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MEA _2010 Travalogue _VII_Andhra_Karnataka

MEA _2010 Travalogue _VII_Andhra_Karnataka
When I reached Visakhapatanam station there was standing Link Express going to Delhi via Vijaywada and I thought to complete that journey in day time without any problem but when I entered a general coach though there was space for me to seat comfortably but a Telugu who was going with a good number of friends and family as if going in any marriage protested me and particularly knowing me ignorant of Telugu took advantage of that and I went up to seat where already a child of his group was sitting. I tried to sleep adjusting bags there but could not though that comfort that child . The group had plain food- rice and some chutteny like thing.
It was probably a Pradosh fast day for me and I had some dried things to break that. At Vijaywada I had to change the train and I got down and in search of some bananas I went out till road ahead. I listened to a person there talking on mobile in Maithili. I did not disturb him and went to a vender for banans. Very sweety and stout bananas four for Rs.10 and I purchased and ate and also I took another four for the way. There also I listened a young man talking in Maithili sitting on a chair in the nearby Sulabh Shauchalaya. I asked his introduction and he was a Maithil Brahmin from Barahia. Anyone can find maithil Brahmins near any Sulabh Shauchalaya- thanks to Bindeshwari Pathak for this novel way of helping thousands of Maithil families.
I came to platform no.1 on which my train Sheshadri Express for Bangalore was expect after 2 hours. In between passed the Narsapur Express which was jam packed and so when I entrained in a general compartment of Sheshadri Express, people,mostly ladies were sitting and or sleeping even on floor.
I stood by the side and that too was resisted by a young mother whose little child was put in a cloth hanging in between in air. My standing was not welcome for them and they objected more so knowing that I did not know Telugu and ridiculed me knowing a Hindi speaking person and I realized that there is a great hatred for Hindi persons there even though we are the nationals of same country.
On suggestion of a standing passenger, I tried to seat as fifth person where some space was available but was objected by an aged person on which I infuriated(in English) and said that they do not know my contribution to that area where I had served them in 1977 cyclone and also referred my high social position that even Prime Minister would appreciate but all in vain and I had to travel almost 4 hours standing till Nellore came where two boys on side seats were to drop down but were sleeping who were aroused by the third passenger who was a teacher and from his body language I had inferred that he did not like protest of aged man to accommodate me as fifth passenger.
I could get a seat vacated there and took a sigh of relief. I was tiered and slept even in sitting after I ate those bananas I had purchased. The whole rush was vanished at Tirupati as they all were going to have Lord Balaji’s blessings and in that month every Telugu family would visit there.
In the morning crossing through a stretch of Tamilnadu in between we entered Karnataka. I did my daily Puja tarpan in the compartment itself after bath in toilet.
The area was known to me as I had some visits on the route when I was posted at Bangalore. I got down at the City station which was well known to me and came out- everything was alike- the rush of people and protesters of some group on the road, as usual for any capital in a democratic society; the subway to the Majestic bus stand had the same venders of the goods of daily need- the snacks, the handekerchif, locks etc as well as some ladies(‘Sex workers’) inviting persons on a rate of Rs.300-500 for some hours.
I do not remember whether I saw the dwarf man selling something and took a pack of half liter curd (mosuru ardha, I spoke in Kannada) from a stall there. It was for Rs.12 though cheaper than other state- it has bean dearer as initially I was getting it for Rs.8 (in 2006-07) and then in next visit in 2008 I found it was rs.10 and thereby a 50 per cent hike in 3 years!
I climbed stairs and again I came down to platform and took a bus where a daily pass has again been for Rs.32 which I had been taking for Rs.25 in 2006-07 and in 2008 visit ,it was for Rs.30.
The way was known to me and I got down at Sonata stop near Vijaya college. Of course Metro is under construction and hence some traffic problem.
I took two bananas from the same betel shop I was taking from a Maithil boy of a village near Jhanjharpur. The boy was not there but a man and I had asked for banana in Maithili and later I asked him whether he had phone number of Raslal. He gave number of some other Maihtil who did give raslal’s number but he could not be contacted. I wished to have night staty at Tawrekere where they had purchased land for Rs.13 lakh ,must be of crore value now for making a Temple. I had promised them in 2007 that I would stay with them one night which I could not fulfil for my transfer and I wanted to go there but again was not successful.
I reached nearby MECON Office and meeting my voters I went to Mrs. Asha pandey’s house to meet her son who was ill some time back. He searched air tickets for me on net but was not successful and I called Dr. P.P.Jha who invited me to come to Bihar Bhavan..(To be continued)

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