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Govindacharya – a ‘DHOOMKETU’ of Indian politics

Govindacharya – a ‘DHOOMKETU’ of Indian politics

It is interesting to note that my senior friend Govindacharya had visited Ambitabh and Nutan before I could (though promised them, I sensed in late evening better to be guest of my other friend’s daughter’s residence on 6th Nov.2010 night when she promised that they will join my meeting near Terhi Pulia next morning which they could not) though I knew them from exchange of mails, I am not a celebrity that anyone would be excited to meet me expectedly or otherwise.

Yesterday I had written some paragraphs on Govindacharya but message was lost during ’send,’however I had read only his duping of police not this mail of Amitabh and it would be incomprehensible to may that why it is in our (the RSS trained workers) to meet anyone (from amongst everyone) and particularly Govindacharya had a fancy to search for talented youth (who could be useful to change the destiny of nation) from his pracharak days at Patna during 1970s when I came in his personal contact in 1970 but he still holds this merit is a matter of praise,

The unexpected visit of Govindacharya excited Amitabh, a brilliant student of IITk (who probably spoiled his genius by joining IPS, as I had long back in 1985 had said to Anant, IAS of UP cadre when he had come to my hospital ward for blessings after being selected in IAS, after IRTS). I knew very few IAS/IPS one of them was late Abhash K Chatterjee who had once told me IAS means,” I Agree Sir. I respected him not only because he was topper of Bihar School Examination Board as well as in the IAS but also as he had devoted his life with struggle to pursue honesty and to help the poor tribal(he had married a lady from tribal Palamu also whom I meet and talk often since his death , also because she is pursuing the social work as much she can).
Somehow I was not rewarded by meeting such seniors or talented students. I recall I had gone twice or thrice to meet son of my principal who was a topper in Netarhat School and third in Bihar Board(my principal and his father too were toppers of the board) and had asked him to work in the field of medicine itself, if he was not much interested in the National Medicos Organisation(NMO) which could be founded by a simple medico of 22 years for which I had spoken my mind first to Govindacharya on 8.8.1977 at Darbhanga station while seeing him off when he was deputed in the ABVP by the RSS.
Several rounds of my initial discussions paved the way which was finally stamped by great visionary like Dr.Abaji Thatte himself and in fact vetoed by Bala Saheb Deoras himself when the infant NMO was about to be strangulated by some persons of myopic vision (and incidentally they were also very close to Govindacharya!).

Govindacharya is still a good friend of mine though he is some 12 years elder to me(I am born in 1955) but probably he would have joined RSS in BHU by the time I too would have started working for society at the age of 8 in a remote part of the country by selling stamps for Vivekanad Rock Memorial on the other end of the country. My father, the Sanghchalak of the small town Forbesganj on Indo-Nepal Border in Bihar, had appreciated Govindacharya’s zeal of work and intellect after seeing him in a Jan Sangh Conclave at Patna.

Today neither Govindacharya nor I am within the RSS folds though we both are pursuing the national ideals we learnt in Sangh Shakha through different ways and he had probably thus attended Mithila Dharna in 2010 on my request which he had supported long back in 1996 when he was in the capacity of the general Secretary of the ruling BJP.

Only today I could know that he had joined RSS via left and probably left that because my notion is ‘one can become a true swayamsevak only if he had attended shakha in his schooldays.”

He was elevated to higher strides by the RSS but he could not be assimilated or he could not absorb the undercurrent there where age and seniority is given much value than the sharpness of thoughts which as a Hindu we Sanatanis have accepted to have ‘equanimity’ among equal opposites.

At times I feel tired at 55 he must be so in 67 but we continue to work because Govind in His Geeta says,” He does not require to work but He works so that others not leave working,”
Whether Govindacharya has left RSS or not, I do not know but I had to under the circumstances though I have not left nationalism which to me is a shade of humanism which in explicable way I equate to ’spiritual Marxism,’ and was delighted to know from an engineer patient of mine, ‘Sir, you Communists, will not mend the way(on my cautious remarks in BBC on David Camroon’s visit). Well , I have never been a Communist but have shared daises with Jhalanath Khalan (present PM, Nepal) in 2000 and Maoist Prachanda (then PM in 2009) on Mithila Manch and am happy that both had supported our statehood demand in Nepal’s Constituent Assembly.

I do hope in India too their counterparts do support our cause because Mithila is one of the most exploited region of the country and followers of Vajapayee should accept it as he was instrumental in Maithili’s recognistion and on the issue of Mithila, Govindacharya is also in agreement though had opposed Vajpayee;s views which resulted his opting out of Indian politics like a ‘ dhoomketu,’ which should not have been despite I did I ever subscribe his ‘social engineering,’ I feel it was a great loss to nation as a whole. In his presence on 14.1.1978, I had spoken before Prof. Rajendra Singh(the then Jt.Secy.RSS . who later became its Sarsanghchalak)-…” Ben Johnson in his poetry, ‘It is not growing like a tree,’ had felt little flower giving fragrance was better than long lived oak tree,’ and so the NMO’s work even if it was not allowed to groom,” I see the flower, Govindji, nurtured by Prof. Rajendra Singh and Bau rao Deoras like stalwarts had the fate of that flower Ben Johnson would have described but that was far better than many Rajas and Ranis twinkling on the political horizon.

After 1980s, I had few occasions to meet Govindacharya (at Agra, Madhubani and Delhi) and found him as cordial as he was in his prime days. I had talked him first during 1989 for comprehensive state reorganization plan instead of political piecemeal and he was glad in 2004 at Agra when I gave him a map of that which after years of work could be released in 1996 probably on which Marupradesh, north Karnataka and North Tamilnadu’s demands were based.

It is enchanting to note that Govindji still finds time to meet one Amitabh or other Nutan on the legacy of Eknath Ranade, the founder of Vivekanand Rock who used to say laying brick on brick was not his real work(probably he or his followers, the followers of Swami Vivekananda are in constant search of such few young who could change the destiny of nation!) .
Let such Amitabhs make Nutan-History of the nation which we could not being strapped in shackles of time!

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