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Maithils celebrate Mithila Divas on April 14(Mesh Sankranti),our new year day, not Bihar Divas which is devoid of Mithila's true grandeure...

Maithils celebrate Mithila Divas on April 14(Mesh Sankranti),our new year day, not Bihar Divas which is devoid of Mithila's true grandeure...

This morning when I turned up the pages of the Prabhat Khabar at Ranchi was not surprised to find a full page Bihar Day advertisement in colours which could not find a place of tourism from core Mithila region in Bihar (though named Patna, Bodhgaya, alanda,Rajgir, Keshariya, Pawapuri, Biharsharif, Vaishali, Vikramshila, Sasaram, Manersharif etc as main spots),,

Among pictures too , I could recognise only a Madhubani painting and Lichi of Muzaffarpur...

Congratulations to Bihar CM & his affiliates to find out a Bihar Day to counter Mithila agitation which will only augment by such presentation of day (even if economic exploitation of Mithila is left for the present)...they could have spent such huge amout in the real development work which they boast than mesmerizing people with glamour and advertisements which has failed to attract any substantial FDIs or raising the life standard(even today Bihar ranks the lowest in per capita income(Lok Sabha 23.2.2011 as it was informed In 2009-10 nationally it was 46,492 (despite many Rajas and Radias) while the lowest for Nitishes Shining Bihar 16,119 (even Jharkhand was better with 30,719 , (despite Koda..),

Nitish (with ally BJP which fared better, could get only 40% votes (of 52% polled) i.e. more people(60%) voted against…

Yet, to those who call themselves Bihari let me offer my best wishes but I would have been glad to wish them as a Bhojpui or a Magahi in their traditional fervour.

Personally, I do not want to be called a ‘Bihari’ because I realized much later in my life that I was not a Bihari but was born in such a state which was made not by cutting out of Bengal in 1912 but in 1326 by the foreign invader Giyasuddin Tugalque.

George Grierson had tried by hypothesizing a langauge named Bihari (with Maithili, Magahi and Bhojpuri as its dialects) which could not find a place in the linguistics in 100 years...in 800 years Mithila could not be assimilated in Bihar..if not by 1912 certainly much before 1926 Mithila will be a separate state..

Govt. funded festivals cannot take place of community festivals and so Mihtila Day will be gradually accepted in all Mithila houses..(in Mithila or out wherever Maithils are)..

Yesterday I was reading a chapter from Bhariya Sanskiti's Vangmay(a publication from UP) which has in its pages of Mithila Mahatmya has written

"Mithila ne sab pranton se jyada Bhartiya adhtmvad ko viksit kiya hai....

Yahanke paramparagat Bhartiy Vidyayon ke vidwano ki aaj tak ki soochi hi taiyar ho to ek achhi-khasi pustak ban jay..

Among its grand contributions-

Vishwamitra's Gayatri

Valmiki's Ramyan

Awatar of Seeta

52 Jankss who were 'Atmvetta'

Three grand offerings of Mithila-

a.Even non-Brahmins can be Gurus ( not only janak but also a prostitute Pingla who became one of the 24 Gurus of Dattatreya

b. Even in Grihasthashram one may get Mukti by doing his/her Karma

c.Females-scholars in Brahmvidaya eg. Maitreyee, Gargi

The Govt. of Bihar has failed in past 100 years to develop Mithila region and hence , Mithila’s statehood as a state in India is only solution for the generations to come.

Maithils should celebrate Mithila Divas on April 14 (Mesh sankranti) which is traditionally the NEW YEAR DAY of Mithila..

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur, Spokesman, Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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