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Make Maithili organizationsrepresantive of Maithilis having members of all communities _Hili milan_Bharati


Make Maithili organizationsrepresantive of Maithilis having members of all communities _Hili milan_Bharati

Yesterdayon 6.3.2012 I was at a Maithili Holi Milan of Bharati, a local Maithil body of MECON & SAIL and allied organizations(schools JVM, DPS) and nearby Maithils.

Initially the secretary Ratanjee, of Godda, jt scey Rabindra Prasad opf Darbhanga and vice- president Bindeshwar Jha of Madhubani had come to me that they wanted this year it be held at my quarters. As I am single I thought such function be held where couple reside( though I found there was no vulgar songs).

When it was fixed I was not aware that on 6.3I( will have Pradosh fast. Yet after that I started walking to Ratanjee’s quarters in the satellite colony. I felt pain in my in growing nail and when call of Maheshwar Sah, a retired engineer and resident of Darbhanga who is vice-president of the AMP, Ranchi as well, called me I asked to senfd Rabindra to take me from the road but incidentally after 2-3 minutes Rabindra was crossing on his car with his wife and he picked me .

First I went to nearby Shiva Temple and then Ratanjee’s quarters.

It was nostalgic to see Laxmi narayan singh ‘Suman’ with his wife there and also Bindeshwar Jha who were the pivotal in organizing First International Maithili conference at Ranchi during June 19-20, 1993.

Exactly two decades back it was a Holi Milan at the quarters of Laxminarayan singh ‘Suman’ that my proposal for organizing First Antarrashtriy Maithili Sammelan was gladly accepted by all. Then the president was NK Gami, younger brother of Dr.NK Gami, my teacher at the DMCH whose daughter Rita was my classmate as well(now Dr.Rita Chakore is a famous gyanecologist at Patna).

Much water has falown in the swarnrekha here and in between we had almost tow dozens Antarrashtriy Maithili sammelanas and Maithili movement has taken a new height with Mithila movement.

I have been under pressure for some nefarious acts of some Maithils on their indiscipline.

One senior person, Baijuji had even copied the name of Antarrashtriy Maithili Sammelan and Mothila Rajy Sangharsh samiti and at times I am pained to see such acts whether these will be helpful or harmful to the movement and even think to go back to my medical world renunciating Maithili work as probably my mental make up is not to this work.

Anyway, it was a nice Holi and much of the time old UK Thakur of Darre, Godda talked of his old days.

I did not take BHANG Barfi nor I take tea or paan on which he commented Rahika chowk’s signboard..

Pad-pad pokhari pan makhan..

His third daughter, an engineer at NOIDA was married there.

There were several Holi songs by Bhojpuri singers(as Maithili singers are not available- to one I had invited also did not come).

The sweet –pua packets were distributed to all after akhrot, soft drink etc. Some persons had come there with their wives like Dr.Ashok Kumar of Ghoghardiha whose wife from Kaithinia were my hosts at most of the evenings while they were in the Shyamali colony. Manoj Singh of Muzaffarpur had come with his wife and some others whom I did not recognize. At last came Capt Ramesh Jha of Balha with his wife from Baijani, Bhagalpur and daughter.

This I wrote also that it is a MINI Mihtila as per Grierson’s map(many comments have come not to go south of Ganga) and also I joined the Maithili movement because it was not a Brahmin’s ghetto though dominated by them.

HOLI message is this that make every Maithili organization true represantive of Maithilis having members of all communities within.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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