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Dr.H.R.Nagendra, a scientist and rishi spoke on 'Yogic treatment of diabetes'

Dr.H.R.Nagendra, a scientist and rishi spoke on 'Yogic treatment of diabetes'

at Ranchi 23rd March 2011

I had listened to Dr. Nagendra way back in 1991 at Mysore in the National Conference of the National medicos Organisation organized by Dr. Sanjay Kelkar, MD and when I reminded him in the Ranchi Chamber’s Hall he recollected.

I had faint memory rather no memory what he had talked there but certainly in past 20 years as a scientist he has grown of international level in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda also as he was acclaimed in the field of engineering and had worked at NASA before the love to our own spiritual sciences attracted him to Vivekananda Rock memorial, the founder of which Eknath Ranade was a master man-maker who had once said ‘placing brick upon brick’ was not his work. True he was a mason of national building and had guided many Nagendras on his foot but of course Dr. Nagendra was an excellent gem polished by the great organizer.

Dr,nagendra is vice chancellor of Swami Vuvekananda Yoga Sansthan, 19, Gavipuram Circle, Kempegowdanagar, Bangalore 560019 Tel. 080-28916384 web.

The meeting was inaugurated by Swami madhwanand of the Chinmay Mission and he himself is a great disciple of HH swami Chinmayananda.

What a coincidence that I was called by Swami Madhwanand in a meeting where some of my erstwhile RSS doctors were also present. Listening to Nagendra the edotor of Prabhat khabar , Harivanshji, a socialist of repute was also present.

Though Dr.Nagendra had come on a mission of No Diabetes in India to have some fund from the Ranchi philanthropists to get a matching grant from the AYUSH project of GOI, Dr. Nagendra dealt with in details the basics of the Yoga and allied spiritual system of India for which India is known worldwide.

Dr. Nagendra’s presentation was lucind and probably he was the first to have scientific papers in reputed national and international medical journals for the efficacy of Yoga in various diseases like bronchial asthma. Hypertension, diabetes etc. and as he pointed out these worked through removing stress from the person.

Ayurveda and Yoga deals with correcting Adhi, the root instead.

As a physician I will not fo in the various experiments and analysis he had projected but as a human being and as an Indian I feel we all should be proud of what Dr. Nagendra had done and is pursuing as a true scientist.

When our heritage is presented in the paraphernalia of western scientific modules it would get recognition.

And that is being done by Dr.Nagendra and incidentally his sister Dr. Nagarathna is also a doctor in fact an MRCP and their research amd treatment can hardly be challenged which otherwise doctors would have objected to an engineer.

In fact when several discipline merges a novel synthesis is churned out.And that we want to see ultimately.

I am personally a scientific person to the core and when I was listening to audio visual presentation of Anndmaya Kosa, Vijnamaya Kosa, Manomaya osa, Pranmaya Kosa and Annamaya kosha, I had an imagination of the s. p. d, f orbits of an electron well compared to the cosmic hue of such kosas around our physical bodies..

My friend Dr, Shantiprakash had purchased two books by him – Yoga and Memory and New perspective in Stress Management and I was turning pages of those this morning.

I must say that even if many of us do not agree with him at this juncture there are many new vists he had opened as a true scientist to unravel the marvels of our Hindu spirituality and in fact he himself is a true representative of those ancient rishis who had delved the Upanishads which he quoted so frequently.

Our ancient doctors Charak and Shushrita were sheers par excellence and so they are adjudged as great human mind till now. Dr. Nagendra is in their footstep.

I asked him about his project whether it would also study ‘thrifty genes’ responsible for south east Asian pandemic of diabetes to which he replied affirmatively. In fact while reviewing literature for my MD thesis on diabetes I had read in a very old Ayurvedic book of my father (published in 1929) there were 20 types of Pramehas-lalmeh, vasmeh, majjameha etc. and a clear distinction was in between two types of urines(one of diabetes insipidus we know now and the other of diabetes mellitus, popularly known as diabetes for which Dr. Nagendra ‘s project work would be..In fact Ayurveda has also decribed

Jath prameho madhmehino va.. beejdoshat..

Those who had diabetes their offspring do get it ,,due to the faults in ‘seeds’(read ‘gene’ in modern time),

I later told Dr.Shatiprakash that though as a scientist, his work will have tremendous value from the point of philanthropy, diabetes is a diese of affluents, a life style disorder.

Rightly commented Dr.Suresh K.Agrawala, MS who has devoted himself to the Ayurvedic herbs and treatment rather knifes that at least Yoga reduces tension and related hyperglycemic surge.

I am a son of an ayurvedic physician but I did not dwell in their path which nagendra and Nagrathna and Suresh did but I pray they achieve the results which may signify the wisdom of our ancient seers once more on the scientific platteur and will be a matter of national pride for all of us.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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