh Choudhary.
Tomorrow is Holiday for HOLI – hope we meet on Saturday and Sunday and Monday..after which I may write a full report.

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