Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Indian पॉलिटिक्स' Geriatric age: CMs can never be better PM

Indian Politics' Geriatric age: CMs can never be better PM
Political scene in India is going to geriatric way. Shekhavat is in a fighting mood with Advani and Kalyan has opted out. BJP in Jharkhand has given tickets to its old guards.
Jharkhand has first aste of President Rule thanks advani not choosing Karia Munda at the first stance and then choosing Munda oiver Marandi – both were young.
Young should be given chance but not by favouring one or ignoring others.
Indain parties are to learn from post-Clinton, post-Blair and even post-Obama scenario in the world.
Voters are young and they want result not poetries. They are loosing charm in geriatric democracy.
Change should be logical. Not like’s praise for Modi who had lost his turn while he opted for CMship going back from national general secretary’s post. A person fit for CM can never be fit for PM. Many able CMs were there at the time of Jawahar Lal when became PM. It is just like IAS and state Public service commission officers.
The experiment of state CMs making PM has been failed. India needs national leaders and for this every national party should strive for evolving national workers like BJP had done for Vajapayee. And youngsters should also refrain for having taste of power and pride rather they should be proud of working for nation in any field including politics.
Modi’s case also hold good for Mayawati and Mulyam and Lalu etc. who have been state players(and many times destroyers too!)

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