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Patna Pustak Mela(PPM) 18.3.2012, Small states in India, Mithila etc.

Patna Pustak Mela(PPM) 18.3.2012,
At Gandhi Maidan we purchased two tickets and there I saw surprised to see late Prof. Sacchidanand Administrative Hall. Sachhidababu had visited in 2010 Ranchi pustak Mela and I had video recorded his interview on many aspects and there too a news had appeared that he expired however it was corrected next day that he was alive on query of N. K.Jha but now he had expired truly.

N. K.Jha waiting for me and soon we went to R. P. Tarun Hall. Madhvendraji from Ballipur Samastipur presided over the meeting on ’ Relevance of Small States, in context to UP and Bihar.’ Umanath Mishra welcomed and introduced the subjects. N.K.Jha spoke on the genesis and relevance of Pustak mela and its role in Mithila struggle. He emphasized that Purnea should be the seat of state fight where all persons will help.

Prushottam Jha, senior advocate stressed for fought in Mithila and head office there and at Patna for the movement. He said that he had worked a lot with Pt. Tarakant Jha but was sorry that the Mithila Rajy Abhiyan has been lost in the midway.(I did not say that organizationally it was a wrong move to take up other name when we were willing Pt. tarakant Jha succeeding Dr. jaykant Mishra in the Mithila Rajy Sangharsh Samiti). DR. KM Thakur ‘Chunnu’ said that there was nothing against Mithila state formation and it must be formed.

Akhilesh Jha, Nanaur, Secretary, AMP, Patna conducted the meeting. Other present were Vikas Kumar, Nagendra singh, Amitish Shashank, Rajiv Kumar, Dr. B. N. Vishwakarma, Dr. Firoz Mansuri etc.

Since the hall was to hand over at 330pm I had little time left yet I spoke on the nationalist ic aspects of state reorganization.

I delineated Indian states since then Skandpuran days to present and fallacies of the First State reorganization committees reports which did not consider Mithila and many other states on wrong notions and preambles.

I exhorted audience that it was a 18 March J.P. in the same Gandhi Maidan staged ; Sampoorn Karanti.’

It was ironic that Bihar CM had been Delhi, maybe higher power ambition.

I spoke fearlessly that his own declaration of 100 seated states had self contradiction when he did not support Mithila’s statehood despite 243 seats in Bihar which is sufficient for bifurcation.

I presented my own picture of India with 34 states as per 2.5 to 5 per cent of area and or population. I said the gist what I had written in the tOI(25.8.2006)…

Referring to,” Distant Dream”, (TOI, 25.8.2006), by Kinshuk Nag opposing Telangana, I feel like astronomical debate on Pluto, etc. “A State should be formed with sufficient mass (area as well as population) for its self-sustenance to overcome rigid socio-economic as well as linguistic forces so that it assumes nearly a well defined cultural shape”
I feel the mass of Indian states should be 2.5 to 5 per cent of area and or population- needing thereby smaller states and UTs to be merged and bigger states to be shelved for optimal political potential.

Mithila, Vidarbha, Purvanchal, Bundelkhand are equally fit cases like Telangana which needs serious considerations.

Land locking is not a point even for any nation, not to talk of State. MIM’s demand for Third Urdu State is ridiculous.

Citizens from any capital like Hyderabad will oppose new State creation (and may like a status of Chandigarh) which will downsize their real state value and hotel related business but it is AP where despite having Cyberabad most farmers’ had committed suicide-likewise despite Mumbai’s glory Vidarbha is malnourished and so Mithila is ruined perennially by floods despite having one of the most fertile soil and brain in the world.

I emphasized that from a Marist spectacles India cannot be understood which is one looks other- it is not UAI like USA or USSR that one should think for.

The problems of Maithils in Nepal and separate Statehood there I advised before Jhalanath Khanal in 2000 and PM Prachand in 2009 and there is going to be Maithili dominated Mithila Bhpjpur-Koch _madhesh state.

I said we do not want any review of Sugauli Treaty.

WE Want Mithila states in Nepal and India separately.

Statehood does not mean anyway weakening of nations.

I said that Magadh and Bhophpur too needed statehood, essential for their linguistic development.

I presented facts that Mithila has been neglected- why not IIT.AIIMs,IIM there?

I said that Motihari vs. Gaya for Central University a political controvewrsy is for dividing people. Bihar University was econd to be formed and Muzaffarpur was the ideal but Nitish does not want anything in core Mithila.

I traced the history of Mithila, Janaks, Buddha, Mahavir and others who were Maihtils and why we want Mithila state.

I dared CM to have a public debate with me anywhere on this issue.

I expressed sorrow that my friend Sushil Kr. Modi was a party to Maithili’s second language stir long back(when Urdu was made second language by Dr. Mishra).

I read lines from Grerson that Magadh was Bhadesh.

And Dr. Amaranth Jha’s wrinting protesting Dr. Sachhidanand Sinha and Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s anti- amithili view in education in 1940.

The time was short yet I spoke and crowd gradually gathered listening to Maithili voice, notable among them was Dr. Firoz Mansuri, a young research minded teacher and journalist(who later spoke in chaste Maithili provoke by NK Jha to speak in Maithili). Firoz assured me to have a meeting at Patna University as well as Madhepura and invited to the national geographers conference in November to present my paper on State reorganisation which I happily accepted.).

In Mithila movement too Md. Israe,MLC l had said in our conference at Araria - aage age Teekeewalaa, peeche peeche Topiwala’ and that I got hint again from Firoz too and I fully agree with his view that state movement is not and cannot be on the basis of religion as pointed out by him of Bangladesh. Maithil People both Hindu and Musalmaan want to have own state out of Bihar and let us have common parlance on that and I want to assure all Muslims that Mithila’s demand though is cultural yet it is not theocratic and let us fight together. 25000 Muslims in 2001 had declared their mother tongue Maihtili – let us accept that they all in Mithila speak Maithili and for that we should have many more common meetings.

The facebook is full of Burari Bihar Divas’s protest by Maithils to some who had attended, I am happy that I was at least in the histoiric Gandhi maidan to bell the end of Bihar state, to make the people more prosperous in Mithila, magadh and Bhojpur(or Bihar if they wish to continue) as people are more important than the name and small states have yielded better results in past many decades be that any southern or western states or northern(northeast states had totally wrong foundation and that need correction as to my scale 2.5 to 5 % of area and or population in Brahmputra and Barrack states instead of present of few lakhs- no state should be of less than 2 crores).

Later Bachha Thakur, IAS also came and was angry over NK Jha for not communicating him the time of the meeting which he had but he forgot.

Shri Virendra Narayan Jha , the journalist also came late . I gave him all papers and asked to have a write up in the Hindustan.

Firoz introduced me to Ashutosh Mishra, a renowned journalist whose book was to be relased on Anna and Media the same evening. I listened to Mishra speaking some young journalists that future of English journalism will shrink and so of Hindi and Maihtili, Bhojpuri would increase but they need content and quality improvement.

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