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MEA Travalogue_Bangalore’s Bihar Bhavan

MEA Travalogue_Bangalore’s Bihar Bhavan


I had asked Dr. P.P.Jha whether it was possible to meet him that evening and was planning to leave Bangalore by midnight super fast train for Guwahati. Dr. Jha told me that if I could come to Bihar Bhavan I can find many. I told him that I would be reaching there in around one and half hour but traffic jams took much time and I could reach there around 830 Pm by which time Dr. Jha had left but there was another Jha, AN Jha, president of Bihar Bhavan and many other Biharis whose discussion for a spiritual programme was in the last fag. All welcomed me as before and I had a nostalgic feeling of the place I was knowing since its foundation when long back in 1984 I had gone to Bangalore and had gone to my class friend Harihar’s house who introduced me to B.N. Jha who belonged to my nativity(he was from famous Ugna Mahadev’s village, Bhavanipur, some 5 km from my native village ,Samaul) and since then we are in close contact. He had taken me to the Bihar Bhavan(opposite post Office, RT Nagar) where Saraswati Puja was celebrated on foundations may be any day in between 21-25 January 1985 and then I had visited during 14.11.198 when Hukumdev Narayan Yadav had visited as a Minister. I was transferred to Bangalore and reached there on 30.3.2006 and was retransferred back to ranchi and left Bangalore on 6.11.2007.

Before my transfer I had following nine visits to Bangalore on following days 21-25/1/1985; 15-16/8/1994; 27-28/1/1995; 11-12/10/1995; 25-26/1/1996; 14-20.1.1998; 18.1.2002; 3.10.2002; 5-6.11.2005 and when I left Bangalore I revisited following five times

4.6.2008; 12-12.6.2008; 10.2.2009; 10.6.2010; 24-25.6.2010 to have live contact with all and in this Bihar Bhavan had always been a central point.

Though a fighter for Mithila cause I was regarded by all who had been there from Bihar and hence this time alos I was well received.

Bihar Bhavan has a name in the city for Durga Puja and all persons attached to that are bhaktas.

And here I could convene XV International Maithili Conference in which all had helped me though the prime helper Radheshym Mishra, a Chartered aaccountant has expired prematurely and his elder brother had also left for village Muraitha.

Other Maithils who had helped me for the AMP work two persons _harsh and Bibhuti had left Amp on the ground that they wished a local organization and later some of the persons who had staged the show of that successful conference also left the AMP and made a local organization and naturally such things were not destined to live long and I did not find any thriving Maithili Organisation when I visited in between, except of Raslal’s at Tawrekere.

Still I wanted to meet some of the seniors and could find only one AN Jha who has always high regards for me.

B,N, Jha was diagnosed by me on very first day he had attack as brain tumor and he was ill and as a mark of respect to him I had announced him as president of AMP,Bangalore.

The other persons there including his younger brother KN Jha should have continued the AMP II laboured for that so much.

Dr. PP Jha has a taste of cultural activities and he had managed marvelously cultural evening in the conference when Ramsevak Thakur and Kunj Bihari did not turn up last minute fearing payment though they would have been suitably rewarded had they come.

Though the meeting at Bihar Bhavan ended successfully I was sorry to note that its arrangements have been worse which needs immediate attention by all as that is one of our great pillar outstare. Initially I had thought to have night stay there but finding the gates being closed I went to Omprakash Daga’s house nearby who was a RSS person of my town,Forbesganj and had a business there of garments. Dubeyji dropped me there. Om was delighted to see me and again I had a dinner though I had full meal at Mrs. Pandey’s house in the evening.

I could get up early morning and started for Yashwantpura to take direct train for ranchi and luckily I could get ticket out of turn at the counter and also a good seat in just few minutes before the train was to whistle.(Continued).

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad


Ashish said...

I am from Muzaffarpur and have a joining @ bangalore.I do not know any person there and want to stay there for a week b4 my company ppl will find acomodation 4 me.Can u plz suggest me how and whom to contact..
Since the company is not very big and BAngalore is very costly so it will be a gr8 help in helping me in starting the career and will surely inspire me to help ppl 4rom my place .I have the joining on 7th of November.Hoping and praying 4 yr timely help..

Ashish said...

I hv heard about bihar bhavan but not sure how it works and whom to contact..
It will be a gr8 help if u ppl can guide me..

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur said...

Sorry, I saw your first reply later but have mailed address of Bihar Bhavan.
Probably you can stay there may be Rs.50 per day in dormitory- rooms are a bit costly Rs.300 or so.
Once you are settled there communicate me
Contact one of them who may be able to tell you about Bihar Bhavan's present care taker-
Arun Kr Jha- 9845052066, 23538689

AM jha 9341284568, 23386279

AM jha 9341284569, 080-23386279