Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unusual advantage of walking on a road

Unusual advantage of walking on a road
Advantages of walking are enormous from the health and environment point of view but that I do not intend tell you. I left car driving nearly three years ago and I get chances to walk more and more.
As usual this noon, I was coming to library in the scorching sun and I saw a scooty stopped. A young boy with a girl with sindur! It was not difficult for me to guess that the boy who had used to come off and on before 2006 (when I was transferred to Bangalore) with some message from late Abash K. Chatterjee (the IAS topper- turned a strong Hindu nationalist social worker) or for some other social organisations was married now with the sweet girl with him!
I asked them to come in the shadow of a tree on the road side. Both touched my feet. I asked the boy,’ the girl is your wife? And when you were married?”. He said that only three months back I had a note of Rs.100 in my pocket that I gave to bride with affection. The pair was enchanting and in fact the boy whom I understood so far a die-hard person like me looked to me a very soft today.

Truly speaking I did not recall his name without embarrassing to him I gave a paper to write his present address of Rohini, Delhi where he had joined GOI service in Class II cadre. I vividly recalled that he was from Bhagalpur( he said that was from nearby Banka district’s village and his wife Khusbu Singh was from Seetamarhi’s Sasula village. I told her that there marriage sabha of maithil Brahmians used to congregate like that of Saurath. Her father worked in the Jharkhand assembly and hence Kamlesh had come and they were going to some friend’s house for lunch.
I told the bride that I had just been to Sitamarhi for Sita cuircuit and I see you as ‘Sita.’
I invited them to come to my residence next time.
I had been to his old room in the Majistarate colony searching him when I was transferred back to Ranchi but he had left the room and nobody gave me his address. I asked Kamlesh to go to Mrs Abash chatterjee who must be very happy to see the bride, Khusbu.
I told Kamlesh that my sister Bindu’s husband was at Rohini, Delhi and one young land broker ( hailing from Lakhisarai who was impressed to listen my lecture on Mithila state at Patan Pustak mela) had only day before yesterday told me that he was searching a small house at Rohini itself! In 1989, I was offered a work in the A. K. Nurisng Home at Rohini but knowing that it was of a Muslim, I did not join fearing my obstinate Hindu way of living may not be adjusted there.

Kamlesh gave me his number and email. I wish them happy life. I also think living near an IAS he had picked up at least some work of his line.
Is not this meet was a bonus of walking? If you go anywhere in car someone if sees you after so many years may only invite an accident!

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