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My first meetings at Dumka on 9.4.2011, and regular visit to Godda and Deoghar on 10.4.2011)

My first meetings at Dumka on 9.4.2011, and regular visit to Godda and Deoghar on 10.4.2011)

When I reached Dumka first I searched out the letter box and the HPO was near bus stand and I unloaded myself.
When I was coming back to stand I was surprised to see some santhal girls bowing to touch soil in reverence to someone some years senior to them..
Daninath Hotel was there of Dilip Thakur whose son took me to Gourkant Jha about whom BK Mishra had referred to when on March 26-27th 2011 I cancelled my trip to Santhal Pargana , at Dunka nobody was free for Pranav Mukherjee’s meeting though DR. B.K. Mishra who was very enthusiastic could not be present again on April 9th for ekoddisht (annual shraddha of one of his parents at Saharsa) ,he had told me that everything would be organized by Gourkant Jha there and hence I had clubbed Dumka in the list and in fact it was a well organized meeting though could not get press cover because it was a bit late and reporters were probably not informed.
Gourkant Jha is an innate lover of Vidyapati, running his Music Academy he had been presenting before AMbedkar Jayanati, Kaji Nazrul Islam Jayanti ut had a pang for Vidaypati Jayanti and when he decided for that he could get a portrait only with the help of Asanand Jha, ADM who procured it from Ranchi. Now he has regular supply of calendars from Jharkhand Maithili Manch though he as of the view that at least one folio of that must be of Mahakavi Vidyapati every year. I briefed him that how I could start that organization in 1997, consistently since 18.12.1994, when I took the first meeting with Harmu Maithils when I was invited by Subodh Ckoudhary to come there and then on 9.5.1995, Janki Jayanti in Jaykant Mishra’s presence and then during 21-22 Dec. 1996,Vidyapati parva when it was held there after 1989 probaby and on 21.12.197 at the same Panchmadir could collect names for an organization and put in an envelop (next week Maithil manch, Harmu was selected by them and later I suggested Subodhbabu to add Jharkhand when jHarkhand Maithil mahasangh, Sindri failed but since 2003, AMP is working as the coordinating organization because it is humanly not possible by any local orgnisation to work statewide for which AMP is the only platform).

Gradually Maihtils assembled-Maheshlalda, Simari, Madan K Jah-Tektari, Chandrakant JhaMahisam, Dunesh Pandey,BUxar, Basant Jha, Baijani, Shani K Jha, Haripur, Rajesh Mishra, Baluar, Prof. Pradeep Jha, Bhramarpur, Yogendra Jha, Bhawanipur etc..and it was resolved that on 16th April they would ressemble and soon there would be a big state meeting.
Dumka is a a promising ground for Maithili work,
I was taken to Ajaynath Jha, Jan Samark Padadhikari I/C of Soochna Bhawan who though was very busy gave advices of importance- to have unit of a bigger rganisatin, to include all shades of people, maithilibhashi and premis etc. , He hails from Tirhutia village of Bettiah and is from the lineage of great Chumbe Jha of Pilkhwad..
I wondered when sitting nearby Savan Gudia , BSc(Ag) from PUsa Agriculture College and District Agriculture Officer, talked with me in Maithili and said that he saw gandhi’s facie in me..(such was referred by Dr.A.K.Shrivastava, my ex-CMO as well as A.K.Singh, IAS of UP cadre also).
Though I been claiming that I am the most widely traveled person in the country(at least from my own expenses and or being in the service ,traveling usually on holidays and now even if you go to villages people are busy otherwise on working days), even more than Gandhi, what I did can be done by anyone. It does not require much cost as well.
Ajaynath Jha said that Gandhi could know the psyche of Indians when after returning from Africa, he had been advised to travel the country by Gopal Krishna Gokhle.
We talked on some related topic and then I wet to my froend rof. Rajendra Pandey’s house who was a my batchmate ( of Botany Honours) at the Ranchi College before I left for the Darbhanga Medical College,(topping amongst Ranchi University students).
There was a professor talking on phone- he was prof. Gangan Thakur from Satlakha. Soon came my cosine sister’s daughter’s don santosh of Pilkhwad with other eniginer and there was also a RSS worker from Hugly(WB), Dutta and motly I talked on ethos of Hinduism, its scientific base etc. Rajendra pandey was taken to a RSS shakha for Shardpurnima’s kir in 1970 probably and today he Jila sanghchalak for many years there.
I went to Santosh’s ouse and had heavy dinner(forgot to tell on onion in Navratra? (Though vegeatrain I was that I had told).

In the morning, after my Chandipath, he left me in a Godda bus where I reached Shivpuri directly to Vidayapti Parisar where soon big meetings will be held (around 1000 capacity) and then came with Sarvjeet Jha, advocate to have my second meeting there with local Maihtils. Many were ld faces and some new. Presided by Gangadhar Jha, arelative of Rameshwar Thakur, Hon’ble Governor and Kairavji, a doyen of Maithils.
I photographed there Ratneshwar and Dhaneshwar Shivlings ( swatayambhu shivlings) there –incidentally my Rashinae is Dhaneshar!

Sarvjeetji left me in a Deoghar bound bus and I was reveived by my nekher Krihnakar there and we reached for meeting Bampas Town where’ Music soree’ was by Gaurjee.’ And Parmeshwar Jha was also present and soon came Dr. Vijayashankar whose lierary gift could be known when he recited his poetries though for me he has been an unknown journey friend of Vanchal express of 26.1.2010 who turned out to be torch bearer of Maithii movement in his area. There was no preparation for my meeting-information to Maihtils and press which I said to have from the next time and have at least 100 members before a conference there planned on July 3,2011.
Devendra Jha, a senior engineer was announced as president of AMP, Sevghar who has an artistic flavour and a writer’s acumen(which I read turning some pages of the Swantah sukhayah, Hindi compendium though he claimed tat he was not a writer,
My train at Jasidih was late yet I reached in time Ranchi..

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