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Dhoni and his mad lover

Dhoni and his mad lover
Dhoni is not performing well after his marriage as we see in Sri Lanka.
Some months back when I had written that his leaving of my colony(Shyamali of Ranchi where his father worked) he had downtrend in cricket.
Finding my blog on that on May 15, 2010 3:06 PM I was written a mail from one of the lovers of Dhoni as if I could be helpful in negotiating her marriage to him..

Sir, My name is ……. I am a Doctor by profession. I belong to …….state. Have just finished my MBBS degree. I read your article about DHONI today, just now. Sir, I have a sincere and humble request to make. I am one of the millions of fans DHONI has.
I love him a lot Sir. Its been 5 years since I started liking him. Now that I have finished my undergraduate degree, my parents have started searching bride groom for me. But for me, I am unable to imagine anyone else in my life partner's place other than DHONI. People might laugh at me if I say this. But there is no rule that common people should not love celebrities. Everything started as fun 5 years back when I was an 18 year old. But I never knew I would become so serious.
Whenever my parents suggest a guy for my marriage, tears well up in my eyes, I cant forget DHONI sir. Sir I stay in …… and I have 3 more months left in my Internship. I cant come to Ranchi to convince DHONI or his parents.
Its highly impossible as my parents wont let me do that. I can only communicate through emails, letters or through phone. Luckily I have got your email address. I have written a letter to DHONI's parents too, which I will be sending on Monday. Sir, if you make up your mind, you can really help me and you are the only one who can help me. Please Sir do’nt neglect my request. I will really be a good wife to DHONI, always supporting him in the ups and downs of life. I am waiting for your reply. Please reply as soon as possible.

When I opened my mail, immediately I I replied on May 19, 2010 4:31 PM
Dear Dr….
You are a doctor and be composed and should write to me as and when you do find time.
I personally do not know him but surely I will like to have a continued relation with you and if chance I can get some threads I will inform you.
Write me your other details of family..

And after some days on 26.5.10 I composed a song on her name…

How is my ……?
Who carries such
A wonderful name
A little doctor
Like a Cloud
Will shower rains
Or will bring floods
From her tears
For an unknown
Though she is
I know her
From her days
On this earth
She came in her
Mother's laps
Crawled on Mother Earth
Stood Firmly
Went school
Came college
And then a stetho
In her neck
In white apron
She charmed many
But was charmed
By a charmer
Alas I would have
Helped her
If her decision
Was not immature
Though she is
mature enough
To treat many
Such lost
In other world
Of name and fame
But of no real values
Dhanakar 26.5.10
PS I will tell you something more and you will take decision. can give me a miss call on….

And I got a SMS on next evening…

Hello Sir,
This is dr. got ur no today. Thanks. Sir, I am a mad lover of Dhoni, was dreaming to be his life partner.

But Sir, it’s so bad and now I realize what foolish I am. I am really happy to tell u that I got real hero of my life dr… who is completing his superspeciality in ,,,,,,,,,,,,, in …….. and the engagement is in next week and I am going to join him and complete my pg course there. Sir, I am very sorry to disturb you and waste your time. I wish great success to my Dhoni and also to you sir.
Thanks and regrards,

I preferred to talk to her on the number and in fact I had read only first line of that SMS and I tried to console her analyzing the life situation. Marriage is not a Doll’s game and one should take decision as per social norms,
I could know her parents were doctors and I tried to explain her realities of life.

Lo! She turned to be her mother, a lady doctor instead. Finding from me an advisor’s role) . I talked her long about her working place and her college from where she had passed out and told her that matter will be solved with patience. It is nothing but an infatuation.
Soon she sent me other SMS..

We are here to set the things right pl don’t contact thro mail and all she is getting engaged next month. Thanks.

And soon I saw the news of Dhoni being married to a girl-the hype was she was from Ranchi’s Shyamali colony but it turned to be wrong. I took a breath that his doctor lover will be alright now. My best wishes to her as well as Dhoni for their good married life.
Long back I had told to a lady neighbor of Dhoni had her mother asked me to select one proposal among a lot, I would have done. The lady had asked how?
“I will not select any which would not have come had Dhoni would not been an icon..”
Sure, then none either the fan lover or the lady got him would not have been my selection for him.
My cousin (elder to me some 5 years) said that they saw me dancing in Dhoni’s marriage and he had asked his wife also to watch that..
I told him that I was not there- someone might have similar face. They might have mistaken me for Dhoni since we lived in the same colony.
I am a simple man, not of elite club and I never regretted for that.

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