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My Patna visit for Simariaghat Kumbh (11.10.2011- 10.11.2011)

My Patna visit for Simariaghat Kumbh (11.10.2011- 10.11.2011)

When Nagendraji called me on 20th May afternoon to come Patna on 22nd I was in a fix as I had only on 21st postponed my visit to Patna on 22nd May to July 10 as I was feeling exhausted with long travel to Seetamarhi, Darbhanga and Mathura-Vrindavan in a go.

It was difficult to say ‘no’ to Nagendraji when I had no fixed programme on that day and I again talked with advocate Umanathji for a Maithili meeting and then confirmed Nagendraji that I would speak on,’Rastrahit me Kumbh avam usme Biharki Bhumika.’
I had not much matter on Kumbh and was skeptical as to what I would say and searched on web some pages on Kumbh, incidentally Swami Chidatmanji’s call for reviving 8 lost spots on Kumbh was the first when I searched.

Soon after I gave consent to Nagendraji, I realized that one of the cause of my postponing visit was Maoists’ call for 48 h bundh. I thought anyway I would travel and hoped to reach late by 4 pm( right time morning 6 for the train).
There was rush in the train and Shashi could find a broken luggage space in a general compartment.
The train was much delayed and at Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Gomoh Junction I could drop a bagful of the Aayurvigyan Pragati in letter box for different dental colleges and was relieved. The trains which come after our left before.
I covered whole night almost sleeping and talking with passengers, one of them was curious to know my profession but I did not divulge. He guessed me a teacher.
In the morning I found I was at Manpur just before Gaya and the train was running snail’s pace worse than any passenger train.
A book vendor came and I purchased 2 books on Mathematics for Rs.10 just to refresh my I Sc days where I was wrong that I could not grasp mechanics which was the cause that I missed 12 marks question to top in the Bihar PMT by 9.5 marks, yet I was best in my university of Ranchi.
A boy also asked for the books but the vender did not gave him as he had not change of Rs.100.latyer I insisted the boy to take the books as a gift from me and for two hours, till Patna came, I solved sums with him and found that trigonometry, mensuration, etc. were not so tough as I had felt in my student days. I also learnt alphabets of the Set Theory there and had some knowledge of statistics.
At Patna it was noon and in the scorching sun, I poured water on the platform itself; the train started and I got down at Rajendranagar and near the bridge in the Shiva temple did my daily sandhya tarpan. I had taken only some fruits in the way and again I took fruits while taking a ticket for night train which was not given on technical reason (print is not ok, go to main station). There was rush in the reservation window which I thought as booking window but in the side I could get same day’s wait listed reservation within minutes.
I was searching some point for charging my mobile and there was no free space nor electric line in some instance. I entered parcel office where it was ok and could revive my dead mobile and asked younger brother at Mumbai to tell his friend of railways for HO quota though was skeptical being Sunday.
Sri Narendra Jha of Novelty & Co. had earlier requested me to come to his nearby house but I phoned him that now meeting time is nearing and hence could not come but he came immediately with proofs of some 20 pages on late prof. Umacharna Jha, HOD.Philosophy, Ranchi University and I utilized waiting time for advocate Umanath Jha who had told me to wait there itself for an hour that he would come and accompany me to meeting venue of Maithilis in PIT colony not much away from the temple I had offered puja.
When I phoned Nagendraji that I will reach in time to deliver my lecture he informed me that Swamiji wanted me to present in the press conference from 4 pm and it was a quick task for me to complete proofs before Borelo sent by Nagendraji came. I requested Narendrababu to go his residence and took a glass of sattu. The Bolero person had no balance in his mobile and he was searching me for 15 minutes but could locate me and soon we were at Bahadurpur. When he told me that Kripashankarji from Delhi had come I thought for V the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram’s or Vidya Bhati’s but he was Kripanand of Maithili Parishad I could know only after reaching near Swamiji who was overwhelmed to see us.

Soon press conference started and I just added some points for special trains and co-operation of the Govt. of Bihar in the ensuing grand Kumbh at Simariaghat.

I took orders from Swamiji for the Maihtili meeting. Kripanand had evening train and hence he did not accompany me nor we could talk. The Bolero person had left the venue and I marched on foot till I could get an auto for Rajendranagar and then phoned Umanathji who was waiting at the Kendriya Vidyalaya gate. Was a bit hungry and took few bananas in the way.
Soon we were at the house of Mrs. Premlata Mishra where a regular meeting of Maithili writers was organized. I interrupted them and without any formality explained my view point son Mithila, Maithili and Maithils. I explained that previous leaders of Mithila movement left in the midway and Maithili is not spoken in many houses because we do not have pride in our mother tongue as well as we do not have Mithila state and while speaking Hindi we do not want it to give that respect and place which English had occupied. Maithili organizations are neither representing the whole society nor a particular caste.
I invited them for XXIII International Maithili Conference at Jaynagar and announced Advocate Umanath Jha as president of AMP, Patna and Baccha Thakur, ex-IAS and a grand supporter of me had joined mid way, as patron and requested them to have a whole day meeting on July 10.
A land broker had come to meet me and we marched again on foot and then auto and again on foot to reach Kumbha symposium at Bahadurpur. In the meantime Dr.C.P.Thakur, MP and state BJP president had left.
It was already 825 PM and I had little time but I was called to dais and was welcomed and given chance to speak.
I had choked voice yet I could say something which people appreciated.
Around 500 persons were sitting(half ladies) and I called that Such swamis are only Sant who drives people like us to work for society.
I said that the Kumbh at Simariaghat had simile with samudra manthan held nearby and would give an occasion to the people and Govt. of Bihar to show its bright side to the countrymen and also pilgrims coming from neighbouring Nepal.

I said that Hindu is not a religion we have many under this umbrella a like Shaiv, Vaishanav etc.
Bharat’s boundary is that which was before the advent of some religions who fight still among themselves.
Mithila’s life is based on Bhagawati’s dakshinmarg aaradhana and Magadh’s Vammarg but we all are one from Kashmir to keral.
Bharat is one, seen different to different.
‘Unity in diversity is a wrong slogan and is a divisive slogan.
Kumbhas were said to be started by Harshvardhan (before Buddhistic changes were contained by Adi Shankara (which was further consolidated by Mithila’s grand scholars like Mandan and Vachaspati and Udayan etc).
I was shaky for my train yet I spoke some 20 minutes and took leave from Swamiji.
This time Bolero saw me off at station where I found my name in the end of wait list. So it was difficult to go and I cancelled the ticket and took new general ticket and could get a seat (one among six for four) and reached Ranchi a bit late.

0n 22nd May, from afternoon to evening I remained so much busy in different meetings that I could not get time for lunch nor I could have dinner again some bhuja and tilkut..
So the life of a social worker is not as easy as others presume.

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