Friday, April 8, 2011

Dhanbad_ seminar on Corruption, Media and Student agitation under the shadow of cricket hype , Anna’s fast

Dhanbad_ seminar on Corruption, Media and Student agitation under the shadow of cricket hype , Anna’s fast
When I started for Dhanbad on Saturday it was a cricket hype in all over India and probably I was only equivocal person in the country and was watching the scenes without any interest though not for long Dhoni resided in my colony, Shyamali, MECON.
In the evening I saw two bikes with two girls on each one driving and other painted her cheek with Tricolour and having a Tricolour in her hands in front of the DPS School where I was going on my duty(and they were followed by three teenagers on bike).
The next day(April 3,2011) at the SSLNT College I was speaking in a seminar by the ABVP (I had not beena speaker in any ABVP meeting after 1982, so a nostalgic feel on getting invitation by Mithilesh Jha and Pramod Jha ) on ‘ corruption, media and students agitation ,’ and had a bare mention that victory over a country in population even smaller to any medium sized state of ours (like Jharkhand ( around 30 million) has hardly any significance which turned like that of any war like situation.
And there was mention of Poonam Pandey about which I learnt afterwards. In fact the race to cricket and money will allure many Poonams for fast and cheap popularity.

I spoke on the genesis of corruption which cannot be weeded out without spiritual touch. Anna Hazare is on fast and many are following him but how many souls have satisfaction with minimum life needs.
The cricket players have been awarded million and million but not from anyone’s pocket but from state exchequer and or business groups which will again promote its things through them.
How many scientists are awarded who saves million lives?
The talk of Bharat ratna for Sachin and why not for Dhyanchand or Vishwanathan or Karnam or Jaspal or Bindra?

There is a great nexus of money, publicity and media though I defended media in that seminar that they had their own compulsions too which later Santosh Bhartiya , editor of of Dainik Jagaran , Dhanbad appreciated and shared many stories of brave journalism and many times at the cost of cutting advertisement by Govt.
I warned that war with corruption should not replicate 1974’s where I was a party as a young student. We saw many student leaders of that time as great hero of scams in bihar and so in Assam.
1974 may not be replicated and any movement will be as per modules of present and for that students need serious study and also participation in agitation and also regionally segmented movements may take the national form ultimately. I am persuing work on that line and am not very serious to get result in a day and having appreciation for Anna have not so for many publicity mongers around him (and press is responsible for that both good and bad)
A DGP of Mizoram fled away from her duty after got a seat for her daughter in qupta of that tiny state and she is a well known public face- that is also a corruption. and so many others who are seen every day on TV though saints need solace!
Let the success come in such intricate fields by change of minds as the offenders will find way from any rule you make!

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