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Vachaspati Deeh- Vachaspati Mahotsava suggested there on Achala Ekadashi(May 28,2011)

Vachaspati Deeh- Vachaspati Mahotsava suggested there on Achala Ekadashi(May 28,2011)
My mobile has no space to save new number and I was trying to remove some infrequently called number an din the process one Maheshji from Ghnashyampur working at Kolkata did not recall me nor I. As only 14 characters were allowed I had saved that number as Knl Maheshji and I did not recall as to what Knl stands for.
Then other Mahesh was from Thadhi clearly recorded and when I called him he had a lot of information for me. Firstly he was ill and he had some queries for food. I explained him that Roti should be taken not ‘sohari’, we have emulated Marwadis. Roti of Marua or Makai is healthier preventing constipation, the root of many diseases. And, likewise one can have katahar’s tarkari(jackfruit) to avoid constipation.
He informed me that my article on Vachaspati Mishra is under third proof stage where I have tried to put Mandan-Vachaspati’s Bhavadwait as named by pt. Madhusudan Saraswati (whose one extra shloka at the beginning of Chapter XIII of Bgawadgita is accepted by the Chinmay Mission. Pt. sarsawati has divided Gita inthree Shatakas( three parts of six chapters- first i.e. Chapter 1-6 is Karmshatak, second i.e. 7-12 is Bhaktishatak and third i.e. 13-18 id Jnanshatak and from chapter XII to XIII Lord has jumped without a sangati(correlation) with the previous chapter,

That great Madhusudan Saraswati has called Mithil’s Adwait, Bhavadwait based on the Shukla Yajurveda (and its Upnishads Ishavasy Upanishad and Brihadaranyak Upanishad , the sammest and the biggest among Upanishads) and Samveda(and its Upanishad Chhandogya) , Maithils have been negating Sannyas which was called a must for kaivalya or Moksha by Adi shankaracharya and others rather Maithils dwell to the Pravirtimarg of jankadayah ( usually Adi or etc. is not used after one person and in fact there had been 54 Jankas in Mithila, amongst them Mata Seeta’s father was 24th called Seerdhwaj Janak and was followed as 25th Janak by his younger brother,Kushdwaj whose kingdome spread from Koshi belt to Jagannathpuri in south where Mausibari is called Janakpuri and in fact Maithils have settled in the route Babadham Deoghar to jagannathpuri via Bahragoda where not many years back a lady Maithil was elected MLA of CPI (and so Mithila’s demand upto Deoghar as per Grierson’s Linguistic Surve’s map of 1902 down south in not in contradistinction of Mahakavi Chanda Jha’s ‘ Ganga Bahathi jink dakshin dis,; based on the famous quote of the Vishnupuran..’Kaushiki tu samarambhy..).

Maheshji also informed me that my batch mate of MBBS, Amarnath Jha of Hirni village is posted at Thadhi. I have been quoting him in the context of his intelligent father-in-law who as an invigilator in the SSC Examination of 1971, could judge Amarnath glancing his answer book that he was an intelligent student and asked his gotra and met his father and solemnized his marriage before the matric board results came out in which he had a superb marks and on the basis of which he was admitted in the prestigious Science College of Patna and competed in the PMT in first attempt I had competed in the same batch but in second attempt (though I too had good marks and was selected for the Science College and was 19th in the then undivided Bihar, missed to top as I had till then managed physics without mechanics portion but then there was no choice, yet I topped among PMT students of the Ranchi University, even being a student from the Ranchi College made a record for it was reserved for any Xavierian till then and I had not even filled up the form of Xavier’s College on the pretext, under the influence of RSS ideals,” I will not study in a missionary college). I do not prefix Xavier with St. because a reading of the Illustrated Weekly in 1970s, I found a verse on his name which said that Xavier used to be pleased at Goa (where his dead body is still preserved in the famous BOM Jesus Church) when he used to see the newly converted Christian used to break idols of Hindu gods which they were worshipping till previous day.
Here I do not want to divert that Goans are descendents of Maithils among whom Lata Mangeshkar is one whose family name is derived from the deity Mangrish having some connection with Munger of Mithila as was published in one of the magazines of US.

