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Giridih_Vidyapati Parva 23.11.2011

Giridih_Vidyapati Parva 23.11.2011

It was a three days holidays for me 22nd April(Good Friday), 23rd(4th Saturday) and Sunday the 24th April, 2011 which I had long planned to be at my home Forbesganj coupled with core committee meeting of the AMP which was cancelled because of the organizer Sudhirnath Mishra’s son being critical at the AIIMS. When sometimes back Prabhunarayan Jha my classmate of MBBS had informed me of the Vidyapati parva at Giridih on 23rd I had expressed my inability.

On the cancellation of the meeting I confirmed a professor for a meeting Darbhanga on 22nd but when the engineer from Karnataka said he was to retire on April 30th and he opted for completing the work in these holidays., I requested Dr. Kamalkant Jha to take that meeting at Darbhanga.

Incidentally on 21st that kannada engineer visited the library I was working and agreed to have sitting in the first half on 23rd and evening of 24th November, enabling me to go Giridiha and back after the Vidyapati Parva.- Giridih is some 5 hours bus journey from Ranchi.

In the night of 23rd I tried to contact my friend Dr. PN Jha but could not get him on mobile or landline. I asked Shiv Kumar Thakur of Maithili books who had first informed me on 26th March about the Giridih Parva and he could give me the number of the secretary Ramlala next day and thus on November 22nd it was confirmed though they were a bit sorry that my name on card could not be be printed to which I said that I was not aspiring that and be their chief guest whoever may be, I just wanted some minutes.

Dr. Ranjan phoned me getting news from someone and so Parmwahwar Jha when I could contact him taking his number from Bindeshwar Jha, his brother in law and requested me to have a stay at his house.

In the morning of 23rd he cautioned me of the Maoist bund. Anyway after my translation schedule I reached bus stand and there was no bus. I talked Ramlalaji and went railway station to take a train for Madhupur and then a passenger from there of 920 pm.

It was a 340 km journey and when there was a 30 minute delay at Dhanbad, there was a chance that if some delay of train, I may miss the last passenger to Giridih. The passengers were telling that the train started behaving like a passenger train halting at each station. but I could reach and took the train. It was a cosy 38 km jorney after one hour. A young Rajneesh barnwal working in Bank of baroda near Burdwan informed me about Giridih where is an institute at the birthplace of Jagdeeh Cjandra basu..

At station came Dr. Ranjan and also A duttaji in whose hone at Fent kamalapur, nearly Basopatti on 23 Oct. 1993 I had stayed as an unknown padyatree.

The guest MP Ravindra Pandey was leaving the venue whom I thanked for raising question in parliament for Ranchi jaynagar train and requested for raising issue of Maithili’s second language status in Jharkhand. The MLA Shahabadiji was also leaving the venue and I could again request him(he had already raised the issue from the dais as is reported today in Ranchi Express also.

Maithili anchor Ramsevak Thakur announced my coming and after nand’s melodious Vidaypati geet, for some minutes the a brief interruption was taken for my welcome and speech- I contained that in the briefst possible with the distinction of Mithila and Maithili and our demand for second language status from the inheritors of Vajpayee least Maithils may be called to boycott in next election.

I was in the ground till 3 when a mix of Hindi some undervalued song came up when I sent a slip to Ramsevak Thakur that he could himself continue whole night as he was a master of ceremony and well could do that.

Before that the presentation in dance and songs were good. The food was served to all in plates while enjoying the song. I had attended Vidyapati parva there on 30.4.2005 also and certainly the audience and over all presentation was better this time and I wish a good future for Maithili Vikas manch, Giridih. When somebosy asked me for starting AMP there I replied I do not open AMP anywhere as second Maithili organization- it will be first or at least third…(to coordinate among rivals as for AMP every Maithili organization is its unit.).

I took leave from the organizers and with the Madhupur-jamtara workers(whom I had known only a fortnight before) reached Madhupur and instead of rest preffered an early morning bath and puja at Shym’s residence who was from Madukia village and his wife from Tyotha to which I was also related and then we came to station where from Benipatti, a young and dynamic Ghnshyam Mishra was introduced to me who had been the main worker for making a temple nearby.

He did not take money for my ticket despite my request.

I could get an upper space to sleep and reached Ranchi a 302 km journey and resumed translation work as per schedule amidst bouts of sleep I was interrupted by the Kannada engineer.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

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