Monday, January 12, 2009

Who wins or looses Mithila will win.

Who wins or looses Mithila will win.

Today is National Youth Day- Swami Vivekananada was born in 1863 on this date when that day was a Makar sankranti. Tithipuja by Ramkrishana Mission is held on maker sankranti we all will celebrate, Swamiji lived only 39 years but gave the world a correct picture of rising India.
He had said India will rise from the hand-of plough. I quoted in one of the press conferences(yesterday at Darbhanga in the long list of Khagaria, Katihar, Purnea, Kishanganj, Arariya, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga)..while demanding for Mithila state and asking to withdraw name of Seemanchal Express which means north-east from India which is in fact has become a Muslim Homeland. I wrote long back in 1993/1994 on this issue which was supported by Govindacharya, my senior friend and many others.

Mithila Vikas Party formation and its organization has been going on simultaneously in those days I wrote in between. Though its young president, Pramod Kr. Jha is working hard it is up to the people of Mithila to see the political ramification idolized and cleanse the Indian Polity as a marker which has given 4 of six darshans.
MVP has already announced its candsidates- ram Mohan Jha from Darbhanga and lalit Mohan Thakur from Arariya.
AMP is bound to support them as MVP is pledged to the formation of Mithila state.
This morning first I could wrote on Sibu Soren’s resignation-forst CM defeated in a bye-election which was in fact a defeat of Hindu votes and also aversion of Chhoytanagpuris to Santhalis who are nearer to Maithils and I wish Santhal Pargana comes to Mithila if it want to develop with honour!
As the time is short with me today I will not go in details rather inform you the last one month has been most important from organizational point of view for Mithila- foundation of MVP, AMP,Dehi conference and Dharna and broad advertisement of Mithila through various press conferences- hardly any intellectual Maithil is unaware today of the facts developed in this month which is a bye product of my 16 years work though it maybe hasty looking at the first glance. I could have wait but national scenario is baffling. The borders of Mithila are fast changing to Assam tunes. Beware and come forward with every type of help if you wish our progeny remain Maithils- it is not a simple task- around 8 crore Maithils are to decide their destiny.
AMP wishes Mithia’s second language as Sanskrit(first of course Maithili) and in fact yesterday I asked for it second language status on country with simple Sanskrit- no dwivachan and only 3 tenses-I have to make a small booklet for that .
I saw a news at Benipatti in Hindustan that Vidyapati parva was on the same day evenng at Madhubani and aftr a meeting of AMP at Gokulwadi which was of very intellectual persons- I went there as an unknown Maithil but the organizers of Mithuilanchal Jagaran Manch hounoured me calling on dais and asking me first to speak(I opted for 180 seconds- Madhubani’s lowest per capita income, highly fertile brain and Vidaypati’s day of Turk invasion to Bangldeshi infiltration)..Initially I was called by them as Pandit Dhanakar Thakur and later they corrected to Doctor and press clipped ‘Maithili Andolankari Dhanakar..
I reminded Hukumdev Yadav, Chaudhary of BJP, Dr.PK Jha of BSP, Dr.AN Jha of CPI that politicians have not done good for Madhubani and reminded calling the name of president MVP in the audience was a furor for them that politics of Mithila may change this time.
Who wins or loose Mithila will win.


संजीव कुमार सिन्हा said...

पिछले दिनों भवेश नंदनजी के माध्‍यम से दिल्‍ली में अंतरराष्‍ट्रीय मैथिली परिषद् द्वारा आयोजित सम्‍मेलन में भाग लेने का मौका मिला। राज्‍यसभा सांसद माननीय प्रभात झा जी के संग वहां जाना हुआ। आपके बारे में जानकर बहुत अच्‍छा लगा। मिथिला के विकास हेतु आपकी सक्रियता स्‍तुत्‍य हैं।

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur said...

Priya Sanjivji,
Maine aajhi 3.3.10 ko apake comments dekhe.
Prabhat mere anuj Shubhakar ke sahpathi ataev hamare snehil hain.
Main apna kartavya matra kar raha hun, Rastrakaryame aap sabhi lage rahen,is kamna ke sath.