Friday, July 23, 2010

Dr.S.Sarkar and his wife Laxmi ma..

23.7.2010_Coincidence_Dr.S.Sarkar and his wife Laxmi ma..

I had gone to SBI,Harmu to deposit my income tax and it was a bit late due to several causes there and I was sitting near the accountant Dilip Kumar. I was turning over souvenir of Mithila Sanskritik Parishad, Jamshedpur in which one of my story was published though I had intended that for a compilation of a story writing session as it written for that but due to other many story tellers I was not given time .

The accountant addressed the person besides me as Dr.Saheb and I quipped whether he was a medical doctor and identified myself. He was Dr.S.Sarkar whose name was somehow known to me whuch he later clarified that as WHO Officer for acute flaccid paralysis information his name was displayed in my hospital too.

He passed his MBBS from PMCH,Patana and MD in PSM from my Alma Mater Darbhanga. I had talked Dr.KK das only two days back to call ameeting of Darbhanga medicos( MBBS) in and around Ranchi in November.

I was the best student(class assistant) of PSm and we talked something there like prevalence of kalazar to which I asked why it was limited to the north of ganga in Mithila region primarily.

We also talked on the relation of Bangla with Maithili.

He recalled Dr. BN das Gupta, my ‘guru’ of medicine and he recalled how he did purchase 5-6 books to read in details about kalazar before coming to speak in a seminar on kalazar(maybe in 1988 or so-he retired as professor of pediatrics in 1975 and I might be called his longest time student after his retirement)..

As the link for bank transaction was failed we could talk something on and exchanged our addresses. Hope we will be in contact.

Soon our work was done and I went to his house besides the bank itself and as today was my Pradosh fast I did took a glass of soft drink only.

His father has settled here and when he will return I will go to talk to him on Bengala.

His wife was named Laxmiamma , from Bhbaneshwar, she was a distant relative to Netaji Subas Bose born in Cuttack. She speaks Oria as well as Bangala. She haas two sons- Aditya and Siddharth- I saw them and talked something.

I told her that I had written only a couplet in Bengla while I was in a romantic mood thinking for a Bengali lady some years back(though that proposal did not mature).-

“Babli tumi ao

Amar hridyer

Amare bandher


Ami jabo

tomar bheetar

Tumi ao amar ghar

Amar ghar hobe

Laxmir ghar..

(Mad girl

Come in my heats

In my bundhs



Inside you

You will come

In my house

And it will

Be a house of Laxmi).-----Dhanakar -21.12 to Sh.

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