Anyway Amarnath was admitted to the Darbhanga Medical College as the only father among my close friends still, may be the only parent amongst 150 students(with 30 girls) and he remained a good student secured an honours(more than 75 % marks) in pathology and the last I saw him maybe 7-8 years back when I was walking to Ranchi station from the over bridge and he was coming from the station with his daughter for her pre medical test(and that girl must have competed and completed the MBBS) who had come in the laps of her mother in the Old Hostel of the DMCH in summer break of 1974; the only child of any of our batch mate and we used to fondle her!

I asked Maheshji to procure the contact number of the other girl Priyanka of Nanaur School whom I saw on 30.8.2009 during an interactve session with school students. I I had written a blog on her long back, Rural girl Priyanka wants to be an IAS’ though she wished to read biology. Later seeing my name in newspapers connection with Mithila movement she had phoned me but I lost her number somehow. I could know much later that she was of Bhatsimari village and her father died at a tender age and I wish she come to my residence at Ranchi and pursue course ISc in a nearby college. There is scarcity of water at Ranchi and hence, I am not pressing for merit examination of ISc students but maybe from next session it is done.

During that visit of Nanaur, I had gone Thadhi first time and after visiting Vachaspati’s deeh , I had met some persons in the village in connection with developing the place. Again after a month I had been to Thadhi in 2009 and had formed a skeletal committee and had talked the present owners of the deeh who had assured to donate.
When I asked Mahesh to fix up my meeting next month(on 28th may) with villagers where I would appeal for villager’s cooperation of one day salary of pravasis (and one day labor of villagers must be taken) which may be sent to Mithila Seva manch’s account no. 491010110001633 at the bank of India, Shyamali branch, Ranchi which will be transferred them for statue etc.
Mahesh said that after my initiation some young persons have made a committee and have sent Vachaspati’s imaginary sketch to Jaipur for a bust.
I was happy to note that much progress was done without my information and I wised that on 28th may there should be a Vachaspati mahotsav- recitation of Bhamati and also Vishnushasranaam (incidentally that is the day of Achala Ekadashi, and in fact on this every year it may be held).
Though Mahesh had desires that I approach for this any minister or so, I said the self help was better at least initially and when some tangiable work would be Govt. too would come to help. In this connection he mentioned the name of a senior officer at Madhubani who was very helpful. Vidyapati parvas spend crores of rupees and should not they divert some money for such work of importance.

And then the other part of my wish would remain a memorial for Vachaspati II of my ancestral village(Samaul, 7 km south east of Madhubani) where though land is under my family’s possession, no initiation had been done from villagers as they thought again that I would be sending money for work. I am ready to donate 5 kathas adjacent land, purchased by my mother in 1970s from one of my cousins and may donate also some money but again it should be operative as I suggested for Thadhi.
I repeat the names of his following 41 books(10 on Darshan and 31 on Smriti and):
10 on Darshan:

1. Nyay Tatwa Lok
2. Nyay Sutroddhar
3. Nyay Ratnaprakash
4. Prtyaksha Nirnay
5. Shabd Nirnay
6. Anuman Nirnay
7. Khandanoddhar
8. Tika on Gangesha’s Tatw Chintamani
9. Tika on Anuman Khand
10. Tika on Nyay -Chintamani Prakash Shabd Khandan

31 on Smriti:

1. Kritya Chintamani
2.Shudhhi Chintamani
3. Tirth Chintamani
4. Achar Chintamani
5. Anhik Chintamani
6. Dwait Chintamani
7.Neeti Chintamani( Maybe with Lootan
Jha of Navtol but No manuscript found but referred in Vivad Chintamani)
8.Vivad Chintamani

9. Vyavhar Chintamani

10. Shudrachar Chintamani

11.Shraddha Chintamani

12. Tithi Chintamani

13. Dwait Nirnay
14. Mahadan Nirnay
15. Vivad Nirnay
16. Shuddhi Nirnay
17. Kritya Maharnav
18. Gaya Shraddha paddhati
19. Chandan Dhenu Praman
20. Dattak Vidhi or Dattak Putreshti
Yajna Vidhi
21. Chhatra Yogo Dhut Doshanti Vidhi
22. Shraddha Vidhi
23. Gaya Pattalak
24. Tirth Kalplata
25. Tirthlata
26. Shraddhakalp
27. Kritya Paradeep
28. Sar Sangrah
29. Pritibhakti Taringini

? 30. Vrat Nirnaya k Purvardh
?? 31.

From Dr. Sureshwar Jha’s “Mithila Me Doo Got Vachaspati(manuscript seen in April 2009

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