Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mithila New Year 1 baisakh(Mesh sankranti- i.e. April 14 be New Year for all over India and Nepal

Mithila New Year 1 baisakh(Mesh sankranti- i.e. April 14 be New Year for all over India and Nepal

Mithila Panchang should be from Mithila Navvrsha(14 April i.e. 1 Baishak to 13 April next)
All Maithil organisations are requested to publish calendars, as above datesw as per our tradition and culture.

We want to start a tradition of Panchang Pujan from 14.4.2012 onwards every year (and that such function is not possible in Savan's rains).. and that will be our reply to Govt. sponsored Bihar Day..which has no traditional footing_ govy. circulars may create states but if not enshrined in traditions those will not go long..
We will get our state of Mithila soon. and so Mithila Divas need celebrated everywhere at household level..
Celebrate and clean ponds (mud slugging) to prevent floods by accommodation more water in 60000 odd ponds of Mithila which is the only way to prevent colossal damage we are having because we have left our tradition..
Ponds can be cleaned in Baishakh only when the water level is lowest..
Have plantation that time- Chaitk gacchi is famous as per dak..
(Chaitk gachhi, maghk pathi)..

Mithila Divas(Mesh sankranti) April 14 is as per Soalr calendar and will fall every year on pril 14th which we have designated as Mithila Divas.
Have programmes, greetings and SMS on that day only.
Incidentally also day for Hanumat Dhwaj Danam(what a coincidence! we have already been Mithila Flag Hoisting on this day), Salhesh jayanti, Aryabhatta Jayanti, Ambedkar Jayanti, and is a demand of holiday also on that account,; it is Biashakhi in north-west India, Poila Baishakh -eve in Bengal, Bihu in Assam, so new year day of Tamilnadu and Kerala..Nepal's new year is 14th April and over all for the majority of Hindus it is New Year.

Chitra shukla 1. Varsh pratipada is celebrated traditionally in Mahahrashtra and as Yugadi (Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra only so they should better follow majority tradition of 1st baishakh

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