Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MEA 2010 Travalogue_V – Mobile is the root of many discords-Saw a RSS worker without a mobile in Nagpur-Raipur rail

MEA 2010 Travalogue_V – Mobile is the root of many discords-Saw a RSS worker without a mobile in Nagpur-Raipur rail
At New Delhi station I took the ticket for the next day for which via Raipur- Vishakhapatanam was a problem for the clerk and it took 3-4 minutes to explain and the public was agitated and lastly taking ticket only up to Raipur, I also chided a young man w3ho was unnecessary vocal seeing me in simple dress(dhoti) that I should have asked enquiry. The young men are unnecessarily in haste and an assumption that dhoti clads are idiots.
I took the same Metro for Mayurvihar where Kripanand came and we did some work regarding Mithila. The next morning he driopped me to the MECON Office where I contacted my voters and there was Urkarsh who was working at Bangalore when I was posted there. The security guard from Mithila informed me about a Jha and other Maithil girl from Mithila and of course Dasji, a Maithithil was there whom I knew since 2008 election days.
Kripanand left me at Nizamuddin station where I became anxious seeing a great rush. Someone had talked with a Muslim porter for a seat in general compartment for Rs.30 and I also went with him. Though I entered in a bit running (slow) train and could get myself a seat conveniently yet maulvi came afterwards and asked me for money. I gave him Rs.20. Some persons had also managed seats like that way. This nexus should be broken by police but that is in itself is a party to that I knew in my next visit(from Kanpur- to Delhi).
Somebody’s mobile was lost and a good looking girl asked a Youngman his mobile to ring and that boy was ashamed as his elder brother and his wife were traveling and the young girl’s cute voice(after the mobile was located by some gentle person).”now you will not be required to spot that curly haired young girl(whom they were suspecting as she had changed the seat!). That cute girl got down at Gwalior.
I did my bath in toilet and normal Sandhyavandan in train itself and the super fast train left Nagpur. After sometimes some persons entrained(at Rajnandgaon and I could spot a prachark of the RSS by dress and talk. He was Ramashankarji from Rajgarh and they were returning after annual training camp of the RSS which I had attended in 1970. I was impressed to know that he did not keep mobile as I feel the social workers should concentrate upon personal relations and in fact mobile is the root of disruption of many matrimonial relations! There was also a Sanghchalak(president) named Mahapatra , an Oria fellow and it is only RSS which does not allow linguistic divide in the country.
Other young girl Nikita Sahoo there was returning from Nagpur who after her B Com had joined a service in HSBC at Bhilai where her parents were living. She also got down at Durg and I could get a seat in auto to got to the Ispat Bhavan in that scorching summer despite the roads had adequate plantation.
(to be continued)

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